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Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

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The chap does not deserve to be sniggered at, or to die for that matter, because he was momentarily stupid while drunk. Many many people are dead because they forgot to look one time when they stepped into a road. Are they stupid ? Sorry for my sense of humour failure here, but I take issue with the name of Darwin (who, by all accounts, was a really top bloke as well as a great scientist) being applied to this sneering and unfunny enterprise.

Oh and while I agree that America pays dearly for its rather mad gun laws, you can shove your received anti-americanism up your jacksee.

Linux desktops grow and grow and grow

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Level playing field

If Linux hits the desktop, it will do it like Windows did - by coming ready installed (or bundled) with new machines. I hear the Wallmart gOS PC has sold out, and that will give Ballmer & Co a big fright right now.

The distros are slick but not as slick as Windows out-of-the-box. If Linux becomes out-of-the-box, the playing field will become level, and then, I suspect, not even the biggest Windows fan would put money on Windows' survival. Windows may go open source. Linux may see viruses, though it is hard to envisage how.

Personally I switched from Windows to Linux when my PC disk went down. I had a Windows 98 license but no CD. PC World were asking £80 or so for a Windows upgrade. Meanwhile Tesco were asking £6 for a magazine with a Linux CD on the front. No contest. I have to apologize to the Windows crowd for the fanboyism that accompanies Linux, but it is hard not to be a fanboy of a thing when that thing is free.

Great War diary reveals original Captain Blackadder

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Nothing wrong with it

Why is everybody so upset about it not being free ? We all have to earn money in some way. I admit 50p to the Poppy Appeal does seem rather small, and it would have been a nice gesture - given the subject matter - if the book was simply free for download. But there is nothing actually wrong with making a buck in this way, IMHO.

And thank you Capt. Stewart and the Cameronians, for everything.

Cops expose cross-dressing Catholic school principal

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Yes please

@John Imrie - Bondage a Catholic tradition ? Well I demand my share right now, dammit.

Both a stripper and glamour model I dated a while back...

KPN completes Getronics takeover

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Another ex-Getronics employee

I worked for Getronics for 5 years and sadly, I have to agree with some of these points. Managers were largely untrained, lacking in people skills and were often unpleasant with staff. Thus turnover was sky-high and this takeover is unsurprising. Good luck to Getronics under KPN.

I have worked for other IT outfits, some larger than Getronics, who, while not perfect, treat their staff quite reasonably.

Red Hat, Novell sued for patent infringment

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I Invented the Bag

Hasn't every computer GUI since 1990 or so offered this feature in some form ? Either as part of the OS or as a standalone piece of software ?

I could just as well claim to have invented the coffee ring or the paper bag, in the manner of two characters known helpfully as The Living Carpets. If you want to know more, see "Vik Reeves Big Night Out" on Wikipedia.

Catholic dating sites exchange rings

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As if by magic - Up pops David Icke

@ Russell Curtis - I guess it depends on how far your "ridicule" goes, and what community you are targeting. Certainly it is illegal to foster hatred of gays, or about to become so. If the article had been about a dating agency for gays or Hindus, it simply would not have been published (in that tone) and the author would now be scrubbing the Register toilets with a block of wood.

I am not sure how far Astrologists / Scientologists / David Icke qualify as a recognised community in the UK. Perhaps David Icke would like to comment ?

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Seeing is believing

lol. Best joke so far goes to Padre Pio.


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@ Russell Curtis - Interestingly made point about it being okay to ridicule people for something that is their own choice. Not really. It's still ignorant. Sure it's okay to disagree with beliefs, but not to foster hatred of communities through mockery, and this could be the (unintended) consequence of your ridicule.

Also it's illegal in the UK, and the Register would not dare publish an article like this if the group concerned were (say) Hindu rather than Catholic. 'Cos that would be bad bigotry.

No, if you want to have some spicy "good" bigorty, do as the Register article and choose one of the whipping boys - Catholics, Welsh, Irish, people from the USA, Manchester United fans. Stay off Muslims, Polish, gays, or you will be taken away in a dark van.


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True open source

While your writing your bigotry GPL, can you fit something in about redheads ?

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Spice up your boring news story with a bit of bigotry

Oh Hi, 'scuse me I was just wondering - is this the good bigotry or the bad bigotry ? You know: if I am, say, jewish or homosexual, you may not be a bigot because that's bad bigotry. If I am Catholic or Welsh, hate me as much or as little as you like, and why not invite a friend along to lend a hand. That's good bigotry and it's free to everyone. It's a little bit like open source.

Cops seek 179mph net vid biker

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A. Boyer

I think "Befuddled American" A. Boyer gets the idea by now. Chap has had an anvil dropped on his head just for asking a question about Britain. Well God Bless America, I say, and feet, inches and yards.

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'

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Agree with Bevin

Reluctantly I have to agree with D. Bevin. If you make certain jokes or comments about certain groups, you will be taken away in a dark van. The law in this area is so tight that I could break it simply by telling a racist joke here as an example. However the media treats groups differently. It seems okay to ridicule and promote hatred of groups A, B and C but not group D. I think the law should apply universally to all groups. Unfortunately D. Bevin you are in group D. Hard bun.

There was only good humour behind the Reg article and no hatred at all.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

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"Safe" speed

Speed is dangerous because the faster you go, the less time you have to react. This is kind of obvious. At very high speeds, you will never react in time, however powerful your brakes and regardless of your driving skills.

And if I remember right, kinetic energy is proportional to the square of your speed. Double your speed and a crash will hurt 4 times as much. Incidentally I am a driving fan and I have a "sports" car.

Could Linux become the dominant OS?

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Follow the platform

Many comments saying Linux won't dominate as it doesn't have this or that application. Apps will follow the OS. If Linux spreads, and OEM support spreads, the missing apps will appear on Linux. There is a slight whiff of chicken-and-egg here, but nonetheless.

Linux certainly has the potential to dominate so long as MS continue to charge for Windows. SMBs in particular will not continue to pay thousands when somebody else is giving it away for free. The cost of Windows really hurts small businesses.