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Patch Tuesday update is causing some Windows 10 systems to blue screen


Re: Typo in the worst place?

It's to go with the other typo of "If the device doesn't automatically star up"

South Yorkshire to test fiber broadband through water pipes


At least there will be no number 2's :)

Construction starts on another Asia-Europe undersea cable


Re: Many cables, one canal.

Of course it does, where do you think they got the digger from.

UK Space Agency wants primary school kids to design a logo for first Brit launches


No 11-14 category.

Just needs an 11-14 age category. Then I'm sure Rodney (aka: Dave) would win.

Mini computer flingers go after a slice of the high street retail Pi


Great Idea!

Try before you Pi

30 years ago, NASA put Challenger behind it and sent a Space Shuttle back out into the black


Take a ride.

An excellent video of a space shuttle launch.


Blighty's first aircraft carrier in six years is set to take to the seas


Leaves later this evening. Taken from ukdefencejournal.org.uk

"It is expected that the vessel will depart the basin around 5:30 this evening and sail under the bridges before midnight."