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They've only gone and bloody done it! NASA, SpaceX send two fellas off to the International Space Station

Making Bacon

Bob and Doug

Sporting the latest incarnation of 1980's BMX Bandit clothing

Campaign groups warn GCHQ can re-identify UK's phones from COVID-19 contact-tracing app data

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When you have people previously involved with Cambridge Analytica and it's subsidiaries doing work for the government, you should be seriously concerned about the real reasons behind this app and not just those they tout in the press.

PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure

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You are in the queue to be assigned a WU ... Patience my young padawan, it will connect and download soon enough

Pervasive digital surveillance of citizens deployed in COVID-19 fight, with rules that send genie back to bottle

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"Strict oversight and a thirty-day limit on the use of the tools is promised"

See icon -->

NHS supplier that holds 40 million UK patient records: AWS is our new cloud-based platform

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What could possibly go wrong ..?

Shift-work: Keyboards heaped in a field push North Yorks council's fly-tipping buttons

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Mines the one ...

With the multi-coloured keytops!

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond

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The only digital assistant I have ever had was Clippy ... I still miss him and his cheerful " It looks like you're writing a letter Would you like help?" message.

Beam me up, PM: Digital secretary expected to give Tory conference speech as hologram

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That MP is definitely looks like he's a triple fried egg, chilli sauce and chutney sandwich short of a picnic

Commodore 64 owners rejoice: The 1541 is BACK

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Re: Will this work at the original speed?

You need a JiffyDOS emulator coupled with an Epyx Fastload cartridge emulator ... No Warp25 loader emulation needed.

New Monty Python movie to turn old jokes into new royalties

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Cardinal Fang ..!

Fetch the comfy chair ...

Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76

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"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special."

Farewell to a humble yet tenacious genius of a man.

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking.

Doctor finds physical changes to astronaut's eyes after ISS stint

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In space, nobody can see you squint!

Suspected drug dealer who refused to poo for 46 DAYS released... on bail

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Liquid laxative in his food and drink

Then stand well back and put the ventilation fans on ..!

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

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Would you like fries with that?

It's artificial! It's intelligent! It's in my home! And it's gone bonkers!

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Ahhh ... so you're a waffles man!

France to tack weapons onto spy drones – reports

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Re: "though she did not specify precisely what weapons"

Rocket propelled Chateau Lafite 1972 ... Apparently, it was a very bad vintage.

Three challenges UK watchdog to a duel over mobile spectrum rules

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2G is good for me as I still use my Nokia 3310

Police deny Notting Hill Carnival face recog tech led to wrongful arrest

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Big Brother

All your face are belong to us ..!

Security robot falls into pond after failing to spot stairs or water

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Is there such a thing as a Darwin Award for robots???

May the excessive force be with you: Chap cuffed after Star Trek v Star Wars row turns bloody

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Two more for the list ...

Terrahawks and Space Precinct ... Gerry Anderson classics!

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Read this in voice of yoda, you must!

Report estimates cost of disruption to GPS in UK would be £1bn per day

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My backup GPS is both a map and an AtoZ of the area that i'm travelling to.


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