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Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet


got to have one last word



has your dealer gone on holiday and left with not kit, or are you the usally joint smoking waster spending your whole life defending something that is robbing you of actuall expriencing life.

somking 1 joint of green with no filter is the euqivelent to 5 gigges, somking hashish with no filter get that times by 2 , so start studying up on lung cancer, ephazimna etc beacuse they will become your friends ..you might have a great pair of kidneys but no lungs


The 2 lads that where murder , where behead in thialand on the opimun trail by some bandits or rebels , the 3 boys the choked to death all died taking temgeisic or jellies(legal sleeping pils) as we call them up mix it with booze or weed it is most leathal , the 2 lads the die of Overdoses 1 was most likely suicide as he blame himself for his younger cousins demise. and the chap that crashed his car had taken ounce of speed in the form of quater balls and had forgotten to eat anything for 3 days.


"He wasn't particularly close to his uncle and didn't want to go to a boring depressing funeral (who can blame him, those things are dull) so he lied about not being able to afford the petrol, big fat hairy deal, nothing to do with the weed you knobcheese."

when you grow up a get pubic hair,you migth just get to understand stick to watch button moon or finger mouse growne up debates are not for you little man.

To all the others I am not saying i have any answers and in an ideal world yes there should be freedom of choice, but until we address the issues of poverty and social depravtion within or communites, legal drugs is a no go that will just destroy more lifes. the status quo is no ideal but by far it is better the alternatives

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cowardly fools , why not stand up ?

puff last post sadden by the stupidity and ingnorance of some of the cowards, again another coward surrprise.

"clean drugs"

what are you on about , most herion user's that are killed by herion overdoses die because it is to pure and not contaiminated , know what your talking about before you post crap.

Oh and sure legal drugs are all fine nobody every dies of sleeping pil overdose's..ah that is right 75% of people who die from drug overdoses in this country are from legal drugs, check national the office of statistics.

and overdoses are not the problem consumption is and making it cheaper, which is a myth just like weed in amsterdam, black market weed is cheaper not most costly .

let me reinforce this for one last time we are meant to live in the first world yet in some of the poorest areas in our country life expectancy for young men is dropping to under 40? some third world countries have a better life expectancy than this,


"But by far the most damaging aspect is not the drug at all - it's the chaotic lifestyle that accompanies trying to pay for a very expensive substance"

No the damaging aspect is the deprived and no porspect lifestyle that leads to drugs, drugs are a symptom not the problem so time to wake up , addicts had lifestyle before drugs and that is what lead them to drugs, not drugs leading them to a lifestyle...unless your rich or middle class.

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face reality or it will slowly kill you

I am sorry but there seems to be lot cowards on here, step up … criminal organisations will be with us whether drug are illegal or legal….cigarettes are legal but criminals still traffic in them, so are movies criminals still traffic in them , cars are legal criminals still traffic in them...etc etc.

Making drugs legal wont help, and stupid but misguided free the weed teenagers miss some very obvious point.., lets take alcohol for instance more people in the uk die of alcohol related illness than drug related, more violent crime is committed under the influence of alcohol than drugs, there are 5 times the amount of registered alcoholics (addicts) than registered drug addicts.

Yeah man that is cause drugs are cool, no that is because alcohol is “legal” you change drugs status to legal and you would see problems of epidemic proportions.

@ By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 7th April 2009 16:16 GMT

Your out about a few thousand miles and a century here or there the mafia or the cosa nostra( our thing) are Sicilian and where rather big before they hit the states , just like the triads know your history young coward.

@By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 7th April 2009 16:35 GMT

What we have now is unfortunately is as bad as we should let it get, the problems with both alcohol and drugs is that there are a large number of disaffected young people who have no interest in life bar getting wasted as they don’t see them self as part of our society , that is the problem mr silly coward no hope no options so what you are saying is adding the option of legal drug will solve our nations problems …your sir are a fool .

@the cannabis crowd

Sick to death of the cannabis is harmless, absolute garbage if you’re smoking it your doing 5x the amount of damage to your body smoking ciggies would, me and my buddies all started on the d’herd, 3 died chocking on their vomit within feet of each though over the space of a year , 2 died of heroin overdoses, 2 committed suicide, 1 crashed his car into a motorway stanchion believing the MI5 where chasing him, and 2 where murdered.

Paul stanolus 25

Mark mcgowan 26

Mark pringle 26

Billy lowe 27

Donnie mckinnon 21

Willy mcolly 24

Alex Bradley 19

Gary rolston 19

john murray 28

john murray 22

( the last have 2 have the same names because they where cusions and both died in the same bed of herion overdoses 4 weeks apart)

Not just f**king statistics, human beings each with a family and all started on just a wee harmless puff, problem is if you need the puff in the first place then eventually once your body gets used to it , then it is not enough to block out the purgatorial shit pit you live in and then you just keep climbing the ladder adding different monkeys on your back.

Cannabis in my opinion is one of the worst drugs as it is sneaky and insidious, it creeps up on you robbing you of ambition and drive, yeah sure famous people smoke the d’herb but they are not famous because it helped them they are famous in spite of it , it does 5x the amount of damage than smoking does alone and often leads to nastier things, granted it’s addiction is on par with cigarettes and most likely wont lead to crime, but this one example a mine would no drive 50 miles to his uncle funeral because he said he could not afford the petrol , but later that night he drove a 90 mile return trip to pick up a bag of weed, and their lye’s the problem with weed it comes before everything include self.


time for some people to open their eyes

@ jez and others

Firstly criminal gangs where about before the so called modern drugs trade and they will survive long after it has gone, the mafia built one of the world large criminal organisation without the help of the drug trade, so it would be naive to think criminal organisations would just give up if drugs where made legal.

As I said before I was brought up on a rather bleak council estate in Glasgow and the local criminals did control the drugs market but they had many other avenue for making money.

And Sarah right is all about why people take drugs, what use is rehabilitation if all you’re doing is re- expose the user to the exact same environment that caused the drug use in the first place bit pointless.

Yeah lets legalise drugs and use the tax from it to help the people who use, why not help them by giving them free drugs…like we do with methadone, oh that is right it does not work.

Drugs like heroin and crack exhibit effects in users that are quickly noticeable and the deterioration of a person life is very visual, on the other hand cannabis and ecstasy are insidious and slowly robs the individual of the life they would have had and issue will arise in the longer term.

My old mate williue mcolly summed it up rather aptly “mate I have tons of ideas,

And I know what I need to do to make all happen”

Willy died aged 24 of a heart attack, jobless and homeless and as he said all I take is a “wee smoke and a few pills”


another pile of claptrap

Having been brought up on a rather bleak council estate in Glasgow , this garbage that legalising drugs would some how get rid of crime or help addicts is utter garbage but what I would have bigger concerns about is the vast amount of habitual user's of cannabis or ecstasy or cocaine that we have in this nation.

I have watched some of my piers stuck in a go slow for 20 year's watching their life’s robbed of ambition, desires and hope, I am 37 years old and have buried twice the amount of friends that my 82 yr old mother has, I use to use cannabis as a young lad but quickly grew tired of it when it was getting in the of my life.

I have had a very successful career and am currently Head of Operations And a Director in a company I helped found, but most of my friends I had as young lads have had very different life’s all because they surrendered the future not to drug dealers or criminals but to drugs so whether they are legal or illegal is mute.

There is many things the young people of this country need , but free or legal drugs is not one.

Microsoft cries netbook victory against Linux


missing the vital point "support"

The problem with the netbooks was the rush to push them out with linux clients on them, now I am not getting into the fanboy windows v's linux garbage.

what the issue was was support most people who bought the netbooks early on really got their first glimpse and trail of linux, now as it is "different to windows " and has "different issues" users where unfamiliar with the product ,now the problem being most high street retailers selling the netbooks had little or no exprience in linux sales or after sales support.

This gave paople a very uneasy and confusing introduction to linux and probably did more damage linux than good , thought i do have to agree with many posters that netbook now are just cheap laptops and as such are to pricey.

it is the push the button and it works syndrome that is what the market wants ,linux needs to make up ground in the backend support for the "General public" to get to that point

UFO fleet menaces east London

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good story for the Sun........

oh my god , and you asked this lot questions about I.T .......

It is birds

@It'sa Mea... Mario

round? both futherest away objects in the group of nine are V shaped ? and their are no round objects in that picture.


It is the shape that gives it away V edged , it most probably the moment at which the formation realigning after a turn.


if you look at some of the objects (birds) in the distance they have a similar shape to your round objects.

story -10



cough cough. i wonder what fly's in formation and mirgates anually ...no could not be birds.

I have taken indentical pictures with my digital slr of migrating geese or ducks ..looking at the close up geese is my guess.

Linux on the desktop: cheap trick or pragmatist’s dream?


bit one sided?

Quite few options missed from your questionaire which makes it rather unbalanced, still objectivity has never been a strong point here at El Reg.

But why bother ...market share figures tell you all you need to know. I.T is usually just a function in most organisation's and it gets dictated to by other units and functions within the company. it does not lead the way , it is lead by the nose meaning business aplications dictated the OS not the other way about .

Still a bit of a wet dream for the linux fanboi's which will probably make the whole exersise rather pointless.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'


moby dick had a plot and direction? BSG is more like a disney channel special

In the end it felt like scientology meets creationism, I was expecting them to reveal god to be a pogo stick jumping lollipop munching tom cruise in a tin fiol hat, Ron Moore says they made things up as they went …never, you could have fooled me(sarcasm) .

I sorry but PLOT is the story, Ron seems to think it’s not. Mind you seems to be an American trait having no”Exit Strategy”, also seem to be a common theme in Hollywood is the back to basics rubbish like the horrible remake of “the day the earth stood still”.

And in the oldies they knew who the real villains where, not technology or machines or pollution..Our nemesis will always be ourselves, but the ending was pure mcguyver ala a-team cheap, chessey and paper thin plot wise.

"there are 12 models and they have a plan" pity they did not tell Ron about it.( and no mr moore i will not watch anymore so can the plan and caprica..don't you know it is all about the timing)

@Jon Pick

total agreement it all went slowly downhill from 33.


piss poor finally for middle america.

I wonder what happened to ron moore balls, he must have lost them the same time he lost the plot for his show.

what a dreay ending to a great show.

1. Galaticas send off..ta out of money a cheap shot of the fleet heading to the sun ..low key is being polite.

2. angels ...enough said.

3. starbuck..what was that about what an easy get out, maybe she'll quantum leap and find sam.

4.cavil's death anti climax indeed.

5. back to the stoneage utter nonsense, living off the land is a hard life and pre historic man's life expectancy was 20-30 for a reason.., here mr sabertooth tiger let me defend myself with my scrolls of pifhia.(it is like the story of the 2 cameramen when they see a lion begin to charge them the 1st one starts putting on running shoes and taking his boots off, the 2nd guy says you will never out run a lion, the first guys replies ,yes thats true but i only have to out run you)they think they where at each other throats before.

6.six and baltar(angles..yuck)at the end supreme chesse, it would have fit right in the original series or maybe the a-team or heaven can wait,

7. the opera house..what piffal the image of the five standing in CnC ws so bad it was creepy.

8. where did leoban go or boxey or the 300 other loose ends the writers forgot about, and there is no way i will watch any spin off's like caprica , once bitten....

the whole thing just got rushed -10 for a finally more the panto than opera.

Republican e-chief exits, denounces 'blog-flogging simpletons'


few small points

1. iraq war

2. afghanistan war

3. hurricane katrina( lack of federal response)

4. banking sector collapse in sub prime sector( due to lack of proper regulation)

5. record budget deficit

7. weak enviromental policies

8. goverment promotion of religous clap trap like "creationism"

9. lastly and not leastly "GEORGE W BUSH" the man with the brain the size of a pea.


"Group of Prats"

"Grumpy old pricks"

"Gready overpaid politicians"

"Grandads On Prozac"

"Gods of Pish"

Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys


science from a crystal ball

mm bit of a problem here , the warmest 2 days on record in the USA was the two days directly after 9/11 when all aircraft where grounded, studies done to follow up this found aircraft actually contribute more to an effect called global dimming, which cools the earth and not the other way about.

Agian it seems the vast majority of the green brigade pulling hairs out their arses and call it fact , but even the langauge has changed in mainstream media from global warmming to climate change, and climate change is something that has been happening since a cloud of dust and gas mereged to create this planet over 4 billion years ago.

Ice ages come and go now every 50 000 odd years because south america crashed into north america and split the worlds oceans in half cupple that with the intermittent failure of the atlantic convyeur and we have an ice age , so should blow up panama and mexico to stop this ............

The green brigade dont like change..well tuff shit beacuse it is here to stay .

Here in scotland i once heard two rather foolish greenies on telly go on about how the beauty of the highlands would be spoiled by global warming, both where siblings and the children of a lord like the story above, what amazed me is the highlands today are a waste land created by greedy lairds and landowners during the 18th and 19th centruies that stripped the land of it's people and wildlife so more proiftable sheep could graze, 100 yrs of sheep have devastated the highlands and left the majority a bleak shadow of a once alive part of britain much like the welsh valleys.

the greenies want us to save the picture postcard view of the world and lock us uncooth and stupid masses into a reguritated victorian ideology , i am pro nuclear ,pro transport and pro people ...the planet can look after itself and any time humans intervene it usually is pointless.

The planet will survive us , but we wont survive it.

Microsoft trades goodwill for TomTom Linux satisfaction


it has all happened before

No surprises here, well maybe one how long it took MS to jump on the IP band wagon. it really is a grey area and always has been, i remember back in the old days When The BBS was the comunication means the carry on that went on with winace and winzip.

winzip first incarnation was just blatently ripped from the code of winace, and when winace took the matter to a legal level, the hate campiagn that ensude against winace was disgraceful , threating phone calls , nasty mails all aimed at the corporate greed of winace . when in fact it was just a husband and wife outfit working from home who had been ripped off by a drunk friend with no scrupuls.

So it is fair to defend ones own work, but the IP crap of the last decade is ridiculus with whole companies set up to defend IP and patents that have bought rather than actaully producing or offering any services. and american law is absolutely bonkers they have a habit of forgetting america is a country and not the world.

Open source like linux will be a target for not just MS but Numerous companies that think they can make a case......my only problem here is who do you sue who is the originator of copyright or IP infringement when your dealing with a community of developers rather than an organisation , but the bigger companies like red hat( who have already been bit by ms) and unbuntu the more they try to make cash from linux the more others will turn the screws , a good analagy is Game modifactions sure your can mod the software to your hearts content but try to make a bit of cash from the mod and your in trouble and the same goes with IP, lawyers sit on the side lines watching the open soruce community waiting for people like shuttleworth to cash in on linux so they can cash in on them, and that is probably why Nasty Big guys like MS have been sitting waiting for the right time to draw blood.

No point chasing down a poor man or a company with no profits,I Should have been an IP lawyer now there is a growing market.

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?



What are you on about?

So because someone says Windows OS's are better than linux distro's makes them an MS lover ?

to quote your brilliance "even if their designs where really so flawed," your kidding right ?

I dont see linux as flawed just messy and awkward, just to many flavours to many options that is all.

I personally dont care about the ethics or ethos of MS or any company not my concern, but then again I am not naivie enough to think the Linux distro makers like shuttleworth are in it for the love, the wole point of linux was the open source "FREE" ethos seem to have went slightly astray in the minds of shuttleworth and the likes, but then that is just business.

Sorry no disney happy ending here.


like a thick fog

@peter ok maybe your not as bad as guys like MACPHREAK, and such but still you say "I said I try to avoid it where I can" WHY , i will tell you why personal preference and that is ok, however mines and the majority of people personal preference is Windows based OS's.

I have never once called linux users , stupid, thick or idiots ..but it seems a lot pro linux posters love to call anybody using MS and let me quote some posters"morons"?

the queston was is debain ready for the masses ok send me my 5 dvd's or 30 cd's..okay you only need one dvd for basic but 5 dvd's the word bloated springs to mind and a few others like complex and time wasting.

What most people and you peter fail to grasp is ICT is not the product of most companies, but just another department which supports the main business of the company in question.

It gets dicated too, and not the other way about

I like your little trip down memory lane , but the usall nonsense how great this was in the past (being an ex sys admin) if a 25yr old system was so good how come is still not king?... I mean god the BBS was so much better than the internet where have all the nodes gone , long live Fido even when it is runnig from a floppy from some ones bedroom., peter very nice if slighty skewed history with lots missed out, but hey what has that to do with the question is debain ready for the masses?

to end i will quote you

"linux could"

yep it might, but just not yet.


"I know I'm not alone in knowing that the majority of Linux distros have been wiping the floor with windows on that score for a good while now."

if you can vaildate that little nugget with some facts? i would be greatful

oh yeah i am troll because i disagree with you , why not just burn me at the stake while your at it.


finally sense, whole heartly agree while good a OS ,a linux distro like debian still has a way to go and it is all about time and motion.

My pc is a tool that is all and like my car i want it just to work , what OS is on it MS, apple, Linux,os2 yada yada yada.... i am really not bothered, but it will be the quickest and most simple to use that wins ,

My point is Windows is king wether you like it or not ( does not bother me one way or the other) all i am intrested in is my time and using linux takes up more of it and the same goes for business.

And using linux does not somehow make you a computer god that's pour scorn on anything MS at every opertunity, though it's a few posters here think being able to install a distro makes them a boffin .

To say it again I like Debian it is ok , dont like unbuntu much but what ever floats your boat.



peter they point blank refused to accept OO doc in any font or tweaked format ,end of story.

Here we go again

Six sigma = lean operations and a cheap and free OS like linux fit's right in.

ITIL = Best parctice Text book

Most comanpies play between both and try too find some middle ground cost v's service, linux is hardly an ITIL stalwart the back end support is just not there.

You claim linux is better is than XP/Vista, how would you know if you don't use them. i use linux and MS products And I and millions of others would say microsoft is better. and that is what the market and industry says so, so beacuse a small minority of so called computer enthusiasts claim different it is so?, really solid reasoning.

linux is trying to look like a Mac OS or and MS OS and not the other way about.


"And I would clam down if I were you. If your lack of spelling is an indicator, you are stressed"

Actually English is not my first langauge, And I was just trying to help some of my delusional linux friends understand reality ;)

@Mac phreak

1. you don't understand , so shhh

2.It is called business..... training staff is just a responsible requirement of a proper buiness model( you still dont understand)

3.? Relax and take a deep breath.

4. i keep forgeting how open apple are?what are you talking about the discussion was is debian ready for the mass market , and the answer is no nethier is unbuntu,

And i suggest if you don't like other people opinions then stay away from the internet, actaully judging by your post i would suggest stay away from sharp things.



openoffice problem is it not free, re training over 200 staff is not free our problem was the NHS reufsed to accept OO docs as well as a ton of pharmacuitical suppliers.

Peter i detect one problem that stumps me when talking linux . firstly (not directed at you) the average user is not stupid because they dont want to install a distro them self or get involved with anal support groups just to get a OS on a device , they want the OS already on it.

Imagine you new dvr gets delviered it has no code installed to run , you have go online choose which one of 6 or 7 main choices then go through a process of dl intsaling configure and learn how to do thing all over....this is linux on the other hand Win and Mac os's are one clicky pre installed and they work and the support is miles above the murky support of linux.

All products which staturate a market and create an almost monoply like MS do so becasue their products are BETTER than their compeditors, Shuttleworth of Ubuntu claims the cheap pricing of XP to the OEM market is not fair play..excuse me LINUX IS FREE and if a product which is free cannot overturn a pay for prodcut like MS . then the problem is ubuntu is not good enough "YET".

I am sick of linux people who think they are some how intellictual power houses becuase they use linux , or that anyone using anything different is some how less informed than them or becuase they like a product means it must be the best product.

You peter are as bad , you seem to be ANTI MS as if everything MS does or charges for is somehow bad that is a little bit polarised and not an "OPEN" attitude yes i use many opensource or freeware apps hamanchi, tversity etc..i take the postion of what functions best no matter who makes it.

Ubuntu is not ready for the home user and the market knows this otherwise it would use it , linux is a far cheaper alternative and the reason it is not yet made the in roads into mainstream desktop with the average user is because it is not ready yet.

People are not stupid and money is to tight to mention ,And coming from the SME and corparte market i can state we like six sigma and ITIL be dammed if we can save the dollars. but linux still cant quite meet the standards required.

I like linux it is my chioce for web servers but as a desktop OS it is to fiddly to time consuming and the community around it stinks with eltieism i have not seen since the days of BBS.


@david(silly boy) @peter (smart man)

You need help mate. linux is good so calm down or you willdo yourself an injury.

"What on earth are you talking about? MS Backoffice platforms are godawful and linux does fi ne without relying on any of them."

eh what are you on about, is that so maybe in your little world , but reality check here which industry do you work in ?

If you actaully read your post it high lights the problem with linux distros 4 ways to do that 6 ways to do this tweak this script, mess with that .

this one statment tells me your one of those i need help fan boys

"In fact it's significantly less hassle to set up under linux"

total rubbish what my new dell pc with a fis image on it which take minutes is harder than installing a linux distro ..see sense man your deluded.


you make good points peter, but which OS is easier to install is mute as you rightly say until linux comes as a fis image on your new unit it is doomed.

"MythTV or use the Medibuntu repository" they are ok but not as good as Tversity or the likes yeah linux distros with a bit of work can get to the point there are just as functional as windows but then again when you get to that , they also become as bloated and a lot harder to maintain

I am sorry but open office as a business package is crap full stop. okay if your cash strapped we tried in 35 pharmacies it lasted 3 months then VL MSOffice 2003 replaced it at all locations.

But i do agree peter that linux is held back champions if you can call them that .



I Disagree that any of the distro's are anywhere near truly "multimedia at one click" especially for games and home network streaming, it is hard enough for most users in a simple clicky win environment never mind the funny land of linux distro's.

But i do agree the linux needs a dominant distro or it will go on for ever as a geek fest, what i find really funny is i help people over skype with distro setups and installs as well as linux for webservers and gaming servers. now i must spend 5 hrs a week at least explaining and doing talk-through’s of installs and problems , not that I am a super genius just experienced in using the little black and white devil.

But then see the same people post on forums and newsgroups about how great and easy Linux , and how it is better than this or that .....lads grow up .

No Brainer

" it would not be the first time that a Microsoft product deliberately offered poor support or artificial barriers to alternative technologies"

what like sony or apple or 100 other big players do, market forces I am afraid as well as product protection. it's linux that leans on MS backoffice platforms then it has to have it's own.

@Flocke Kroes

You sir are why linux will stay in the land of the tweaker and tinker, MS actually paid $20 000 for the latest IE exploit , and to burst you delicate little bubble "Imagine a world" actually MS does dominate the market home and office and handheld .....and in case you did not notice hardware is nothing to do with an OS ..wop de do linux can run my fridge ..but can it play games in HD for my son or stream HD to 2 laptops and my TV as well email, web browse, can I vpn in with less hassle , how easy is a NAS setup..blah blah blah ..all with little pain ?

Linux is fecked until one main distro takes over and it become windowfied with one click and wizards galore of course the evangelists will have a heart attack and claim treason ...It must be tough being a fan boy........not.

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?


who watches the watchman

we really need a change of how the internet is policed and it should not be done by independent governments, as the internet pays no attention to lines in the sand that we call international borders.

Where is our current government leading us ....into a fascist state that dictates to it's people, add this in with the stupid anti terror laws , I have got why don’t we all go back to radio it was a lot safer then!!

I am with Monty Brewster "NONE OF THE ABOVE” what is the point of my vote if it only can choose which twisted group ner-do wells dictate my life to me, representation by these morons is not democracy and never has been,

Democracy is where i get to vote on the laws that effect me and stop these glorified lobbyists which seems to be what politicians are these days.

We the people......

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time



You lot are fecking nuts , totally past the point of no return. "waste of my time " yada yada..... so why did you post then ?.

open source is second best.

open source has poor suport

open source is free( so is a scientologist palmphlet and cancer)

open source is championed by technicaly deluded.

open source has a piss poor backoffice.

open source is not for the mainstream. ( post any stupid comment and i will stab you with a large sword of reality and stats, ).

Because it is "open source" does not mean the software is freindly or the people that make the majority of the project nice people.

Take linux for it to make inroads in the desktop market it has to have fundamentaly more support in backend software and server flavours..until then as my 14 yr son would say STFU NUB.

appluad's Ted for Baiting the reality challenged lovely's among us.


worse than scientologist's

Ted hit the nail on the head, and i think his point is very clear if the open source scientolgist's want to Beat the E as they claim , then forcing the issue by trying to get legislation to force open source on goverment is pathetic and not how one should try to bring a product to market.

Usally products that are popular and sell well like MS product OS, server,desktop,virtual...is becuase they are better , and no not an MS fan boy I quite like a few flavours of Linux but is miles behind in support,functionality and Intigration....deny that all you like but the reality of the current os and software market won't change by flaming every topic or author that says otherwise.

Me I choose what ever is best for that solution for the average user Home or SME and Corparate markets MS is king because it is BETTER and the markets agree's. (end of arguement)

Stating a claim is easy, validating it is critical to one's arguement. and right now the world say's MS is better and that is why it has the market share it does, statements like "that is because users are stupid or dont know" , or "or the MS all powerful mind crontrol the causes everyone to use MS" bold , stupid and delusional... per chance where you the group that sent the letter to Obama.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling



Darren my staff are gramaticaly correct and spelling gods..I don't need to be :)

And no my name is not Jesus just alexander.

The point here is Darren if Virgin would just use a proper business model with reasonable caps rather than the throttling of the most stupid type any of us have ever seen, we would all be fine.

But as Virgin seemed more corcerned with misleading the public rather then provide a functional service which is fit for purpose and if i was trying to dl my 60 capped limited from my adsl provider over virgins throttle peak time it would take me 2 months , so who is getting ripped off again maybe you like to hard done to , but me I se a business model which is just pie in the sky, still it worked for fanny mae might work for virgin to....not



Darren you still have not read the story correclty, NOBODY expects umetered unlimited access, i now use adsl with a capped limit per month , and i am fine with that as are everybody who use their service.

The problem is Virgin dont want to admit they have to do the same thing like all other ISP, they live unlimited fantasy land and we the users dont, because of this they are now making their service unuseable for the average family ,so read this slowly Darren "WE DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH CAPS AND LIMITS", understand now ."Virgin Do"

Your not the brightest candle are you.



Being the head of operations for my company, we re-sell zen to our buiness clients in the SME market and work very closely with them.

Darren you miss the point by miles, it is you who needs to wake up. virgin media who are making false claims about their product then re-drawing the boundries when it suits them.

And claiming that most users effected by this are some how doing some thing they should not is behind the times by oh half a decade or so , there was nothing illeagal being done when i was capped i was just using the product as advertised.

maybe if VM just come out and admit honestly what they actually offer is a very nutered watered down version of what they claim, or a tech support telling my 14 yr old to dl his stuff after 11 pm is rubbish he is in his bed by then.

the only people ever claiming this little nugget of stupidity is virgin media

"24/7 uncontested & unrestricted bandwidth is at best naive and at worse idiots"

And your point was caller ? darren read before reacting , think before typing.

A 20mb connection should be just what it claims to be, of course if you belive misrepsentation or misselling is fine ...then would like to buy a second hand car i have ex company car that would suit you down to a tea

Paris Hilton

@Darren Coleman

Got to love your attitude darren ..eh well not really. so your are happy as a consumer to sign up for a product then have the terms of usage of that product constantly changed all the while watching false advertising about a product cuppled with a significant decrease in uptime and good service.

I was capped by virign on my so called XL 20mb(months ago) for watching I player , the advertising states how one family can use a connection well we tried on 20mb me the missus and my 2 kids and it does not work end of story .

And nothing downloaded was free I player( i pay a tv licence) itunes( i buy all my music), my son downloads the odd xbox 360 demo or plays online and the same with my daughters wii , my network set up in the house cost about £5000 my BB was £35 pound a month plus the electriciy to power said computers.

Darren unless you understand the demographics your are talking about I would move on to flame another topic.

Paris: because even she knows when she has been screwed


the lady is a whore

ah adding more customers, ramping up to 50mb unmetered( Aye for how long) no new infrastructure( I.e cable laying), a fibre optic network that turns to copper in your street.

Your better of with Adsl and sky tv = cheaper just as fast (yes it is do the math )and their less likely to change the T&C's or the contract you agreed to over a directors lunch.

Virgin media just cant admit their network is struggling becuase of a lack of investment infrastructure, they're screwing so many people even their name is a lie.

I am so glad i ditched them , my 8 mb adsl is just as fast as my supposed 20mb fibre tastic cable i know my limits and if i want to download 4gb in one go i can ..so virgin go play with yourself whore, you're not screwing me anymore your dumped.

I Suggest people use their brains and dump the tramp, as she will only get worse .

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


why not just name this place the farm

because it is full of bullshit, I am getting oh so fed up with shite like "Easier to install on Linux or Windows".

This is a topic about the upgrade path from XP to W7 , Will all the little linuts please leave the room and have a kit-kat or something.

I am not getting dragged into my favorite OS is better than yours brick biting malarky, you gentlemen need some fresh air and mental health checks

4 extremely deluded and blantanly false statments.

1)linux easier to install than windows ?

2)linux distros and flavours less than the current versions of windows?

3)linux is a better OS than XP (nevermind vista or w7)?

4)OpenSource = better than purchased software?

5) having to spend hours getting some thing to work is better than it just working with one click.

Having used linux as a web server for years and dipped my toe in the desktop distro's a while back, the linux community seem to be filled with people who like to find obsucre ways to get things working no matter how anal the process is.

This is what seemS to drive the linux ideaology "hey i got some thing to work he did not" then a 3 page script on how it was done....GAFL Get A F****** LIFE.

On topic.

really dont see why people would think xp would upgrade to W7 did Win95 upgrade to XP. yeah W7 should have been Vista and have agree MS's worst OS blunder ever , I am more intrested in what they will try to fleece me foran upgrade from Vista to W7 the greedy bar stewards that they are.

Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man


de goat

some guy in nigeria got caught being nice to another mans goat, so the tribal elders forced him to marry the goat as punishment ?....the bbc and sky rehash the story every six months, the exploding chinese mobile phone is another one that gets rehashed and reused every so often, it seems even aisa has slow news days..

Dead Vulture


Feck me Mr Reg slow day to-day this story has been about for years and was as fake then as it is now, check your sources..next we will have the man who married a gaot for 45 th time rehashed

Tories put toes on Linux bandwagon



Do you think the tories have been watching the net and how linuts defened and promote linux beyond reason, maybe they hope these brainwashed few will now run round posting on the net how good the tories and how much better they really are compared to other OS' S...sorry political parties.

What next..will we have david cameron saying Chrome is an OS or the Noobs in labour dont a kernel from a GNU....

this is so funny I had to stab myself in the leg to stop laughing.

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'


what planet are some of you on

@ paul "besides - linux is already installed in more devices than windows. "

did you just pull that comment out arse ? check your facts before ramble garbage.

Linux is light years away form becoming a stable desktop OS platform for the corporate or business enviroment ,and for the SME market is does not even get of the starting block and as a home user OS is still stuck in geek land and will never become mainstream so long the the loon platoon in thread are it's champion's

Firstly dont get UNIX and linux confused in the back end, secondly linux not being simple does not make it smart.

The reality is a user can do more on a win or a mac platform quicker .easier and with more bells and whistles, support costs are also drasticly reduced with a unified support platform.

Saying the average user is a fool becuase they want to press a button and things works is a no-brainer ,and only the excuse of poor design and lazy coders . that is what lunix says to me , WE will tell you HOW ,WHY and WHEN and we are going to awkard about it and even then it still might not work.

And I really love it when the many things linux is pathetic at like networking in large estates or even multimedia or gaming, you usually get this reply install these 10 things, tweak this, change that script and it works just as well.. you silly fools that is the point ,one click is the correct way ..The linux sucks and most of the Computer user on this planet agree.

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth praises Windows 7, welcomes fight


@coward.... sorry @anon

Wakey wakey , we are talking about a Linux OS as a rival to a Win based or Mac OS's and any distro that ever comes near it will be scorned by the fanboy brigade as not true linux , if that even is a proper statement.

And by that if they mean it is not awkward to use or piss poor in the hardware and application support deptartment then they will be probably right, and as soon as One distro comes close to a more Win or Mac looking Gui with their ease of use that is acceptable by a maintream user then the rest will jump on that bandwagon and dont kid your self they wont.

Choice is an illusion of perception, incase you did not notice it is all about the money and shuttleworth moaning about the price of OEM XP is a bit funny, MS would rather you had vista, it is the consumer in the business market that is demanding it, nothing to do with MS's desires.


the emporer is still naked

Reality check time, linux in some of it's flavours is not a terribly bad OS nor it is Terribly good OS but it will never be able to compete properly in the Desktop or notebook market until it understands that 95% of users need idiot proof interfaces and End user support that does require hours of net trawling to find an answer or half an hour hacking at a cmd line to get things to work.

I have used unix based systems for years in the back end and used linux as a web server but as a desktop it is just to much hassle and always has been, hardware and application vendor support is better these days but still lacking and poor, so mr shuttleworth real problem is not MS but vendor support and the oh so many flavours of linux distro's.

The funny thing is linux was designed as a open source freeware the current pay for distro's are just another operating system on market and reading shuttleworths comments it is like MS is just catching up with W7 .....very puzzled maybe shuttleworth is reading his market share figures upside down?

And the truly funny thing is that when eventually someone does get a linux Distro in to a form which the majority of people can use, it will almost certainly be be full of wizards,installers and no input from the user bar a click much more like a Win or Mac OS and all the current fan boys will be crying foul that their beloved OS has been nerfed.

So a word to the wise , you linux fanboys better be careful what you ask for and dream about as you might just get it.

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


slap your self very hard

The Scottish frie brigade was down as of yesterday 1100 pcs and servers on their ass.

Firewall and closed networks don't count for shit if your staff can plug in those infected USB pen drives ...

When will companies learn and users ...you are at work your equipments designation is work not as a holiday snap viewersor the latest tune player or funny you tube video.

Truning this into an Operating system arguement is like chewing house bricks , not very bright and rather unpalateable.

Dont blame the OS if your companies change control and update policy is non existent.

This is less of a microsoft problem and more of a WTF is ITIL problem.

Scientology refuseniks sue over compulsory workplace courses


it is woz's fault i tell ya

In Germany it is a criminal offence to deny the holocoust, so by defination it is a criminal offence to be a scientologist as they deny the Truth of the holocoust so the company are pretty much covered legaly.

Scientology is religion for idiots = pay more for the same old repakaged garbage a bit like apple is to the computer industry.

why be a scientologist i mean you pay more than any other member of any organisation for the same crap other curches gives out, you have to follow their rules with their stuff or they will hound you by any means everything you buy from them is locked down...wait i have just described a MAC user


The Apple Armada - Still worthy of the Jolly Roger?


well if the name fits

I find Apple's line a bit well ridiculus since guys like WOZ use to sell blue boxes during his early years is phreaking not illeagal never mind selling devices to aid this pastime so the skull and crossbones is quite apt, apple are the most anti compedetive ,locked down phoney baloney we love our customers pants tripe in the technology market.


1.clone and steal an unprotected Xerox OS/gui.

2.use it like we says or else.

3.change it and lawyers will be your next contact.

4. say a 7 yr old sends a letter asking a question then is cease and desist time.

5 hound, threaten or withdraw support for any third party developers that add functionality to devices or applications.

6. charity begins at home

I am MAC (Mean And Cheap)

But Mac's are so cool look they come in different colours, it is a pitty though their green credentials are as bad as their charity credentials ....their is only one word and one on apple mind "monoploy".

Dont get me wrong MS are no angels but at least they are honest about world domination plans, and how come an apple OS can give things away that an MS OS does then ends up in court for anti compeditive practices.

never been a fan boy of ethier because i really dont understand the principle of geek worship,and as both companies are founded by the geek eltie i will pass on steve jobs and bill gates tshirts, baseball caps and fridge magnets.

US lost Cold War bomb under Greenland ice


what defines lost


the numbers of actuall weapons is a bit ridiculus , most nukes lost by the U.S have been from airborne sources.


Things you must remember during the cold war tons of aircraft flew with live nukes onboard and SOP for an aircraft in trouble is to shed it's load before attempting to land no matter if it is nuclear or conventional weapons, the number of Nukes dropped where 59 IIRC and 12 ( lying in the oceans for the most part) not recovered add this to the navy's 8 missing nukes and we have 20 ok so sue me for the other 2 and as the scorpian was not on shakedown cruises , and overseas so it would have been armed just as the thresher was .


Ye the whole last bit was meant ot be tounge and cheek.

And broken arrow means " damaged nuclear weapon as in leaking radiation" not lost

and even we brits have lost quite a few mostly in the falklands , frigates like shiny shef and conventry carried tatical nuclear weapons for anti sub work by helicopters and the is the main reason why the shefields burnt out hulk was scuttled rather brought back under tow to bligthy as the tatical nukes where damaged in the attack.

What defines lost is the point here. the Armed forces of the west only really say they loose nukes when one is lost in the system if a vessel with weapons on board goes missing they only register the craft as missing and not he contents.


1 of 22

The U.S since 1947 has lost 22 nukes which it has not recovered , the isreali's supposedly have lost 1 as well and the russians well they sell them on ebay

Mankind to detect alien life 'by 2025'


a paradox in a paradox

There are big problems with Fermi paradox

1. if your a advanced extraterrestrial civilization and you send a probe or probes out , your hardly going to leave them lying about for primative's like us to get our hands on and if time is not a barrier then why build any more then one probe to tour the whole universe, and who says we are not the product of some life seeding probe (not that i believe that) that travels the great voids creating new life based on a original template.

2. how would we recognise a signal...and who says advanced extraterrestrial civilizations use detectable technology ..we now have mostly stopped using radio waves and moved on to microwaves so the window for detecting civilizations using radio waves is minutly small.

3.And what ultimately defeats the fermi paradox is the exsistence of we Humans, it means that under certain circumstances intelligent life does evolve add a bit of choas and quantium theory to the pot plus the vast size of the universe and it makes drakes equation a far more likely concept than fermi's paradox arguement which takes a standpoint that it understands what advanced intelligent is and how it operates ...i would not be so bold

Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers


oh really

@ mr coward

"Firstly a few people have said Virgin don't have fibre - WRONG"

i think if you read mines this is the portion of your comment i was commenting on this statement is false virgin do not provide fibre access which mean it is a coax connection pure and simple no arguement! and yes they did say fibre connection and have been slapped down by ofcom (maybe you should do some background checking first)

ofcom state it is how the user is connected to the network that defines the connection method and not the system behind it, futhermore Virgin have now got round that by say fibre optic network and does not mention connection at all in their adverts.

and you should check with ofcom before your say Virgin has a better track record than others I have :-)

@ jon

that is an internal ftp for virgin customers nothing to do with the net what ever speed you get from dl'ing will be you max speed , which when you complain about slow speed is what they tell you to do and if your getting 56k speed for say bbcnews and any other external sites, but 1300 from the that link I posted they tell you it is not their fault and everything is ok ?

Virginmedia are struggling with debt, with infrastructure, with customers and legacy of mismanagement from NTL and Telewest days even to the point they have to drop channels because they cant afford them or instagate traffic shaping because the network cant cope with demand and them complaining about speedtesting is a bit like having a race car with square wheels on the open road but complaining that it runs faster when you put round wheels on it and run it off road ..yeah but i bought my car for the open road not some internal little track.


no fibre here!!

@Stuart Halliday

easier option dl a file from the big V direct to see your actuall speed


@Anonymous Coward

you said( Firstly a few people have said Virgin don't have fibre "WRONG")

No I am afriad you are wrong the virgin network is indeed fibre but every single house in the uk is connected through coax cables from the MUX in their street..this goes for your cable tv as well, they do not supply fibre connected BB to domestic customers Ofcom has already slapped them once for it and about laying new fibre well if you would check i think you will find it has been a while since that has happened maybe 10 yrs as both NTL and Telewest had a 6 yr hold on new cable becuase both companies where tight on margins and being squeezed by sky to the point that any customer above the standard TV package was actually costing them money and this is why certain areas of their network are over subscribed and running on equipment that most companies disposed of years ago.

I have a "CABLE MODEM" with not a fibre channel in sight and anyway virgins fibre is an internal network if they cant coupe with the bandwidth of their users connected through coax how the hell would they do direct fibre it is just a big phat pipe dream.


Virgin dont quite tell the truth so why are they complaining about others

to quote them

"What do the updates to the traffic management policy mean?

To make sure all customers get the most from their connection, we automatically reduce the speed of the heaviest users at peak evening times - between 4pm and 9pm. In extreme cases, we'll now also reduce the speed between 10am and 3pm - something that'll have an impact on just 1% of our customers."

This is in fact a lie the traffic management is bewteen 10am and 9pm for everybody as i have be told 4 times by tech and say you bust your 3GB limit on your 20mb which is rather easy ( stream a few things from iplayer and your son downloads a demo on the xbox under an hour your capped but it does not stop there if they capp you down to 5m then you go on to the 5m capping system which has even less of a DL limit it is just one big spiral.

Telewest where brilliant virgin and disgraceful,

1. fiber optic BB( eh so what is the old coax thing running into my house then )

2. unlimited* (*conditions apply ? so if it is conditional and traffic managed it is not unlimited)

3. Over subbcribed areas of the network struggling to cope.

4. the worst tech support( after a slight issue with web pages taking 5 minutes to load on a 20 mb connection i was told I was being traffic managed? I said i understand but this is unuseable and the connection rate was in the 56k reigion , "yes sir it is a known issue if you turn your router off for 12 hours it will all be back to normal"? the words cancel and downgrade shot right out of my mouth in a instant.

personally i have cancelled my 20mb as it is absolutely pointless and so would be 50mb with 4gb capp..funny how there adverts dont say that and when i move house the lot is going no virgin tv, no cable, no phone, bt and sky can get my business from now on at least they ae honest about shafting you.

Linux at 17 - What Windows promised to be



"Yeah what like my xbox360 or Ps3?

Xbox Linux - http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Main_Page

Linux for PlayStation 2 - http://playstation2-linux.com/"

thank you for missing the point !!! we know and was exactly my point which is, what is the point? why does my toaster need linux or my Xbox need linux, thank crunchie it is friday .

Dead Vulture

and your point is ?

Poor one reg ,next well have the computer scientists(your just A f**kin programmer or system architect) giving us the skewed UNIX histroy that's all about the kernel and misses guys like Richard Stallam out totally simple point here no GNU no linux kernel but hey of recent computer science seem have the problem of defining what an OS actualy is and why ricky does not get the same credibility that linus gets is beyond me.

And even then why do the real founders of Unix bells labs get ignored. Bell labs developed Unix (originally called "UNICS" UNiplexed Information and Computing Service) and with no unix there would be no GNU no Linux no distros full stop end of story so who remembers names like Dennis Ritchie or ken Thompson?

I like and use both UNIX and Linux in several flavours but it will always be the cheap alternative or niche platform for a certain specialised applications it does not have the functionality or easy of use or support that is rivals have and that is not a point which is debatable just a hard fact that seems to be lost in the soft copy of this article.

The article title is posed as a statement so the content article itself should then validate the statement with hard facts for hard copy, you article seem lost in time and not particularly relevant yeah linux/unix was better before Nt4 ..and this a revaltion ? being part of the mass migrations to wintel estates from unix and as400 platforms around about 96+ a time which most large I.T environments underwent the same journey and I am damn glad we did ……so again what was your point yeah my windows nt4 server might not work on my toaster or on obsolete or poorly supported hardware….and your point is caller?

“The beauty of Linux is this: You can't stop a port to a new architecture, even if you wanted to.”

Yeah what like my xbox360 or Ps3 …gee I am so happy this will change the I.T world…it is not like they don’t come with an OS already and that is how linux works

“The beauty of Linux is this: it will jump on any new hardware with an OS and claim to be better though lakcing support and functionality.”

'Windows Cloud' to descend this month, says Ballmer

Thumb Up

it's blue sky's

@dougle nice one mate, but it will be "blue sky of death" and not a cloud to be seen.

It is all talk for the the corprate market for the corporate market , the virtualization buzzword bingo is getting old they need something new to play with at expo’s and conferences and the this cloud game is brilliant even Google can claim they make OS’s .

But where the home computing market is concerned it is all pipe dreams even when it comes to basic things like bandwidth required, it just does not exist to keep those clouds of theirs afloat and nor will it do for at least a decade and that is being optimistic all I see is clouds shedding their load and plenty more rain on the horizon..

Though we might get a nice rainbow, and to be honest MS and others seem to be viewing this like a rainbow from a point of personal perception rather than reality and no matter how many people say this new emperors clothes are amazing the dude is still nude.

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility


love you both and last point

mmm i think you will find both linux and minix are bastard sons of unix.

Accusations of Linux being copied from MINIX have been about for ages even Tanenbaum public trashed that old goat and "inspired" is a subjective word since nethier men can even agree what actual defines a kernel.

and Tanenbaum wrote the book on minix because he wrote Minix ...it is not rocket science guys


more holes than a teabag

MM some people have spent far to much time in a classroom or in a developers lab and maybe had a tad to much coffee, and are forgetting a few things firstly we are talking about the Personal computing market ,as Google at the moment have a snow balls chance in hell of making any headway into the corporate market or SME market with any of their products sure the odd individual might use Google docs or G-mail or even Chrome(just a f**kin browser). But that is it.

Now we have this cloud computing idea and people like Francis and co posting on how the future will be centralised monster data centers more like information cities where you just connect your dumb terminal and OS’s are an abstract concepts. Well unfortunately there are some fundamentals like bandwidth, infrastructure, market forces oh and just some plain old fashion common sense, firstly most large telco’s have not laid any Substantial fibre in last 10yr’s in the U.S and Europe some countries like Sweden or south Korea are on direct fibre access right but the majority of the world is not ,now at present the Net gets rush hour traffic jams, net quakes and ISP struggle to meet bandwidth demands to the point of capping customers. Content providers saying BBC Iplayer are breaking the back of most small ISP’s profit margins, The investment just to get fibre into all British house at a conservative estimate is 28 billion (most likely at least double that), and to have the sort of reliable centralised service some envisage the investment would be astronomical and as most Telco investment plans for the next ten years are light on cable laying, yes we will find easier methods to transmit data over existing networks but it take investment again replacing switches, gateway etc etc….. not to mention the vast change requird for hardware involved in the personal/home market

Market forces, firstly big business will never use centralised storage out with their own control financial institutions, government bodies all have to comply to legislative confines which requires to handle data in certain ways and conform to legal directives, secondly The home market is hardware hungry so idea of Dumb terminal or stripped down client hardware is foolish and very naïve, I mean why spend hundreds of pounds on a top of the range Ipod when a cheap Mp3 will do the trick, why spend four grand on a 3 way sli gaming setup when some thing a quarter of the price will work just fine, why have a blackberry a mobile phone and laptop with 3g all with you at the same time. That is why it is called “personal” computing because humans are individuals, take the El reg we have discussion like linux is better than apple is better than windows etc the market is far to complex for simple thought up in the classroom ideas to be viable.

Client virtualisation will take place in the business market but within organisation own infrastructure, in the home market it will just not happen we might find a time when our “MEDIA” will be saved centrally in some large provider’s data center some where but never “data that is of a sensitive nature” the Google approach is flawed or maybe is just how some misguided so call informed people see things like gears of Chrome(just a f**kin browser) I don’t know the future but I am smart enough to see that the emperor is rather naked.

I could go on pointing out holes (as could so many people) in the great gig in the sky cloud nonsense.

@Duncan Hothersall

Duncan I do know what a shell is , I just try to use plain English when explaining I think you and some others ought to do the same and come out of your shell.

Trust me, I’m a real human being with 15yrs plus experience in the industry and if I want know about OS’s I would more likely read bill gates or Linus Torvalds, people who have actually made OS’s that stood the test of time rather than a academic like Tanenbaum .

And here is some plain English for the last Time Chrome is Just a F**kin browser Google makes application that’s all .

Market forces and business requirements drive technology not the other way about , some one see's a gap in the market and creates a solution for it , what people propose Google are doing is saying have we not intrested in what market needs or wants but this is what we will give you, only microsoft with it's basty grip on the market can do it and as seen with vista it does not work even for a mighty giant like them, so google is fishing in dead waters it does not nor will it ever have the clout to drive computing in this direction I doubt even microsoft could do it.


ok grandad !!!

@Duncan Hothersall

I did not quite catch your point..oh right you did not make one remember this is About "Personal Computing Devices Operating Systems" grandad so keep up will you.

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are in most recent OS's, but at one time all operations of the computer where performed by typing in commands DOS eng for example, even now messing about in linux will send you to a ?, so yes an OS can be COMMAND LINE only rather than have a graphical interface do the work for you or it can be both, but for a SYSTEM to OPERATE it needs the OPERATOR to be able to INTERFACE with the SYSTEM otherwise it is not by definition a OPERATING SYSTEM as user would be unable to OPERATE COMMANDS.

Your point was ?.

The definition of a "Personal Computing Device Operating System" requires a user interface....ethier Command line based or GUi or both. or any other way in which a user can input information.

and @Tanenbaum the man whose said "linux is obsolete" back in 92 yeah. he has the odd good duiscussion with mr penguin Linus Torvalds but they dont agree.

And why this is up for discussion over a internet Browser by google is probably why Ted wrote the article ....and yes it's still "just a f..kin broswer" even Tanenbaum would agree.