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'I'm telling you, I haven't got an iPad!' – Sent from my iPad


Re: Which is why I always turn off email sigs...

Since mails with images are generally HTML-formatted they alreade were a PITA before they were even sent. No further arguments needed.

Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future


Re: The future is behind you ....

Sure. The way vinyl is just better than CDA. You silly children only think so because you never new the real good stuff as wax cylinders, grammophones and hitting sticks and stones together.

If you're appy and you know it: The Huawei P40 Pro conclusively proves that top-notch specs aren't everything


Re: Flashy

Have you ever had a look at F-Droid? Pre-installed Google apps used to be the main thing that kept you from using Android without Google watching you. Storebought Android without Google stuff looks like just the thing I have been looking for.

Mirror mirror on the wall, why will my mouse not work at all?


Atari... Ha-ha!

As an owner of a proper computer during the very same era I never fell for such foolishness. There was a big picture of a (happily smiling) guy with a correctly connected mouse on the box of the AMIGA 500. AFAIK the user's manual was also quite clear about that.

Thanks for not mentioning ways to screw around with these brand new 3.5" drives and the corresponding media, by the way...

The Rise of The (Coffee) Machines: I need assistance. I think I'm running Windows. Send help


Re: Not quite Windows

I beg to differ. Explanations like

"Error code #3566357: This error message indicates that an error #3566357 has occured."

are by no means vague. It very specifically states that an error #3566357 is causing the problem.

Behold: The ghastly, preening, lesser-spotted Incredible Bullsh*tting Customer


Re: Customers

Yes. Even I know how to write "C'nt".

Lars Ulrich makes veiled threats of another Metallica album during web chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff


Re: Pioneers of thrash?

Venom's sound originally was called "Black Metal", "Thrash Metal" came up with Slayer and a number of similar bands (I would not claim to rembember or have ever known in which order). The term "Black Metal" soon vanished as the whole genre was summarized as Trash Metal and only reappeared with an isolated scene of extremely nasty scandinavian weirdos.

Hellhammer, however, were a quite story of their own...

Internet Archive justifies its vast 'copyright infringing' National Emergency Library of 1.4 million books by pointing out that libraries are closed


Re: It has been pointed out ...

"you have the easiest job in the world with guaranteed legal protections on your work. "

I'm sure he has. And I'm quite sure he's not an author. It usually is publishers and their shills who do the crying, because it's their profits that are affected, not the creators. Have you ever heard an actual author complain about public libraries having their books?

That awful moment when what you thought was a number 1 turned out to be a number 2


"The only other spelling we have is Czech,"

That's only because you can't pronounce "ch" right. Doesn't really count.



Is it? I would have thought "cheque" was, uh, French?

Firefox 74 slams Facebook in solitary confinement: Browser add-on stops social network stalking users across the web


Re: It's much easier on my machine..

One line is not going to do very much. FB has quite a lot of domains.

Disk stuck in the drive? Don't dilly-Dali – get IT on the case!


Re: In my case

Heads actually are very effectively liquid-cooled. Also, many plastics literally get plastic at relatively low temperatures.

Geoboffins find the oldest matter on Earth: Ancient stardust created before the Solar System formed



All nice and good, but how on earth (and much more how in space) could neon keep inside a meteorite in a complete vacuum and still be there after crushing the damn rock, dissolving it in acid and exposing it to enough air to even smell it? Neon is supposed to be a noble gas, IIRC.

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket


Re: But not for long.....

...or the Facebook/Google AI that will run them from the Blockchain.


Dodgy vids can hijack PCs via VLC security flaw, US, Germany warn. Software's makers not app-y with that claim


Re: VLC crashing? Say it isn't so!

Sounds a bit like an outdated version of MPAC -or whatever else there is installed for .h264/5. The probably most hassle and GUI-free way to watch HVEC/AVC anyway is to install mplayer and just select "open with mplayer" (or doubleclick the video after setting the right default action). Used to work even with Windows and has the advantage of getting told explicitely what there is that exactly causes potential trouble when run from the command line.

Out of Steam? Wine draining away? Ubuntu's 64-bit-only x86 decision is causing migraines


Re: Interesting

Yes. Devs did everything possible to optimize GNOME for tablets when they were the latest craze. Now noone uses tablets and even fewer use GNOME.

What the cell...? Telcos around the world were so severely pwned, they didn't notice the hackers setting up VPN points

Paris Hilton

I don't get it

They set up VPN do avoid the lag caused by hacked boxes? AFAIK a VPN needs two endpoints. One of them would obviously be located inside the target's network. But where if not on a hacked machine? You need to hack it to create the endpoint since you can't just leave it bumbling in the ear. So where's the difference betweed a rogue VPN machine and a hacked one?

Germany mulls giving end-to-end chat app encryption das boot: Law requiring decrypted plain-text is in the works


Re: More madness

No. That's "Einwegverschlüsselungspasswort". We don't use numbers within wörds. We're fine with these fünny döts.


Re: why not?

Seehofer, however, is Bavarian. Even if he knew better he'd just be talking louder. (Of course he doesn't know better but keeps shouting just to be sure. That's how you get into politics in Bavaria.)

Backup your files with CrashPlan! Except this file type. No, not that one either. Try again...


Back your bitch up

I've seen three..., no four backup solutions in my life which did not fuck up terribly sooner or later. Tar and dump being reliable but useless nowadays (unless you've got lots of cash for a serious tape library), backup2l and Cobian backup which have never ever let me down in ten years. The latter of course has lost a lot of useability since Windows stinking 10 has pretty much ruined incremental backups since your base partitions content will change unpredictabily and Windows still has no useful concept of separating content and executables.

'Software delivered to Boeing' now blamed for 737 Max warning fiasco


Re: A rogue engineer dit it, Muilenburg and everyone in manglement are investigating

Rogue engineer? I thought it was just declared to be a "software error"?

Can I get a RHEL yeah? Version 8 arrives at last as IBM given go-ahead to wolf down Red Hat


Re: Gnome, wayland and systemd ...

Dhryflakes or whetflakes?

Is that a stiffy disk in your drive... or something else entirely?


Re: 1.2M or 1.44M?

IIRC it was the external (SCSI or parellel) drives that would be affectes by the Click of Death. I remember having one of each kind and I had the internal one fairly long while the newer, external drive gave up within a year.

After outrage over Chrome ad-block block plan, Google backs away from crippling web advert, content filters


Re: So, basically, no change there

I have been using NoScript for so long that I really was wondering who in the world would still allow tracking scripts to run in their browser before I recalled that the most users might indeed block ads but not unwanted scripts. For whatever reason.

Drug cops stopped techie's upgrade to question him for hours. About everything


Re: Made it here first!

Hmmm. Have been married for a couple of years haven't been smoking grass for even longer. I am sure I'd hardly enjoy getting divorced. Leaves one parameter to change...

Don’t talk to the ATM, young man, it’s just a machine and there’s nobody inside


Re: "Don't talk to the ATM..."

I once hit in three false PINs while the bank still was open, went to the cashier handed my card over and said: "Jackpot. Three wrong out of three". Blank faces...

You have GNU sense of humor! Glibc abortion 'joke' diff tiff leaves Richard Stallman miffed


Also not stictly technical, but:

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

Facebook confesses: Buckle up, there's plenty more privacy lapses where that came from


Re: We got the joke already

Oh, come on! No need do get all analytacal about it.

Oh dear... Netizens think 'private' browsing really means totally private


Logging into accounts "privately"

There's one thing you have mentioned but which can not be stressed out often enough: If you log into your account anywhere, no matter if using VPN, Tor or whatever magic, *you have identified yourself* to the site. Therefore you are *not* anonymous and not protected from tracking. Just the opposite: you have explicitely told them who you are and they'll know what you are doing there. That's the whole purpose of logging in.

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


Re: Analysis of the email market in 2007?

Relevant as ever. Their built-in browsers and MUAs have been crap then and they are crap today. And constantly crappy inbetween. Right choice to not bother with new surveys, wrong choice to bother with a new browser.


Perfect timing

Just when I considered giving the MS mail app a try on my (only) Windows machine...

Actually everything here is strictly Linux except one machine: That Lenovo X1 Carbon I use for music production and performance. I jused to read mail on my mobile when I'm out of house with my Windows laptop, because I have never seen anything communications related that Microsoft would not completely fuck up. Having heard nothing specifically awful about W10s mail app, I almost thought I might give it a shot. I guess I'll give Apple a one, next time. I absolutely hate them, but they can't be even worse than Windows 10. Nothing could.

MailChimp 'working' to stop hackers flinging malware-laced spam from accounts


Re: Unsubscribe is legally required

Unfortunately, "unsubscribe" and the referring "x-unsubscribe-address" header are not only easy to forge but even easier to misuse as address verificators. So you can bet on them showing up in anything you've never subscribed to. (You probably have after trying to unscrubscribe, of course... :( )


Exactly my experience. Mailchimp, mcsv and their countless aliases seem to have been sending out their customers' (unsolicitated) "newsletters" without any checks on legitimation for years. Honestly, I've hardly ever seen any legit mail from them going through or MXs - but tons of spam and a significant number of scamming attempts.

Secret weekend office bonk came within inch of killing sysadmin


Re: They did exactly what I guessed they'd do

Yes. My first thought was "how the hell are they going to disperse all that sugar within the wet concrete before hydraulization kicks in?". My second thought was about a lot of shovels, water buckets, sugar and the luck of not having to do it.

NASA finds satellite, realises it has lost the software and kit that talk to it


Re: Doesn't matter.

What someone higher up the thread mentioned about battery-backed RTC chips lets me assume that these machines were not exactly running Windows. Usually you would find that sort of hardware in ancient Unix machines. Makes sense, as SUNs, SGIs and the like were running 64bit OS long before you could find x64 systems.

Boffins use inkjets to print explosives


Re: Not usually one for pedantry

"Containing thermite would probably achieve the same result."

No. It definitely won't. Thermite will melt or burn practically any container except a ceramic one. And it combusts by no means as rapidly as gunpowder or any real explosive.


Re: Not usually one for pedantry

Maybe. Nonetheless not even two horses would get me into a car with thermite-fueled airbags. Sounds more like a Napalm-bag to me.

US border cops told to stop copying people's files just for the hell of it


Someone call the RIAA, fast!

Illicit file sharing! Also "Copying of Intellectual property!" "Denying the artists rights of fair compensation". OMG! Think of the children!!

And we return to Munich's migration back to Windows – it's going to cost what now?! €100m!


No, but coincidentially Microsofts german HQ just moved to Munich.

Spy-on-your-home Y-Cam cameras removes free cloud storage bit


Re: Farking FTP!

Good luck with that. FTP is now "insecure" and obsolete. Not even Mozilla are supporting it anymore. Also, "users don't want it".

Russian rocket snafu may have just violently dismantled 19 satellites


Obviously this was caused by inferior potassium in the rocket fuel.

Citrix switches on nuage français, deutsche wolke, nube española



Sadly, what might have been "Die Deutsche Wollcke" now officially goes under the boring name "german cloud". I'd have preferred "Wolkenkuckucksheim"...

Alleged dark web drug baron cuffed – after he flew to US for World Beard Championships


Re: One more reason to avoid the US

Quotation marks now brand you as a "criminal".


Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms


Re: Farewell Sonos

Reinforced concrete in single housing? Where in Europe might that be - North Betonia? Slabs and cellar walls granted, but certainly not walls. Even in reinforced concrete skeleton buildings the interior walls would be made from practically anything but concrete. Same goes for bearing walls in single or multiple residential, as concrete would never meet low-energy standards, leave alone provide reasonable room climate.

Multics resurrected: Proto-Unix now runs on Raspberry Pi or x86


Re: "Primos, was based upon Honeywell's development of Multics for super-minis."

Bendix, AFAIK, are still a major player in aviation. I think, there's a famous series of auto pilots manufactured by them.

Roland McGrath steps down as glibc maintainer after 30 years


There'll be a systemd service for it...

Facebook gives itself mission to 'bring the world closer' by getting people off Facebook


giving more leaders the power to build communities

Sure, we don't have enough morons telling us what to do - and certainly we need them to do so *on Facebook*.

If there was an option to get them all into FB (and nowhere else) plus an option to throw away the key, it'd be something else...

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix restates 'No brilliant jerks' policy


The problem with corporate self-understanding

The one important thing about humans is that we always want to be what we are not. We also want to do exactly the things we can't do. Like fly, go to other planets, create self-conscious minds. That's totally fine, it's called "progress" or "pursuit of happyness".

Facts about corporations are that they consist of humans and their mottos always reflect the way they wish they were instead of the way they actually are. Which might lead us to the assumption that a company usually is just the opposite of what they claim (or whish) to be. But who wanted to work for someone with a motto like "We're a bunch of backstabbing, broke dilletants but we honestly hope to get better"?

Debian devs dedicate new version 9 to the late Ian Murdock


Re: good thing about UEFI is support for GPT

LILO won't be of much use with UEFI. EFIboot supports loading an actual file (by its filename) as a first boot stage - which is basically a good thing, just not supported by LILO which is limited to loading a linear sequence of bytes directly from the HDD (MBR, usually) to RAM and execute it. The right version(!) ofGRUB however will handle EFI boot quite nicely if the system was booted with active UEFI which should be no problem when booting from an install image.


Re: UEFI: Need to dual boot Mint on Asus G75 from 2012

If you don't need secure boot, just disable it. The "secure" part of it was broken immediately but the annoying part persists.

If you have to use it use the actual Debian installer (netinstall or full) keep secure boot active, create an EFI partition (VFAT, ~10MB) during the "partitioning" part of the install (where you might have to resize the existing system partitions or wipe the "recovery" partion) and let the installer do the rest of the job. In the best case everything will run just fine. Otherwise you might have to jump into "boot options" from the BIOS' startup and try which partition to boot. There are some quite detailled HOWTOs on the net, BTW.


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