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Now DXC yourself to the door: Another exec exits outsourcing giant


Might be worth reading some of the reviews on Glassdoor for some current and recent employee opinions. They certainly make interesting reading.

Freelance techies moan about DXC billing snafu: No pay for three weeks


I wonder if it's another cost delaying tactic. It seems to happen with expenses some times as well where there is a 'problem' and payments are delayed by a week or two. Are we approaching a quarter end?

Dump X of your crew, DXC Technologies UK told. Hundreds face axe again


It seems as though they are trying to run off the UK business.

Customers are walking away from DXC because of poor service because the staff are either leaving or so overworked they can't cope.

I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up with just one or two 'profitable' accounts serviced completely by an offshore workforce and a couple of Execs sat in their ivory tower counting their bonuses!!

DXC Technology warns staff of multiple office closures


The biggest problem for me is the lack of honesty from senior leadership. Nick Wilson promised communication would be better when he took over, but it seems to be getting worse. It is fairly common knowledge that there are plans to close outlying offices like Folkestone and Basildon and offshore the work resulting in redundancies. I am sure that DXC leadership would say that the plans are not confirmed and therefore they can't communicate it, but if you don't keep people updated they will make it up themselves and that's part of the reason people are so dejected and leaving. Who wants to work for a company where you feel the axe is constantly hanging over you and no one will tell you what is going on!

DXC Technology puts reluctant office movers on naughty step


I wonder if it's more to do with separating DXC and Xchanging. The merger hasn't worked well and there is a bid for the London market business going on. It could be that the Xchanging Joint Ventures with the London Market stay put and the rest of DXC goes. It would make sense as they they have already hinted at offshoring a lot of Xchanging and closing the outlying offices so it would all fit in Walbrook.


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