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Japanese cryptominer slapped with suspended sentence


Poor understanding of how Crypto mining works

I have to say this sentence does seem somewhat harsh given the guy is clearly an idiot and though he could earn anything meaningful by hijacking PCs. It reminds me of the UK sentencing a coin forger who managed to counterfeit about £1 per hour in fake currency - I.e below minimum wage. The only interesting thing is he chose a Privacy Coin. In the future Bitcoin will die as the market splits betwee Privacy Coins like Bitcoin Incognito and Compliance Coins like Ripple’s XRP.

Probe: How IBM ousts older staff, replaces them with young blood


IBM went down hill when Sam Palmisano took the helm, it was all about financial engineering and innovation slowed down. Indeed the biggest scam was the 2015 roadmap that was never hit. Things only got worse and more incompetent under Ginni Rometty. They are now trying to innovate again, but it's not clear if this is real or just blowing marketing smoke.

NetApp HCI: More converged than hyperconverged?


Re: who really cares?

I agree. A lot of old HCI designs don't really scale and have serious security flaws- for instance having management and data paths on the same plane. I guess with this design, if NetApp can address the simplicity point and get granular scaling then who cares - it's not like HCI is some sort of fundamentalist religion. At the end of the day all vendors are talking about stock CPUs, RAM and disk/Solid State in a metal box - it's the software that counts.

AWS Summit London queues caused by security, not snafu


Re: Snafu, not security

I had to wait for ages, and was told by several people that the registration terminals were down. This was around 10.00am, and when I got to the terminals several had blank screens still, like they were waiting for a page to load.


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