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Girls prefer pink: official



A girl may be attracted to a pink triangle, or a pink phone.

But... are they attracted to men in pink trousers?

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad



Why didn't they use chapatti flour like the last guys? it's cheaper and according to govt. experts "more explosive than TNT"

Also if this is true, why can we still take chapatti flour (and matches) through airport security, and yet no water or oil (which you need to make a real chapatti)


Wrong car?

Everyone seems to be missing the real issue:

If they had instead used a mini cooper, could they have blown the doors off?

Germans invade Second Life


Re: Who cares?

I found the article amusing although, naturally, I've never played the game. I think it is actually relevant in the scope of general technology awareness to hear news about these virtual sub-cultures from time to time, even if it's just poking fun. Not terribly intelligent I admit, but I really don't see the harm in some light hearted 'reporting' from time to time.

If whales can communicate by telepathy, why can't humans?



As has been said here whales communicate via sound not telepathy.

Also that telepathy violates the laws of physics? maybe, but quantum entanglement allows the state of subatomic particles to be paired simultaneously regardless of time or distance. This sort of hints at an underlying mechanism that might support it. Nor does it break the speed of light rule, it's simply taking a 'short-cut' through a higher dimension.


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