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Huawei finally gives up on US schmoozing efforts


Re: "it may have given up"

Good for Huawei, as they continue to develop better tech than the Americans, it won't be so easy for the Americans to steal it, if they aren't in the country.


Re: Different in non United States Of Murica

The UK got bullied by the USA, after they bullied Australia to get rid of the superior and cheaper and more secure Huawei gear, so that the US spy agencies could use all the American sanctioned gear that allowed the USA to spy on everyone.

Shame the other Anglo countries didn't stand up for themselves and tell the USA where togo.

US reportedly pushed ASML to cancel chipmaking kit for China early


ASML should tell the USA they aren't bound to follow US laws, and to stop telling them what to do, and how to operate their business.

Microsoft nixed Mixed Reality: This Windows VR didn't even make it to the ER


Will Zuckerberg give up on his pet VR money pit project now?

Like Elon and Twitter, these guys just don't get it...

Worse still they are betting the company on their delusional ideas...

'Return to Office' declared dead


Re: Stick

Governments can't legislate the pay rate of a job in India, which is where all these jobs locals think they can do from home, are actually going to end up.


Re: There it is

And many large Real Estate companies think the answer to the over-supply of real estate, it to tart existing properties up, and flog it as "premium" office space.


yeah sure, as soon as the laggards get the poor performance reviews, and no bonuses, or even sacked, the 'No Return to Office' movement will be long dead.

Infosys co-founder calls for youth to work 70-hour weeks


so he will be doubling their pay, if they double their hours, right?

UK to crack down on imported Chinese optical fiber cables


Sounds like some UK fibre company has paid off a government official "protection money"...

America extends China chip export bans and acts to cut off backdoor exports


The USA gets more desperate every day, as its glory days slip away faster and faster...

Tell me Huawei: Chinese giant wants to know what made EU label it high security risk


High Risk, because it doesn't have the backdoors the US gear does to allow spy agencies to spy on users worldwide....

EU threatens X with DSA penalties over spread of Israel-Hamas disinformation


Re: If X is blocked in the EU

is anyone really using "X" these days anyway?

Its become all too hard to be useful...

US allows Samsung and SK hynix to keep making chips in China


China should pull the plug, and let the US suffer with a drought of smartphones.

No Samsung, No Apple, but offer to sell them Huawei phones at retail + 500%.

China suggests America 'carefully consider' those chip investment bans


The USA is only hurting themselves with this trade war against China.

China has proven resilient, and not dependent on American technology, but is now on the receiving end of no more money, no more rare earth minerals and no more cheap finished products.

BRICS will end the USA, and send them into a long and deep recession, from which they won't recover, but will emerge from as a new 3rd world country.

Former IBM services outfit Kyndryl said to be mulling China split


So its true than, every time IBM ever said "we do not comment on rumors or speculation" it was always true.

How about some Honesty, just admit you are going to do it, BEFORE your employees tell the media that Kyndryl has screwed them over (yet again)!

We'll show you our patents if you show us yours, say Huawei and Ericsson


Re: Telecoms is too important…

Says the USA who are still using decades old telco standards and gear in a pathetic attempt to continue spying on everyone.


too late

The USA will have far more to worry about that EU countries using Chinese patents, in the not too distant future.

They are already imploding in on themselves, and once Saudi Arabia & the UAE drop the petrodollar as the currency for buying their oil and gas, its game over for the new 3rd world country - USA.

IBM gives z/OS an AI infusion in major upgrade aimed in part at easing admin chores


Re: Hate

IBM has an 18 month hype cycle, where their sales droids get some new buzz words to sell to the largely IT Illiterate CxO suite.

Whether its Blade Servers, or "Virtual Machines" or CAMSS or "Hybrid computing" or SoftLayer or Watson or "the Cloud" or Blockchain or redhat or AI or another mainframe, there's always something new for the suckers to spend a lot of money on...


oh goodie, another dinosaur for large corporates with too much money to upgrade to, and pay their IBM loyalty tax..

No doubt IBM also announced support ending for some earlier models as well, to kick the laggards into submission.

Now NetApp sued by its own veep over claims of broken sales commission promises


Did Netapp hire a bunch of ex-IBM managers?

That's the sort of stunt IBM pull all the time!

US Cyber Command boss says China's spooky cyber skills still behind


I guess the USA thinks with its spy bases all over the planet, and its spy satellites and submarines. and its backdoors in "American sanctioned" communications & mobile phone equipment, and its echelon system spying on everyones phone calls it has the edge on China...


if only they had a clue....

Two US Navy sailors charged with giving Chinese spies secret military info


the US are such hypocrites

I wonder if they are going to charge themselves with spying on China, or recruiting Chinese sailors/citizens to give them Chinese intelligence...

Will they remove all their spy bases around the world, and disassemble ECHELON and all similar spying mechanisms?

How about disbanding the NSA/FBI and CIA spying organisations??

FBI boss: Congress must renew Section 702 spy powers – that's how we get nearly all our cyber intel


WAAAYYY over used... and lacks accountability or oversight. The FBI/NSA/CIA are some of the worst "criminals" themselves....

Maybe a watered down version that allows interceptions of criminals or terrorists, but not a blanket "foreigners" clause, that also gets used to spy on Americans and other 5-eyes countries where most of these intercepts overseas actually occur.

THE USA is the absolute worst invaders of peoples civil & personal rights.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim


America and its "cancel culture" at its best.

Whatever the "racist comments" might have been interpreted to be, in most of the rest of the world they wouldn't even be considered racist.

Florida man insists he didn't violate the law by keeping Top Secret docs


Can he just be locked up and put out of harms way somewhere, Gitmo sounds good to me, not far from his beloved Mar-a-Lago, and it'll keep him (and us) safe from his looney followers.

Taiwan asks US if it could chill out on the anti-China rhetoric


The USA are just warmongers, always have been, always will be.

They are really worried that China is about to overtake them in every field, (in fact they probably HAVE overtaken them) including electronics and military, and are just beating their chests like a big baboon... Trying to get the rest of the world to boycott them in a vain effort to remain relevant longer...

Seagate hit with $300m penalty for selling sanctioned storage to Huawei


ridiculous, does the USA really think no one else manufactures disk drives?

TikTok cannot be considered a private company, says Australian report


Australia is the USA's lapdog, and so often now is yapping at China, to appease their USA masters.

pathetic and obvious really.

Globalization is over, and it'll cost you, according to TSMC founder


TSMC should just stop exporting to the USA and be done with it.

I'm tired of the USA constantly warmongering and telling me what to think, and who I can be friends with.

Musk says he ain't going anywhere as Twitter CEO until at least late 2023


Late 2023 in "Elon Time", means almost never in real time!

Most Londoners would quit before they give up working from home


Sure they would, and how are they going to pay the bills with no job?

US stalkerware developer fined $410,000 and ordered to modify apps so they reveal spying


What was he thinking?

Only the US government is allowed to do that, NSA, FBI, CIA etc...

Atlassian CEO's bonkers scheme to pipe electricity from Australia to Singapore collapses


serves "loose canon" Brookes right.

He should but out of things he has no clue about, he's destroyed AGL with his activism.

US bans Chinese telecoms imports – won't even consider authorizing them


Re: Coincidentally…

While the guy is correct about the intent, his definition of a backdoor is totally wrong. Backdoor's ARE created deliberately, and the US government demand US suppliers put them in US equipment so the US government can spy on everyone.

The Chinese equipment had "bugs" (not backdoors) that allowed remote access to anyone who knew how to exploit them. But as he says, the interface still needs to be exposed to the internet to be accessed remotely, and this is extremely unlikely to occur in normal use anyway.

Two totally different things.

The US policy is purely and simply designed to allow them to keep spying with "approved" US sanctioned equipment, using the backdoors THEY demanded exist.

Bad luck for the US consumers, who now end up with expensive, old tech, with US spy agency sanctioned backdoors.

Intel sued over historic DEC chip site's future


Looks like a commercial facility, in the immediate vicilnity of a large retail area and highway, can't see the issue repurposing it, other than NIMBYs...

I have to wonder how the locals reacted to the adjacent Seventh Day Adventist facility next door...

The trade ban that wasn't: US allows 94% of restricted tech exports to China anyway


America couldn''t survive unless China manufactures its electronics.

If they don't hand over the tech, they don't get their goodies.

Imagine the uproar, if suddenly Americans couldn't buy an iphone, because they are all made in China!

Even if they started making them in America again, the "don't care" US workforce would mean they fall apart in your hands, and cost 10 times as much!

IBM board probes claims of fudged sales figures that led to big bonuses for execs


Nothing new here, IBM has been redirecting lots of revenue to "cloud", even mainframes. Along with increased executive bonuses, it was so the execs could say their cloud "imperatives" were working and IBM was a nimble company moving with the trend, when it was nothing of the sort.

Definitely misleading shareholders...

FBI and MI5 bosses: China cheats and steals at massive scale


The USA spy agencies hate competition, same as the US navy & Military do.

So hypocritical that the USA whinges when China says it might establish some bases in the Pacific, when the USA has HUNDREDS of bases already scattered around the Pacific!

To cut off all nearby phones with these Chinese chips, this is the bug to exploit


Won't be long til the Chinese equivalent of Check Point reveals similar or worse flaws in US made/designed chip sets.

Australian digital driving licenses can be defaced in minutes


NSW government in denial again. Its not only police who use the license for identification...

Just another poor (agile) implementation rushed out to meet a deadline and get some pollie or bureaucrat a big bonus.

Beijing needs the ability to 'destroy' Starlink, say Chinese researchers


Makes sense that they can shoot down or disable any satellite that crosses above Chinese territory.

The US would want to have exactly the same ability.

Toyota cuts vehicle production over global chip shortage


I guess Toyota's much vaunted "Just in Time" parts delivery isn't such a good idea after all...

Sealed, confidential IBM files in age-discrimination case now public to all


How does IBM get to "decline to verify the authenticity of the documents" in a court case?

US imposes sanctions as Russia invades Ukraine


Pull the other one.

Russia could get far better and cheaper electronics and tech from China, than anything the USA can provide.

IBM's 18-month company-wide email system migration has been a disaster, sources say


Asking for a friend.

Did IBM outsource their mail system to Kyndryl?


Re: Bean counters?

IBM, the "Boeing" of Computers.

Australian government fights Facebook news ban by threatening 0.01% of Zuck's ad revenue


Just goes to show how out of touch our politicians are

Do they really think we go to facebook to get our news?

We are perfectly happy NOT to be getting spammed with click-bait sensationalist headlines by newspapers that do little more than promote government propaganda.

Google's Alphabet sticks a pin in its Loon internet broadband service


Re: Well done...

a totally predictable entry to the "Google Graveyard"

IBM still spending its way to cloud relevance with Taos purchase


IBM doesn't have a clue about cloud or datacenter, it has bought SOO MANY cloud leaders and just subsumed them into the IBM collective and destroyed them and their value.

India slashes red tape to make life much easier for outsourcers and outsourcing


Got to love the way India gets rid of red tape when it benefits their economy, but look out any business that wants to start up in India and take the profits or jobs away from India, they get locked out real quick!

So two faced, hopefully this covid crisis will mean businesses stop off-shoring/outsourcing to India!