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Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Re: Am I the only one

Any real data to support this or is this just your opinion?

Diesel engines can be ever more efficient than that.

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Re: Am I the only one

Planting a tree is "good for the environment"

It depends of the tree. For instance, Silver basswood trees kill bees and bumblebees.

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Re: Am I the only one

The optimal efficiency for a gasoline engine is around 35%, and 45% for a diesel engine.

The efficiency of a thermal power station is around 40%. Add to this the losses when transporting electricity, with an efficiency of ~94%. 40% * 96% = 38,4% - A little bit more than a gasoline engine, but less than a diesel one.

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Re: Am I the only one

Is that good for environment to extract lithium? Produce electricity from gas or coal? Produce a new car using resource and energy to replace a still working one? And what about recycling it?

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Re: Am I the only one

gasoline/petrol doesn't emerge from the ground with a preset octane rating

What about using ethanol? or biodiesel? No cracking required there.

ZTE intros 'cloud laptop' that draws just five watts of power

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It becomes a shiny brick when the connection goes down.

Windows 11 22H2 is almost here. Is it ready for the enterprise?

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Is it ready for the enterprise?

Being ready isn't a reason sufficient enough to throw to the bin working perfectly working hardware, disorienting users and having to deal with all the usual problems of installing a new OS, losing a lot of time and money. I don't see there any killer feature worth the cost and the hassle.

Smart App Control

When something is called 'smart', beware the dumbness.

Intel withholds Ohio fab ceremony over US chip subsidies inaction

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Intel just got a net income of $8,113,000,000 in Q1 2022, it desperately needs taxpayers 'money to survive in these harsh conditions.

NASA wants nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030

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Re: So they're looking to put fissile material on a rocket

Nuclear reactors were sent in space already

A miserable work week spent toiling inside 'the metaverse'

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At least they weren't sexually assaulted.

Toyota wants 'closed loop' EV batteries in its future cars

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The point is there 's an order to follow. There's no point to move to electricity if electricity is made from coal.

Removing coal from electricity production would have a much more bigger impact than changing all cars to IEC cars.

Coal is used more and more to producing electricity. Nowadays, more IEC cars means more coal burnt. It's a nonsense.

less CO2 is produced per km driven, even if the source of an electric cars' electricity is a combined-cycle oil or gas-burning plant.

Please share your sources to illustrate that, with taking into account the CO2 produced to replace a still-working car by a IEC one.

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Gas is still the more used energy source to produce electricity worldwide. Let also mention the pollution created by lithium extraction, which harms the soil and causes air contamination.. ICE cars are not clean.

That's not to mention that producing all the pollution in one place allows it to be more easily filtered and captured

That's theory, but it is not. First, CO2 produced by conventional power stations goes into the atmosphere: Over 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions are due to the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation. Next as I mentioned coal alone kills tens of thousands of Europeans each year mostly because of particles. 500 millions of Chinese people have their life expectancy reduced by 5 years because of Coal.

If there's an urgency, it's producing electricity without gas or coal. That will have a much bigger impact that producing a lot of new cars to replace the old ones, which will use a lot of resource and produce a lot of pollution.

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Amazon fears it could run out of US warehouse workers by 2024

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Amazon's preferred solution: allowing child labour or else, slavery.

Cloudflare explains how it managed to break the internet

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From my point of view, I would congrats the engineers who were able to locate and fix the problem in such a short period, when under an enormous pressure. Shit happens and will still continue to do.

An interesting comment is the one showing how we are more and more dependent of an internet connection. Public works severing optical fibres results in many unable to work, and that can last for several days and huge losses. I wonder if the bean counters took that into consideration before deciding to migrate everything to the lowest bidder?

Mars Express orbiter to get code update after 19 years

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Re: Astounding

Space engineers are good, ok, but when I look at Columbia, Challenger, Mars Climate Orbiter, the first launch of Ariane V and many others, I think there's still a margin of improvement.

So yes, they are good, but they are no supernatural beings with extraordinary powers. Looking at the money thrown to space programs, all the resources, all the tests, getting results is not unexpected.

I'm much more impressed by IT engineers, looking at the progress made in the last 40 years in the IT sector, whose evolution is still exponential. If space programs were as efficient, we would already travel to other stars at warp speed.

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Re: It never ceases to amaze me ...

My bike is 30 years old and still working ^^

It will probably run till it won't be possible to find gasoline anymore.... I will have to convert it to ethanol.

Spain, Austria not convinced location data is personal information

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Go Max, Go!

We need more people like you.

Tesla lawsuit alleges unlawful layoffs at Nevada gigafactory

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Re: WARN employees they are being fired?

Was he a far-right racist wingnut?

Intel demands $625m in interest from Europe on overturned antitrust fine

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Re: We are talking

It's not only about the EU. When it's in hand of courts you may sometimes have to wait for a long, long time. Especially when several courts are involved (General Court, Court of Justice then General Court again....)

Plot to defeat crypto meltdown: Solend votes to seize, liquidate whale account

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We definitively need a 'popcorn' icon *crunch, crunch*

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Re: "we've been unable to get the whale to reduce their risk, or even get in contact with them"

And what are the odds this is a cybercrook?

Atos CFO to follow CEO out the door following 'Evidian' split plans

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You're right, I read too fast.

Would you rather have a Chief Finance Officer who couldn't count beans?

I would prefer having a CFO having a heart instead of a calculator in the chest, but that may be unrealistic.

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Beancounter taking the helm: expect a bloody end for many employees;

For the leaving CxO, how many € in the golden parachute?

SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk

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"Leader, Order, we'll obey!"

You're not paid to think. A mindless worker is a happy worker. Now shut up and do your job.

BOFH: Tech helps HR investigate the Boss's devices

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Re: Inspirational!

Richard Nixon likes it.

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first

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Re: Do androids dream of electric sheep again?

See "Autofac". Philip K. Dick was probably a time traveller.

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Do androids dream of electric sheep again?

What's the point of having so many AI and robots? Do we lack of humans? Aren't we enough on this planet? I know we won't be able to stop that, because there's a mountain so we must climb it, but what a waste of resources.... There are so many other priorities

We can't trust the Market to lead us to the brightest future. The more profitable for some, yes, but definitively not the most useful for the biggest number.

UK Home Office signs order to extradite Julian Assange to US

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Re: My advice for Biden

The development of the story shows it was a plot to extradite him to the US. Sweden dropped the case against Assange as soon as he was in a British jail.

I don't like the guy, but the facts show there's a conspiracy to send him in an American brig.

SpaceX staff condemn Musk's behavior in open letter

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Re: Who FORCED you to work for Elon?

Since when workers should be brainless slaves?

Are they paid by Elon Musk? No. They are paid by SpaceX. The man is not the company, the company isn't the man. What do you know about the efforts made by these people to make SpaceX a successful company? How many unpaid worked hours? How many personal sacrifices?

If those people think that they should talk for the sake of the company , they should be encouraged to do so.

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The ones who signed this letter showed a lot of bravery, Musk as many Supreme LeadersTM doesn't like dissent.

Brave roasts DuckDuckGo over Bing privacy exception

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Who can you trust?

So Brendan Eich may be unfair with DuckDuckGo, but nonetheless the latter didn't claim out loud that it was allowing MS to track users. On the contrary, DDG did a lot to let us believe its browser was safe on a privacy point of view. This is misleading and disappointing.

Japan makes online insults a crime that can earn a year in jail

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Re: I approve

I think it is high time we put a stop to this widespread Internet habit of insulting people simply because you're not standing in front of them.

You Bastard! ;-P

Adobe apologizes for repeated outages of its Creative Cloud video collaboration service

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Big Brother

Frame.io bills itself as "The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to automatically get footage from cameras to collaborators – anywhere in the world" because its "Camera to Cloud" approach "eliminates the delay between production and post" by uploading audio and video "from the set to Frame.io between each take."

Not a word on security or privacy. Nice.

Atos CEO resigns after board proposes splitting the company

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I'm all in favour of the disappearance of those listed companies, which are good to make money (generally by exploiting workers and customers) but aren't to do business. Let's replace them with smaller companies, which are often much more efficient and agile.

Those big IT service companies generally rent engineers as they were a commodity. I won't cry if they go to the void.

Heineken says there’s no free beer, warns of phishing scam

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WhatsApp messages possibly the worst Father's Day present in the world

WhatsApp possibly the worst Father's Day present in the world.

America edges closer to a federal data privacy law, not that anyone can agree on it

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So say the opponents

Stopping private entities to spy on citizens? But that's communism, at least! The Golden Calf is always right, money has to flow whatever the means.

Musk can't tweet about Tesla without lawyer approval – and he's still fighting to end that

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Re: To whichever of Musk's lawyers is reading this

Solution: build a Ukrainian gauge railtrack in Poland!

Even if there are risks due to the War, start building a European gauge railtrack in Ukraine instead, as the future of Ukraine is with Europe and not Russia - unless Putin Khuylo succeeds to invade the whole country.

South Korea's space ambitions stuck on the launchpad

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Isn't South Korea a little bit North to send efficiently payloads in space? I guess there's a lot of national pride in doing this, but it seems to be a waste.

IBM ordered to hand over ex-CEO emails plotting cuts in older workers

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Re: How much???

Since when rules issued by the C-suite apply to the C-suite?

No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust

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Yes, but never succeeded to rule the country. Add to this that for most of the lands ruled by the English King, the English King was vassal of the King of France and had to plead allegiance for them.

The King of England being able to rule the whole French Kingdom was close to succeed because of the betrayal of Isabeau of Bavaria, but her plot failed thanks in part of Johann of Arc.

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William the Conqueror was the Duke of Normandy, therefore the vassal of the King of France for this land and Peer of France. Add to this that William's army wasn't only being made of Normans, but also from other French lords from County of Maine, County of Flanders (at that time also a vassal from the King of France), County of Perche, Duchy of Britanny.

See also the invasion of Louis VIII in 1216, when he was proclaimed "King of England" by rebellious English barons

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"England is a former French colony which didn't turn well"

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I've heard we could change people into batteries to power up machines. Let's work on that.

Twitter shareholders to vote on Elon Musk's acquisition

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Re: All part of Mucky Muck's

So that may be worth the try ^^

HP pilots paper delivery service for Instant Ink subscribers

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Printing is so 20th century

HP behaviour is an incitement to print less and less. And that's a good thing, because many times it's just a waste, especially in offices.

By experience, introducing secure printing (having to type a code before printing is really made) reduced printing by 30% to 50%. Before this, at least one page over three was printed but not picked. And to add insult to injury, there were quite often confidential data on those, pages visible to anyone going to the printer.

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11

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It seems MS does whatever possible to kill Windows, at least every two versions. I guess it isn't profitable enough now?

Russia, China warn US its cyber support of Ukraine has consequences

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Hello Kettle? It's Pot calling. You're black.

I don't get General Paul Nakasone's public statement. Was that a mistake? Was there a purpose behind this?

At first, admitting carrying cyber offensives seems counter-productive. China and Russia attacks routinely other countries, but they don't admit it publicly

Infosys celebrates first birthday of glitchy Indian tax portal by fixing another bug

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Re: "Nair claimed job candidates voluntarily agree to the obligations prior to joining the company"

If Infosys exists in France, it can always include non-compete clauses if it wants, but a French tribunal throws those things out the window as soon as the case is filed

Unless Infosys pays every month a compensation for the affected workers, compensation whose value should be at least a quarter of the monthly salary. I bet it wouldn't be Infosys's intention to pay that compensation, then nullifying the clause.

Five Eyes alliance’s top cop says techies are the future of law enforcement

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Who will protect us against the Five Eyes Alliance, which is spying enemies and allies alike?


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