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Meta won't train AI on Euro posts after all, as watchdogs put their paws down

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OMG, how will we be able to live without that fantastic experience? Without it, civilization as we know it will probably collapse, people will begin to eat each others and stars will fall from the sky.

Crypto-failure Terraform Labs to cough $4.5 billion and then liquidate itself

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moving money around the world is slow and costly

And it's really annoying for the ones who want to launder money. Especially since big banks have been caught helping them.

China's FortiGate attacks more extensive than first thought

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Ariane 6 ready to rocket, bringing heavy-lift capability back to Europe

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Re: Too late?

It isn't just about profit. It's also about independence. Europe needs its own launcher if it wants to go in space without relying on a partner that could impose conditions on the payload (it happened in the past).

Meta faces multiple complaints in Europe over plans to train AI on user data

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Ah, bad, bad European Union, preventing corporations to make business and make money. /s

DPC seems a farce compared to the other 26 regulators. That's probably why megacorps try to deal with it exclusively. But, hey, that isn't enough, they still have to deal with the 26 other ones.

Man behind deepfake Biden robocall indicted on felony charges, faces $6M fine

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I suspect most USA folks would be happy to see all robocallers hit with big financial sticks


'Little weirdo' shoulder surfer teaches UK cabinet minister a lesson in cybersecurity

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Typical answer from a politician: "not my fault" - What a bunch of irresponsible people, and they are the ones in charge.

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Re: Situational awareness is rare

We developed a small script we could activate from someone's PC when let accessible. It was easy and fast to run.

The script sent a mail to IT, saying the user was sorry for the mistake and would offer us some croissants to apologize. Also, the script changed the background image, chosen randomly from wallpapers saying "you were hacked" the most frightening way.

It was quite efficient. Most of users were more careful adfter being caught once.

Blue screen of death or Eurovision's Windows95man performance – what's less annoying?

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You lucky ones!

Kaspersky hits back at claims its AI helped Russia develop military drone systems

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Kasperky should leave Russia definitively, not only moving its lab to Switzerland. No Russian company can be trusted as long as Putin Khuylo and his clique is in power.

Europol op shutters 12 scam call centers and cuffs 21 suspected fraudsters

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Re: "plus cash and other assets totaling €1 million"

I fear it's a Hydra and cutting one head won't be enough. But that's better than nothing.

Apple's 'incredibly private' Safari is not so private in Europe

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Big Brother

Re: Ah Apple

Everything in Apple

Nothing outside Apple

Nothing against Apple

France willing to buy key Atos assets to keep them French

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I wonder if the fact that you can find former ministers among former bosses and former administrators of ATOS has any impact on the decision of the government.

French issue alerte rouge after local governments knocked offline by cyber attack

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Names, dates of birth, social security numbers, France Travail identifiers, email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers were compromised, according to the department.

Social security numbers are not valuable in France. They can even be retrieved from public information and it's illegal to use it as an identifier. Addresses are another matter, it will feed spammers databases.

We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners

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Re: This feels like an own goal...

For sure I tell anyone who wants to buy a printer to never buy an HP one.

SAP transformation program a 'euphemism' for job cuts, claims European Works Council

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Re: Prediction coming true!

In Q4 2023, SAP reported a profit of €1,165,000,000 after tax with a net cash flow of €1,909,000,000 - It's still quite profitable... probably why the board throws 8,000 people in the bin, with care and empathy as they say.

US 'considering' end to Assange prosecution bid

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Re: “The Land Down Under's”

Vegemite Island, mate!

Irish power crunch could be prompting AWS to ration compute resources

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Re: Irony

tell Europe you need to meet our regulations

ROTFL! This was hilarious, thanks for this good moment.

German state ditches Windows, Microsoft Office for Linux and LibreOffice

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EU regulators can cry all they want about "Microsoft not being GDPR compliant"

They have another thing to do than crying: slapping the infringers with a fine up to 4% of their total global turnover. It's quite efficient, some begin to feel the heat.

AWS severs connection with several hundred staff

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Luxury yachts aren't going to pay by themselves you know... some have to make some efforts, and you know who will do them.

Infosys announces 'In-Person Collab' weeks

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No, we won't offer you free vaseline, but we've got a shiny new name for our 'up to the elbow' program.

Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you

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Re: Is your son a hacker?

If your son never lies to you, yes, you clearly have a problem and he needs to consult a psychologist.

UN: E-waste is growing 5x faster than it can be recycled

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Re: Recycling not that easy

In France, in many shops there are boxes at the entrance when you can freely dump your e-waste for recycling.... hoping it isn't sent to Africa or Asia where some children slaves have to burn and smell the plastic to know if it can be recycled.

Ad agency boss owned two Ferraris but wouldn't buy a real server

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Local ERP running on premise: 3 hours of downtime a year.

Large ERP running on someone else's cloud: 45 hours of downtime in 2023.

Forget TikTok – Chinese spies want to steal IP by backdooring digital locks

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Black Helicopters

"As a China-headquartered company, SECURAM is of course obligated to follow Chinese law, including the requirement to cooperate with secret demands for surveillance assistance,"

This is a true concern. I've got the same with European data in the hands of US companies, because of the Cloud act.

Kremlin accuses America of plotting cyberattack on Russian voting systems

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To the US voters

Voting Trump = voting Putin.

Don't betray your own country.

French government sites disrupted by très grande DDoS

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Russia is a terrorist state. Let's treat it like a pariah. All links should be severed with Russia, may they be public or private.

So sad Putin's American puppet is so popular. Voting Trump = Voting Putin. How is it possible that the Republican Party became a party of traitors to the US?

European Commission broke its own data privacy law with Microsoft 365 use

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BOFH: I get locked out, but I get in again

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Re: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

The Limp Bizkit version then!


Russia plans to put a nuclear reactor on the Moon – with China's help

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Russian design vs safety

Chernobyl on the Moon. What could go wrong?

US and Europe try to tame surveillance capitalism

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"The IP address is often the join key"

That's a good ad for VPN providers.

Judge orders NSO to cough up Pegasus super-spyware source code

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Re: What's that app fixed

You doesn't seem to realize there can be two bad guys in the fight. Was did Hamas is atrocious. What does Netanyahou is atrocious. In both cases, many innocent people killed. Is that so hard to understand?

EU takes a bite out of Apple with $2B in-app purchase fine

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€1.8 billion is a dissuasive fine, at last . Let's hope the other mega corps get the message.

Apple's comments are outrageous. May the fine by raised for contempt.

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Re: Sweep

I doubt the fine won't be suspended until all appeals are exhausted.

EU repair rights bill tells manufacturers to fix up or ship out

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Re: So if everyone can max out sales without the EU...

If there's a shortage of washing machines in the EU, then there will be market for a European company to build fixable washing machines. It's a win-win situation.

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Re: I haven't read

Agreed, this won't be good enough. We also need the diagrams, the part reference list and the repair manuals available.

However, what is important is that there are new rights for consumers, and it's the second iteration of that bill. For each iteration there's a progress. We can hope there will be a third iteration going even further.

Whether to move off Oracle is the $100M+ question for Europe's largest public body

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Specs are soooo 20th Century. Now they are Agile you know. /s

Building specs is the most important part of the project. For this, one needs to listen and understand, and that isn't fashionable.

Leaked email: Unit4 ERP system leaves some school staff with 'nil pay'

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Are software managing payroll something that new that it needs so much debugging and is so much unreliable?

Oh, I get it, there's AI in it, right?

BOFH: Looks like you're writing an email. Fancy telling your colleague to #$%^ off?

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Re: Another one bites the dust

So, goodbye 'Blockchain'?

Good riddance.

HPE joins the 'our executive email was hacked by Russia' club

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Which is horrible in its own way, because it suggests investors assume big tech companies are just going to be attacked and have their secrets spilled and don't think that damages their prospects.

In a way, it's rather a good news, because it will encourage companies to disclose they were attacked rather than hiding the fact. In return, it will encourage other companies to invest to deal with the threat.

United Airlines’ patience with Boeing is maxed out after repeated safety issues

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"We will follow the lead of the FAA" - so no more exemptions or self-certification? Good to know, but will have to see it to believe it.

Fujitsu gets $1B market cap haircut after TV disaster drama airs

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Re: Justice

If it happens, the ones thrown in jail will be the ones at the bottom, not the ones at the top.

Post Office boss unable to say when biz knew Horizon could be remotely altered

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The media has hyped up the pressure on the Post Office and Fujitsu since the broadcast of an ITV television drama about the injustice. Prime minister Rishi Sunak has since promised to introduce legislation to accelerate exoneration of the victims

So politicians react only when the media bring the story to light again - not limited to UK. They don't give a damn about people, about fairness, about justice. The only thing that does matter for these selfish bastards is their public image.

Musk claims that venting liquid oxygen caused Starship explosion

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How governments become addicted to suppliers like Fujitsu

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Re: Corruption

I started my career as software developer for a company designing multimedia servers, the first generation of totally-software based IPBX, but also ACD, vocal servers, and CASE tools so the customers could build their own addons... we had hundred of customers worldwide, in Europe, the US, in Japan, with thousands of servers. We had regularly new versions released. And for all this, we were 4 developers and 6 people for the support. And this was working fine.

SMB can be much, much more efficient than big companies. The differences are SMB have to pay their fare share of taxes and don't have the good connections in ministries.

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The core of the problem is the belief that the Market is the best solution to every issue.

No, it isn't. Externalizing everything has side issues and hidden costs that bean counters don't grasp

Elon Musk made 1 in 3 Trust and Safety staff ex-X employees, it emerges

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The rise of the far-right worldwide is worrying. In some countries like the US (but not only), it became mainstream, and it becomes normal to propagate hatred... For some it's even normal to storm a parliament and try to change a popular vote by force... and the populace of bigots, racists, xenophobic and other scums applauses the one responsible for that, and is really to elect him as "The Guide", even if he's a criminal.

History lessons are forgotten. Not surprising seen how education is despised, underfunded and instrumentalised. Sad days are coming.

Gaia-X project doesn't have a future, claims Nextcloud boss

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Re: This quote summarizes it up perfectly:




Eureka program

Horizon program

The Euro

to name a few. I agree that too many times bureaucracy drowns interesting projects, but condemning everything is a little bit extremist. There are many progress to be made, and good things can emerge.