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AMD details job cuts

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This should NOT come as a suprise to anyone!!! I'm surprised AMD hasn't gone out of business yet. Seems like it's all been done by design; as in the upper eschelon of AMD managment. GO INTEL!

Intel births Meltdown-friendly mobile quad core



ACER sucks BIG-TIME! I see by the posts that I'm not the only one whom feels the same way about this either. Anyone think that MAYBE AMD will buy out Acer?


Motorola accidentally makes a profit


Motorola Makes A Good Phone? Yeah, RIGHT!

If that is the case, as was stated in some of these posts, then why is THEIR business about to go tits-up? The Micro-Tac line was as stale & cheap as a rotten egg fart!!! You pay all the dad-gum money for that crap and it cracks/breaks when dropped. I've owned Nokias since I 1st purchased a cell phone (1998) and never had one give me any issues and I've dropped mine a bunch of times. Battery life- never an issue with my phone. My dog even gnawed on my 1st Nokia and it worked like a charm... even when I replaced it 6 years later with a newer Nokia. As far as I'm concerned, throw the Motorola cell phone under a bridge and rescue that troll as the latter deserves much better treatment than a Moto cell phone!!!

AMD thanks Ruiz for courageous ability to lose money


Market Share, Sharket Mare, Semiconductor Nightmare, etc...

I (or anyone else for that matter) could care less if AMD gained 70% of the CPU market from Intel; AMD is still in a world of hurt from it's idiotic miscues caused by Hector Ruiz and the rest of the AMD "hippy" culture of management.I don't blame ANY company for not utilizing AMD chips due to AMD's manufacturing performance record! Then to add insult to injury, they go out and purchase ATI for way more than what they should have paid for it- why not put that money into a manufacturing site or at least go in to business with another chip maker so that you can gain more market share? Too much like right, huh?

Now just when they have the chance to make it to the top, they simply crash, burn & fall to the wayside again. Boy, I'm glad I dumped my shares and ran for cover as I know the shareholders will all do the same now. You can't expect a pile of s--- to suddenly start smelling like roses even if it takes 6 to 10 years for it to happen. Maybe AMD could go into the BullS--- business and REALLY succeed.



I Don'T See The Problem With The Obituary

Why do people see it as a kcik in the face? Look what Hector did to Motorola, yet it's a freaking surprise that he's now done the same thing to AMD? Stop living under rocks people. You all may think that I have it OUT for AMD, when I DO have it out for idiots in charge that are just going along for a corporate ride! It serves AMD (to include Jerry Sanders) right for ever having anything to do with Hector Ruiz, PERIOD!

Hey AMD- maybe you should outsource your chip making or get into another business arena. The chips (as in chip manufacturing) are very much against you.

AMD records Q1 marketshare gain


Keep It Up AMD; Eventually You'll Gain Ground. LOL!

As in "somewhere over the rainbow" are thoughts that come to mind as AMD tries & tries again to gain market share over Intel. Maybe in OUR lifetime perhaps?

Shareholder sees golf as AMD cure all


Not Golf, But More Fun

Why not horseshoe tossing with Hector Ruiz's neck being the pole in which to score a "ringer"? Just thought I'd pass this along. These corporate executives could care less about the poor persons whom jobs are affected due to THIER miscalculations, poor business strategies, missed market timing in getting their product out, etc. The day is SOON coming when all thier money, nice lavish homes and toys won't be worth anything... including the paper their money is printed on!

Ticked-off former Motorola 'insider' gives his two cents


Hector Ruiz To The Rescue?


He's the main individual that bought Motorola to their knees! Yep, Chris Galvin is an idiot brat that screwed up, but look at Hector's track record at AMD / Spansion, LLC.

Go figure!

AMD denies 'stop ship' with Barcelona because chip is not shipping


Why Not Go Back To The Old CPU Manufacturing Ways

Why not just stop with all the freaking bells & whistles that make up the so called "new technology" in semiconductor CPUs. Why not just stick with the good old 700 mhz to 1.5 ghz chips? All this NEW tech stuff just seems to kick AMD in the ass anyways. AMD's manufacturing hinderance just keeps their own foot in their mouths anyways. I'm not against "new technology", just against the new release chips that don't seem to make it until the 3rd or 4th generation of repairs, upgrades & revisions to those CPUs that seem to fail.

'Errata' to hold up 2.4GHz AMD Phenom 9700 intro?


Classic Late Product Offering...

Well AMD, you shot yourself in the mouth (and foot) again! And the past/present shareholders are STILL wondering why the company's finances are totally F---ED!

AMD rolls out DirectX 10.1 Radeon HD 3800 GPUs



nVidia does the job for me, but since this is a new offering from the OTHER CPU maker, I'll wait till next year before I even consider an upgrade of my video card.

Sorry "AMmaybee", but I don't trust any new products from you all as "a brand new, hot off the presses" item. Your track records speak for themselves (something copied or watered-down from someone else). ;-)

AMD cancels party as act of analyst preservation

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Hey Anonymous, You Are On To Something...

Yeah, they should have thrown that stale, 3 year old cake out instead of trying to serve it out to everyone- LMAO! AMD had a representative speak at my company a year or two back to thanks us for supporting them. AND GUESS WHAT? The presenter served us a some stale ass cake!!! Hey thanks for nothing, but half the people in attendance threw the cake away!

AMD updates Phenom timetable


Re: Is This The Answer To Intel

Maybe? Could be? Should be? It probably won't be? If AMD would just get it together and make product(s) that blows "The Other Chip-Making Guy" out of the sky will is when the comparisons can stop. I'm tired of it all... Come on AMD and get it together for ONCE will you?

AMD coughs up wad of cash for virtual desktop project


More AMD Blunders

More screw-ups by the 2nd place chip maker AMD. They are like a child being caught with it's hands in a cookie jar- they make up any lame excuse (tech widget) to try and makeup a LIE for them being caught doing what they should not be doing to begin with (Try anything to make a decent showing against Intel). Yeah I agree with Oisin- no one likes a monopoly, but with the antics AMD is taking, Intel will be the CHIPZILLA monopoly forever!!!

AMD's marketing chief bails ahead of Barcelona


The TRUTH revealing itself

I beleive Richard at AMD is seeing what is really ahead- Intel and Apple are WAY ahead in the race for computer dominance and the latest offerings by AMD just aren't going to "cut the mustard" with the issues at hand with good old AMD- grabbing market share gains! Either way it goes, time will truly dictate all of what we assume or think about the posting by Ashlee. Besides, who cares? It's all going to come out in the wash with who has the best offering, who can bring the best chip to the table and by the buying public- whether it's big/small business.

I can agree with much of the posts here in this thread though- I don't want to know WHAT Richard did as for as his resigning his position goes (poor product design, seizure ridden house cat, thrown rod in his fast car, etc.), but in the case of supporters of AMD- I want to know if I will have a job to look forward to in the upcoming days/months/years or if the chip they offer will relly make my computer main-frame work better than the other offerings available.

Intel guns one four-core Xeon, cools another


AMD is in deep doo-doo

This is my opinion- Intel is doing whatever they can in keeping AMD in the rear of the pack, which I don't blame them at all! Being an ex-worker there it doesn't surprise me. NO, I'm not a disgruntled ex-employee, but I clearly remember the internal flyers on how Intel was viewed as a beast that must be slayed (anyone remember the promotional Dragonslayer days of the late 80's, early 90's?) or the big purple gorilla that was in the way of AMD becoming the premier, future CPU maker. Go Intel, Go! Hell, go ANYBODY, other than AMD! Looks like the BIG Gorilla is serving up HIS purple banana to AMD. Go get a life in some other manufacturing arena, OTHER than the chip business AMD.

AMD passes the collection plate again


It Certainly Figures....

Jerry Sanders has aways been a staunch supporter of slamming and ridiculing Intel. I know this as I once worked at the pathetic place. Well Jerry, what do you have to say now? You brought in YOUR Lord and savior- Hector Ruiz and looks like your ignorant move has resulted in driving your company DEEPER in debt- LOL!!! I'm glad I sold my stock and haven't looked back! Anyone out there with AMD stock, you HAD BEST sell it or you'll be in the red like AMD and er, uh SPANSION! Looks like Intel is hammering your spin off company into the ground also. Maybe Samsung will help Spansion out? ;-)


What AMD REALLY stands for:




Bringing Hector Ruiz on board has proven to be another kick-in-the-balls for Jerry and the poor souls that are STILL working/supporting/caring for AMD. They (share holders, engineers, etc.) ought to jump ship and start their own chip manufacturing company or go to work for Intel. Speaking of such, this also holds the same for Spansion, LLC in Austin, TX. Between Intel and Samsung, that "mirror flash" is getting stomped on BIG TIME. IBM OUGHT to take them over... at least IBM has been making money. WHat has AMD/Spansion been doing- blowing it and screwing the little people that have been faithful and supportive of them for sooooo long. Way to go Jerry!