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Teens take a million metaverse Ryanair flights in Roblox


Is it bad that I recognise the airport ?

Leeds/Bradford LBA.

Microsoft Windows edges closer to SMB security signing fully required by default



Yep, and all the NAS stuff based on it out there like QNAP Synology etc. Scanners with network file drop etc ... lots of stuff.

I can only assume that it will still be possible to configure fallback eg down to SMB2, 3.02 and it's only the default that's changing.

At least I *really* hope so !

Oh, Snap. openSUSE downloads increasing, and Leap 15.5 is coming soon


Re: The heck it does!

Funny thing about it being rpm based .. I can't remember the last time openSUSE needed me to go anywhere near an rpm file. Zypper repo/software management just works.

openSUSE makes baseline CPU requirements a little friendlier than feared


I wonder when the trickle-down to standard Leap will happen ?

I am currently running 15.4 quite happily on a HP Microserver G7 N54L which sports the AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N54L -- I'm not entirely certain what level that supports.

Go ahead, be rude. You don't know it now, but it will cost you $350,000


Re: In the last century

hhhmm, IBM/Hitachi D[esk|eath]Stars by any chance ?

I unfortunately experienced their 'click of death' all too often.

Firefox points the way to eradicating one of the rudest words online: PDF


As it happens, the latest version of Inkscape now supports multi-page documents in SVG, and so can import multiple pages of PDF :)

Oracle VirtualBox 7.0 is here – just watch out for the proprietary Extension Pack


TPM Support ?

"For Windows users, VirtualBox's UEFI support now includes Secure Boot and emulation of TPM 1.2 and 2.0 chips"

Can anyone confirm if the TPM emulation has been included in the linux versions ? It's the one thing preventing me from updating my test W10 VM to W11.

... and when I say test windows VM, I mean boot it every three months, install updates and shut it down again :)

iPhone 14 car crash detection triggered by roller coasters



Shirely, these iThings have location data ?

Can't they just put a big if (in_a_theme_park) { ignore } test around the alert ?

China upgrades Great Firewall to defeat censor-beating TLS tools



If only they would block the deluge of spam coming *out* of China ..

In the '80s, spaceflight sim Elite was nothing short of magic. The annotated source code shows how it was done


Re: Ah Elite !

Do a search for oolite keyconfig -- it's a little tool listed in the wiki that can generate the different keymaps including the defaults from the BBC.

oolite is still my goto for the nostagia hit.

We regret to inform you there's an RCE vuln in old version of WinRAR. Yes, the file decompression utility


Another nod to 7zip from me.

TBF the only time I see .rar files anyway, they are used as a carrier for a malware payload. All rar files we receive via email are quarantined on sight. It's probably last century when I last saw a legit one.

Config cockup leaves Reg reader reaching for the phone


Re: When forgetting 2 simple characters (-r) means a long walk

At least nowadays on OpenSUSE we have 'reboot' as well as 'shutdown -r'

I tend to only use shutdown when I know I really mean it as 'shutdown -h now'

I'm sure 'reboot' is a common alternative on other distros too.

But yeah -- definitely as a whippersnapper I tripped myself up with it.

Pre-orders open for the Mini PET 40/80, the closest thing to Commodore's classic around


Re: Those were the days

Indeed, nostalgia isn't what it used to be !

Partial beer print horror as Microsoft's printer bug fix, er, doesn't


Re: Update: 19.03.2021 Latest Patch, on Patch, on Patch: KB5001649 Fails to install.

Installing from the catalog in to WSUS seems to have worked on two of my test rigs so far. The good news is that it does actually seem to have fixed the issue.

All we need to do now is get an update for the same broken issue in the Server 2012 R2 CU patch :(

Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift? How about a week of retro gaming BBC Microlympics?


Re: Can't Play Elite...

I found the docking computers more of a hinderence - especially after I'd played for long enough to get the muscle memory on the roll keys down to match rotation without even thinking. I tended to make heavy use of the BBC not being able to process multiple pressed keys at once for some 'on a sixpence' manoeuvring. To my detriment I then could never get the hang of some of the emulated versions or re-emaginings on other platforms.

Oolite was about my favourite non-original - but I still found myself remapping keys to the 'old ways'

No phish for the likes of you, thank you very much! Google finds email villains are picky about demographics, country


Re: most of the spam comes from gmail addresses.

I agree, much of the time the gmail addresses themselves might be spoofed, but what I'm seeing a great deal in our samples is that Google are the unwitting hosts of the actual attack content / fake web pages through their firebase cloud storage.

Lots of links like https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/reallylongurl...

Buggy chkdsk in Windows update that caused boot failures and damaged file systems has been fixed


Re: Damned if you do. Damned if you don't

In all fairness the day job requires me to manage windows on the desktop -- but I'm posting this from OpenSuSE Leap.


Damned if you do. Damned if you don't

The way I understand this, KB4592438 is the Dec 2020 Cumulative Update. One of those 'you really have to have this to maintain security' ones. Which makes it rather difficult to avoid :(

What am I missing ?

Qbot malware's back, and latest strain relies on Visual Basic script to slip into target machines


Infection Vector

via a file named something.doc.vbs .... damned windows default hiding of known file extensions. Why on earth is that *still* the default setting [shakes fist]

Word up: Embedded vids in Office docs can hide embedded nasties, infosec bods warn


"The product is properly interpreting HTML as designed – working in the same manner as similar products,"

Can anyone advise what LibreOffice will do when faced with such a manipulated docx file ?

Ready, get Sets... no? App-grouping whizzery for Windows 10 killed


What is it about KDE's 'Desktops' feature - that's worked brilliantly for as long as I can remember - that MS are finding so difficult to implement ? <snark>

Foolish foodies duped into thinking Greggs salads are posh nosh


For what it's worth, the Greggs next to the 72 stop is still there :)

No, Windows 10 hasn’t beaten Windows 7’s market share. Not for sure, anyway


Re: What about next year

hhmm. Windows 7 is in extended support until Jan 14 2020. So still some life in the old dog yet.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


Re: I'll wait for NoScript to be back

In the meantime waiting for noScript, try giving uMatrix a go -- The speed bump in FF57 is definitely worth it.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


LastPass updated

It's worth noting that LastPass released an update in the last 24 hours that shows it's now compatible. NoScript and Web Developer Toolbar are the deal-breakers for me.

Hopefully, as has been noted elsewhere, once the APIs have been fully released, NoScript won't be far behind.

Researcher says fixes to Windows Defender's engine incomplete


Re: Bah!

With a new or re-build of W7, then wsusoffline is most definitely your friend ! You'll be fully patched again in no time.