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Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped


From One Biased Soul to Another

I've been purchasing vinyl consistently for 17+ years (age 15 onward), so I'll deflect the silly generalization that vinyl's for hipsters. I also couldn't disagree more that a clean pressing-with-care vinyl disc is any of an inferior listen to a CD with the same treatment. In technical terms, I suppose there's data to support it, but certain experiences and tastes can't necessarily be measured or quantified. That and there's an expected distortion with the vinyl that many many people concede improves the sound -for the listener-.

While the last point is really subjective, even without it, to say I'd rather have a music collection that ends up finding its way to cars, friends' backpacks, have cracking cases, notoriously skippy discs, and a laughable replacement for album art and lyric sheets would be highly improbable. Not to mention, an analogue mastering from original analogue tapes (not always the case, I realize) to vinyl compared to digitizing it to 16-bit CD? No thanks to the digital. Even if you champion an obsolete format such as the CD, the reigning MP3/AAC etc. formats are even more laughable in comparison.

Vinyl every time, please.


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