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Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

Carol Yates

Those were the days...

Got to be time travellers on a jaunt back to the 21st century...what's notable about this date, or rather what will be notable?

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

Carol Yates
Paris Hilton

Magna Carta?

What are these civil liberties that I am supposed to have lost? The only thing that remotely affects me is no longer being able to have a cigarette in the pub - and that is no big loss, except for the publicans because I no longer go to the pub.

I find it truly ridiculous that Magna Carta is trotted out by the civil libertarians, Magna Carta enshrined the rights of the barons versus the monarch and had nothing to say about the common people.

Habeus corpus is the thing and that has not been recinded, if after 14 days the police can seek an exception and get 28 days to gather evidence. The Terrorism Bill seeks to add the provision of another period of 14 days to this as an exception and as I understand it this has to be authorised by the Home Secretary. As far as I am concerned there are adequate checks and balances on the whole process to safeguard the rights of the individual and the safety of the nation.

As for David Davis, the man has been frozen out by Cameron and has nothing to lose and everything to gain from the publicity of his action. He'll come back like Michael Heseltine to be the leader in waiting of the Tory Party. It's nothing but an ego trip.

Paris because she knows the value of publicity.

BOFH: The secret gentlemen's club

Carol Yates

You wanted librarians?

Here we are...but you can't afford us. <snigger>


BOFH: Insecurity complex

Carol Yates
Thumb Up

It's a belter!

Mission Control is back on form...but the Boss is now in the clan, where will it all end?

It couldn't happen to a better victim, PR types are the scum of the earth - especially when they call themselves "Information officers"; they wouldn't recognise the truth if it bit them on the bum.

BOFH: Carbon neutrality

Carol Yates


I never knew that the PFY was a Steven - I'd thought that he was a Wayne or a Jason - he's gone up in my estimation. Simon and Steven...has a trustworthy ring to it, don't you think? No way would people like this shaft you!

Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash

Carol Yates

Multiple system failure?

I'm sure that it has been said before but I'll say it again, "Blue screen of death"...whatever flavour of Windoze they were using.

Mozilla pulls offensive viral campaign

Carol Yates

@Nick Thomson

What's also obvious is that you are generalising shurely?

1. I am what you would probably describe as an "older" person ie. not a teenager.

2. Yes I live with an "older" person - my husband.

3. Neither of us have cancer.

But both of us design web sites, run Firefox, he even runs OO and when there is a decent database I might even run OO too. Are you sure that you didn't contribute to this Mozilla focus group?

OK, I'll get my coat ...and the zimmer too...where's me teeth?

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

Carol Yates

Community access?

Having worked with one of our fire services (not "brigades" these days) for more than 10 years I know what happens when the "community" gets access to a station. The old boys will relive their childhood dream to slide down the fireman's pole resulting in broken pelvises, internal injuries and death. This sadly happened in the nineties and should be a warning to these silly planners - these buildings are designed as they are for a reason ie. they are dangerous places and not suitable for turning into community centres.

BTW it's nothing to do with socialism, Thatcher was in power when the incident happened.

Disability law can protect alcoholic workers

Carol Yates


Did anyone notice that Ben Wilmott who gave (legal?) opinion is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development. WTF is that?

BTW as a person with MS who walks like a drunk, I take exception to being labelled as a drunk when I rarely have a glass of wine...

I also look forward to the episode of BOFH where this excuse is exploited for all it's worth!

Lily Allen 'in talks' to become Doctor Who's assistant

Carol Yates

trendier audience?

OMG if this is what Who is going to be aimed at we might all just as well join My Space or Bebo and chuck the TV out of the window. I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes than watch more talentless totty posing around the place.

Lilly Who? Might just as well get V Beckham signed up and have done with it.

The Adventures of Sarah Jane on the beebies channel on Sundays is waaay better and she's even got K-9 around.

Grumpy, moi?

Fairly realistic flying car offered for 2009 delivery

Carol Yates

Graffiti on the wings?

You mean the wings will still be there?

Note to despots: You can't kill the internet

Carol Yates


Actually Burma does have oil - why do you think that India and China are so interested?

To any Burmese reading this, please stay safe.

Kingston hides Hull roots with KCom rebrand

Carol Yates

Re: Eclipse

James, when you say "I like KCOM as they own Eclipse, which is a fantastic ISP."...You jest surely?

Before they were bought by Kingston Comms they *were* a good ISP, but now they are p*** poor.

KCom sounds more like a brand of bog roll. ;o))


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