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Darkness to fall over North America from a total solar eclipse


Re: As Yoda said, "There is another...."

I just checked out the path for the 2024 eclipse. Niagara falls will be within the zone of totality - would be a spectacular place to see it so book your rooms now

NASA's Kepler space telescope finishes its original mission catalog


Re: Statistically unsound sample

Fully agreed. I remember when this all started a large number of Jupiter sized planets (or even bigger) leading to many articles stating things like "Most other planetary systems do not contain earth sized planets" or "Alien life unlikely as other planetary systems made up only of gas giants".

Of course the real reason was that we simply couldn't detect Earth sized planets. We are still at a stage where there are huge constraints on our ability to detect them, and should wait until things improve before coming up with a classification system