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Democracy-minded DEF CON hackers promise punishing probe on US election computers


Seriously...Are we still on this voting business???

I ask that because much like the lie that Apple DOESN'T work for the government, namely NSA, people all over this crippled land still live with the romantic notion that your vote freakin' matters.. Votes are bought long before regular citizens spend all that money on Election Days(traveling, eating out, basically it's nothing more than an economy stimulus)to go into a claustrophobic box, and fill out something that resembles a PowerBall bubble sheet.... YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT. VOTING AS A GENERAL CITIZEN DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION. If you are not a member of the delegation, also known as the Electoral College, then you are not heard. In fact, These United States as we know her today, are not even a democracy. We are a republic... Further cementing the above statement. This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, probably to create a solution for this "voting issue" that is really a facad covering up something much more serious. Or creating solutions that can be used by the ones it is protecting, as a weapon, and further surveillance. #FacePalm

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PasteBin data dump: Hackers claim files are from Mandiant FireEye 'breach'


It is easy for them to say they were not breached.....

Especially now in days what with Microsoft's DNS SideJacking taking place, Windows Update Code Injections and ReSigning of Certs, service DLL Hollowing for obfuscation from scanners, VM-Based PIXE Boot re-directions at the kernel level, and everything else MicroShaft has now made possible thanks to their needing of Windows 10 to be a hit, and be in every home.. To me, it is as big of a failure as Windows ME or Vista... Scratch that... Bigger. Right now, anyone reading this can be attacked VIA twitter by text stego in a picture that directs Chrome(who has also been hit with phony, mal-injected software updates) to a site without the user even knowing, where then code is installed, and the party begins..

I see this just like what happened to Apple back in 08, when they were literally about out of business... Sign them up with the NSA, a new device is just "thought up while on a vision quest" that happens to grab the worlds attention, and makes their lives easier. When in fact it is nothing more than an $800 piece of Social Engineering beauty.. Not only does nearly everyone have a smartphone now.. But nearly everyone thinks that the apps installed on their phones are for "face value." Meaning - They think Angry Birds is just a fun game, when in fact it is just yet another SocEng that masks the truth, of the mega data ex-filtration going on, at all times, and at any time.

Soo..... Any company, legally, can say they were not breached if they made a "conscious effort" to investigate the situation... And Mandiant are IT in that game... So no one will question what they say... Until, like VIKI said:

The Logic is Undeniable....

And they no longer can plug the siphon that slowly opened from a pin-hole....



Tor Project works on anti-FBI defenses amid iOS row with Apple


Here's a hint... Port 445...

Say hello to Dvmap: The first Android malware with code injection


There is malware that jumps VM's and fu*&ing air-gaps... This ain't $h1t.

Charles 9 is correct. It will use an exploit, usually dirtycow, to temp root for that instance only. It will lock up the device after it does its bidding via kernel panic or OOM event forcing the user to restart the device, thereby effectivly erasing the root yet leaving the code nestled between your /system files and your /data files... Both need root to write to. Anyway that is what I heard from SWIM....

Report estimates cost of disruption to GPS in UK would be £1bn per day



That is a lot of money to loose. Especially counting on something with as weak of security as GPS..... Which is only slightly, if at all, encrypted... So.... This will be coming... I can bet a paycheck I no longer get on it!

FBI let alleged pedo walk free rather than explain how they snared him


I see they are taking a play right out of the #OpDarkNet playbook... Oops...But yay!