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Ch-ch-ch-Chia! HDD sales soar to record levels as latest crypto craze sweeps Europe


if you have a few TB sitting around....

I admit the plotting is not that enviroment friendly, if you do it on a consumer grade SSD.

I had 20TB to spare on my homeserver, wanted to do some NVMe Raid0 testing anyway and filled it up.

I did not invest to mine Chia, will delete plots when I need the space.

What really buggers me....

When the hype began, those 18TB Datacenter HDDs from WD went up from 380 EUR to almost 1200 EUR. Yeah, some thought they could "invest" and make "money"fast. Only ones that made money where prolly the retailers adopting to demand.

If you have the mindset, that you really need to make money by farming, it is probably the wrong one. If you have the place to spare and do not really bother if and when you get a coin, you are losing nothing.

And if you think that the plotting has to be done on an SSD...compared to the NVME RAID0 it only took me about 15% longer on a DC HDD connected via SATA.

So yeah, once you done plotting on space you had anyway, it is eco friendly, if you invested to get as many chances you can get , you will not get a return in investment...was bloddy obvious there will be a hype with price spikes and that the market price for the coin will fall,

It's lottery, iyou get more chances if you buy more tickets but that does not mean you get more than you invest just because you have more lottery tickets.

Licensing rejig and standard price rises set for Windows Server 2016


Where is a calculation link ?

If anybody got a reliable source for the licence calculation, I would highly appreciate it.

We asked for some estimates and the licence distributors where really keen to sell us something like 1000 EUR per month for a 2 CPU /24 core machine for the datacenter edition (which sounded more like an Azure instance)

We are not going to use it for virtualizing anything under Hyper-V, rather we are offering IaaS and hosting our clients servers under Vmware, which according to another licence distributor was illegal, because only we are allowed to have the admin credentials and not the client (which sounds even more like bull, because a clinet may decide to have his server hosted on our hardware without us being allowed access to the VMs administration).

A link to any trustworthy licence distributor in Germany would also be appreciated ;D

Megaupload overlord Kim Dotcom: The US has radicalised me!



aye....suits him welll.

He never was a hacker, just a person seeking his one interest on the cost of others.

He made a fortune out of it and just becuase he says he is broke now, may only mean that he does not have any gas to fly around the world 100 times.

It may be bad for my karma, but I really enjoy his struggling. The only enlightment he found was money....he got fat with it and not really happy...he will die a poor bastard that never knew that life has more to offer

...and I really, really enjoy that...Karma is a bitch, and what he did 20 years ago gets back to him

For Windows guest - KVM or XEN and which distro for host?


Re: Have to say thanks..

Not having room for a second box is really not an argument....

The linix box will probably be a bit bigger with the stuff he wants to do, but a Windows box fits everywhere.

And with a remote connect to the Linux box it does not matter where it is, could be in the cellar or in a cloud.


two boxes

Would never ever use a box for working AND games, especially if somebody else is fiddling with it.

Also I am not convinced that an virtual machine can run a game smoothly enough, no matter what hardware used.

I think I would use a dedicated Linux box with the needed hadware, store it safely where no one can get to it and access it cheap and dirty via VNC...

SQUID calls 'virtual photons' into real existence

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It may not have all the details in it, but those would most not understand anyway and since real world applications are probably a century away, the reading gave me a slight woozy feeling that we still discover "what the hell is going on" bit by bit. Nice to read, thank you.

I wonder...did they just check the light emittance ? With those relatively high magnetic fields, the motion and energy in a small spot, they might have even produced a few gravito-photons, could maybe give some indications concerning Heim's theories and if they are anything near real.

Online game given real-life bank permit


First "game" I really liked

Have a lot of MMORPGs behind me the past 10 years, but really got stuck to this one a year ago.

If you are in a hurry, you better hae a big wallet because it can be quite expensive. There is a small minority that actually earns a living by "playing" , mayority does not, but like always, the mayority simply wants to have fun without thinking too much about tomorrow.

Making a real wolrd bank in connection with a virtual economy was a smart move from Mindark, for them Entropia Universe is a "platform" and they seem to have some talks with partners for buisiness planets (like virtual offices and virtual malls). Coming up with the conversion to the Cryengine2 are two planets in MMORPG style though, another one for merchandising movies and one from the chinese government to show "old and new China".

Maybe it's because it feels like being the part of something "bigger" like in the old days, when the first internet pages came up. This could be the start of the 3D interweb...or just another bubble to burst :D

EU funds Antipodes-in-90-mins rocketliner concept

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Bad prank

Not very convincing.

Firstly we Germans can not think in such long terms, 30 years it top limit.

Secondly, why should anyone choose Boing when we have those nice Airbus ?

Anthirdly, the shown scetch is so ugly, only someone in Kinndergarden could have drawn it.

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu


Best joke ever

I am highly amused of comments like "better than Vista".

Tried it out yesterday and besides a few tweaks and a slightly changed desktop, it is absolutely the same.

Hell, even the date of the .DLLs is the same as Vista (June 2006).

Rebranding seems to be the way of getting "new" products out nowadays. Nvidia got away with it, so why should MS not try it also ?! :D

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros



Does not feel at all like an ad.

All very subtle, not trying to get too funny, but interesting to put the geeks into the shoebusiness. Surely not meant for computer geeks as target audience.

Quite something new for Microsoft, looks like they try to step down from their godlike appearance and try to reach the common folks.

Will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back


...my 20 PEC

Weird...had no probs with the RCs or the official.

And I really wonder how someone with a Premium version can update via WU.

Or how anyone can download the standalone version.

As mentiontioned it has been released for the ULTIMATE version and only for a few languages.

An Aussie can brabble as much as he likes, but as long as they call a woman a "sheyla" it's not english.

And for those, who installed the "standalone" version.

As long as you are not professionels and got it via technet, you should stop to wonder. The real thing is not out in the wild yet, not on emule or torren or the c00l FTPs.

Geesh...people will never learn that Vista is not the OS you must twiddle a bit here and there to work. Leave it alone, don't mess with it unless you really have to and it will run fine.

And just because some crappy beta drivers don't work is prolly the problem with the driver and not the OS.

98% of all computer related problems are user errors, and only 0.00001% of the rest writes here

Mac OS X Tiger out, Leopard back in

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Am I the only one that can not quit certain tasks ?

If something was hanging the only way to quit it was via shell.

I don't think the majority of users would even know ho to quit a task via shell and normally, a shell should not be needed for something like that.

And as far as the compability goes...

As long as that problem with Java remains, I will to stay away from it.

Tiger was really nice and stable, Leopard does not give me that secure feeling (and a update patching over 100 critical security flaws at once does even less)

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

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this gets boaring

Somehow I get the feeling, the downgraders don't have any idea what they are doing.

Anybody working with a MS OS knows, if the machine gets slower and slower, it probably needs some maintenance like defragging the disk.

Really can't understand what people do to make Vista slower than XP, have been using it for over a year and installed it only one time. in that time i had 4-5 bluscreens because of some bad written X-Fi drivers , but since i kicked the card out it is stable.

I remmeber I had to reinstall XP every 3 months because some drivers slowed my system down and made it unstable.

IF one really wants a fast system, reinstall 95, should run like hell.

This bloating around, why XP is faster than Vista is boaring, as long as no facts are produced, what slowed the system down. Can say from my own experience that it is surely not Vista, it's always the users fault who thinks he can tweak the system better and would never accept, that he actually breaks it.

Pentagon attackers stole 'amazing amount' of sensitive data



Since the invention of strangeloops information like this is pure BS.

If they are trying to recruit some hackers by this, they should have given out a bit more of a challenge.

And if they really think, they could nail down some "baddies" with this, they would be stupid :-D

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention


Not much fun

if they come around...

If they are hostile, we got no chance, except if we manage to hit them with a stick maybe.

To feel cozy that nothing travels faster than light and that most likely there is nothing interesting around in 200 ly distance could prove quite wrong. Who knows what kind of radiotion we emit we have not even found yet ?

Gravito-photons could hae travelled a lot farther out than the radio signals.

Best thing to play it save would be to do like we are not worth any effort for the next 300 years, either we have destroyed our selves in the meantime or would have evolved enough to handle any problem.

Right now, it is a lot trickier than the first date.

So, what's the velocity of a sheep in a vacuum?



If I drink 8 pints in a pub, how fast do I run to the toilet after the 6th pint, how far can I get them out of my body again with 1,5 linguines length and most improtant of all, how big does my head feel the other morning if I did not have to pay for anything and thus had to drink at least 10 more pints ?

Boffins issue speeding ticket for FTL photons


So where

are the big news ?

About 7 years ago I saw a documentory where they claimed, they send some music from Mozart at speeds 4 times faster than light using microwaves and a tunneling effect.

Tunneling has nothing to do with speed, it happens in zero time meaning instantenous. Einstein was only working with a 4 dimensional universe, would have worked with 8 like Heim he would have discovered hyperspace, which seems also to be faster than light.

Working with 11 dimensions like the string theory gives you unlimted multiverses with new sets of physics where anything is possible.

They should start working on the hyperdrive at last, really would like to leave this planet some day :-D