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Inflatables, solids, strap-ons and riders – oh my, it's the week in space


Re: It's amazing how you can miss things

Just heard too about Mars helicopter the other day when I was helping a buddy installing the parts he ordered from 4WheelOnline. Gonna try to catch that podcast.

Databricks wants one tool to rule all AI systems – coincidentally, its own MLflow tool


This will be very helpful to track the progress and performance of the AI tools being developed everyday. More software programs are being developed everyday and it is essential to have a too that will organize them to optimize their use.

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway


Re: The question to ask is whether self-driving trucks will ever be a thing.

I remember this news about successful delivery of 50,000 beers by an autonomous truck


Been hot topic at the shop since then and occasionally. One old guy who brought his truck for headache rack and steel force tonneau installation on his F-150 was a delivery truck driver for 40years. He wish there was a self-driving truck back then. Security of the truck is one of their main concern when moving and stopping for rest.

Long phone is loooong: Sony swipes at flagship fatigue with 21:9 tall boy


Re: 21:9 ratio, you say

Can't imagine how much of the it would stick out of my pants pocket.

U wot, m8? OMG SMS is back from dead


Re: You Can Phone Me Or SMS me; Period

I would prefer something like that either if the messages can be easily accessed and reviewed just like SMS.



It really seems like it would direct the SMS users when this happens.


The boom of social media and internet really affects the use of ole reliable SMS. But still, SMS have better reach and coverage to date, maybe not until the single corner of the land has the internet connection.

Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property


Nothing wrong limiting and eliminating the places where this game can be played. There are people who doesn't to get trespassed on their properties even when being asked for a permission.

A new Raspberry Pi takes a bow with all of the speed but less of the RAM


That would be a good new device if get materialized. We've been using the b+ it has been good only it gets too hot and needs good ventilation. Just waiting for the parts from 4WheelOnline to get installed before we try the A+.

Dollar for dollar, crafting cryptocurrency sucks up 'more energy' than mining gold, copper, etc


If the CO2 couldn't circulate back down to the ground, then the scientists and biologist should start taking plants in the atmosphere to absorb them. That should be a win-win for Earth and possible fresh food source for the people in the outer space.


Re: Proof of work vs. Proof of stake ..

She was tricked, I think just like many others who are promised to gain good profit but doesn't really know how.


Re: cost of electricity to mine the bitcoins [varies around the world]

They are definitely making way more than the costs of materials and operations.


Re: Ending in 2140?

Still a long way and years but might reach the limit sooner than 2040.


Re: Virtual money has real-world consequences

Still many are getting into it nowadays.


That's where people started to live in the virtual world.

'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops


Re: Teslas don't LIKE firetrucks

This will be another reason for my uncle to not like the EV's. I was helping him installing the new skid plate and smittybilt bumper on his Wrangler diesel when he mentioned how boring these new electronic vehicles to him. Well, he used to work on a fire station before.

Samsung loses (again) to Apple in patent battle (again). This time to the tune of a mere $539m


Re: I don't care

It is always been money and pride. They've been fooling people with these devices that easily got "obsolete" after a couple of years.


Re: Apple finally recouped some of the money

The irreplaceable battery is definitely one of the downsides of most phones today.


Re: Apple finally recouped some of the money

Sony will surely have a hard time dealing with these two mobile giants.


Re: Can't hurry love, obviously

The inflation rate of something must have been considered. JK

Huawei Honor 10: At £399, plenty of bang for buck – it's a pity about the snaps


Re: Too Much

Definitely expensive for a device that will become outdated after a year or two.


Re: Yawn

There are probably no new ones coming up these days but the upgraded ones.


Re: @Chz "The problem is it makes the phone as slippery as a bar of soap."

My brother got one and it really seems to levitate on glass.


Re: Phone or camera?

It really seems the trend. Manufacturers mostly focus on features for entertainment and gaming capabilities of their phones.

Tesla reveals a less-long-legged truck, but a bigger reservation price


Re: Electricity vs Petrol/Diesel prices

Still, so much people prefer/enjoy diesel vehicles, especially trucks. My uncle is one of them, recently bought this Ram diesel project, put some aggressive tires, forged wheels and led light bars. This is his 4th diesel rig and a weekend offroad toy.

Space.. the fi, er, New Frontiers: NASA to hurl space robot at duck comet – or Saturn moon


Re: Europa

Yeah, still so much to discover on Earth.

First Allied submarine lost in World War One, found near New Guinea


Great job for these guys finding this very old sub.

Australia's future technology headlines … for 2019!


Seems great things for Australia these coming years.

No one saw it coming: Rubin's Essential phone considered anything but


Re: I prefer the Gemini

Hope this will give something new and interesting.

Fancy fixing your own mobile devices? Just take the display off carefu...CRUNCH !£$%!


Re: Professionals

Yeah, seems way better to replace than to repair.

Sons of IoT: Bikers hack Jeeps in auto theft spree


Re: Are Jeeps that expensive?

Definitely expensive as parts, especially for older ones in great conditions. When we are looking for replacement steel truck wheels for the truck project, we saw a set of CJ7 stock wheels on the scrapyard and the owner trying to sell them for $900.

Extreme trainspotting on Britain's highest (and windiest) railway


Re: Damn it, I wish I could still see.

That will definitely makes more people and aspiring enthusiasts reach the height easier.

China pollutes ocean with bloody big rocket


Re: All my sympathy..

Good luck to them.

Inmarsat flings latest Wi-Fi-on-airliners satellite into orbit


Re: 13 hour flight to Tokyo last week

What a poor guy!

Hope Inmarsat will provide wider range soon.

Robots will enable a sustainable grey economy


At this trend, sooner even the younger ones will enjoy it.

India's Martian MOM clocks up 1,000 days circling the red planet


It has served more than it is timelined for. Good job for Indians.

Researchers blind autonomous cars by tricking LIDAR


More development needed for this technology.

Wi-Fi Dream Home Of The Future™ gets instructions for builders


Re: Lucky me

That would very ideal house nowadays!

Every time Apple said 'machine learning', we had a drink andsgd oh*][


Re: Let me get this right

It may take some time for them to prove it.

Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck


Re: I hate them stealth trucks

The cars' sensors aren't perfect yet.

Jaguar Land Rover ropes in Gorillaz to help it lure 5,000 'electronic wizards'


Re: Not quite 5000

Same thought here. One employee could do a couple of useful apps.

Samsung releases 49-inch desktop monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio


Re: weighs 45 pounds

You definitely need your eyes wide open for this monitor.

Oh, wow, Canada: No more carrier-locked phones for Canucks


They should have implemented this sooner.

Are telcos' customers expecting too much of IoT connectivity techs?


Re: So who are these "customers" of which he speaks?

It is always been business. You got it right John, "Internet of Trash".

Waymo waves off original Google Firefly driverless car


This vehicle is showing lots of possible issues, especially with security. Hoping to see they address the possible issues and start the further innovations.


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