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Reg readers have not one, but TWO teams in Folding@home top 1,000 as virus-bothering network hits 2.4 exa-FLOPS


Locked down offices

This way the running costs are spread out among all the people donating their processing.

Surprising how much heat can be generated by a small number of PCs running at 100% load, so it's not just the cost of electricity.

One of the suggestions I've had from bean counters trying to save money was to turn off one of the redundant air con units in the server room ...

Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told


Re: Fag packet calculation time...

"Add more hydro - there is lots of small scale hydro, essentially just making use of fast flowing rivers"

Quite like Turbulant Hydro's vortex turbine as a solution to the low head on rivers. Rivers still have the potential to become a significant energy resource with lots of small scale local power generation.

UK.gov: IT contracts should be no more than 7 years. (Not 18, Fujitsu)


constrain the relevant organisations from modernising technical environments

If only there were skilled professionals who were able to negotiate contracts that aligned with the service lifecycle and applied the principle of continual service improvement. I guess I will have to ask someone from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply if their "Global Standard for Procurement and Supply" methodology works well with the ITIL framework ?

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports


Re: The unfortunate thing about this

"I can remember when the Conservative party was the party that anybody interested in the military and national defence would trust. Now they're a bunch of gibbering, incompetent twats, who will happily destroy this country's military, and the industrial base that supports it."

The really unfortunate thing about this is that it's not new. BAE Systems plays a prominent role in Nicolas Comfort's book "Surrender: How British industry gave up the ghost 1952-2012".

Not an easy read and it's now five years out of date but it does illustrate the phrase "same old same old" very effectively.


Re: How to solve Brexit.

I hope that the poster had their tongue in cheek whilst posting about 750 highly skilled electronics and engineering workers retraining for the agriculture sector. It is however, very relevant to the situation England is facing with Brexit.

To quote from an article titled "The false promise of a free-trade paradise for Brexit Britain" by Nick Clegg.

"Brexit ministers have argued that, far from creating risk, leaving the EU will unlock growth by freeing us to sign trade agreements with whomsoever we please."

Bear in mind that at the time the article was written 15% of total UK trade was with countries that are neither members of the EU, nor covered by an EU trade agreement.

Whilst it is very sad to hear about the job losses they illustrate quite clearly the risks that we are facing trying to expand the percentage of trade outside Europe.

Openreach pegs full fibre overhaul anywhere between £3bn and £6bn


Openreach pegs full fibre overhaul anywhere between £3bn and £6bn

It's a re-run of the 1990s, this time it's Openreach / British Telecom pulling the government strings instead of the other way round and the result will be the same, the UK's telecoms infrastructure holding back business.

Quote from this article says it all.

"In 1986, I managed to get fibre to the home cheaper than copper and we started a programme where we built factories for manufacturing the system. By 1990, we had two factories, one in Ipswich and one in Birmingham, where were manufacturing components for systems to roll out to the local loop"


Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows


Re: Smartcard recognition, really?

NHS Digital provide "client software" and APIs to authenticate people.

Users are issued smartcards to log-on to their systems and a real time authentication against the user data held in the Spine is required. There is a permissions system, controlling who can do what on what data. Each user registered with the Spine Directory Service has a User Profile with several Roles.

If the client software provided by HSIC does not work on NHSUbuntu then this restricts what users can do if they need the roles provided by their smartcard to work. At the moment they only support Windows OS.

Spine technical information: Warranted Environment Specification (WES)


Disclaimer: I work for a company which provides a unified healthcare information system. Any comments I post here are purely personal and do not represent the company in any way.

NHSUbuntu works with our system which should be no suprise as any Internet-connected device – tablets, smartphones, or computers work with it. The issue is with SmartCard authentication for specific roles which you can only do with Windows OS clients due the software provided by NHS Digital.


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