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Robot land-steamers to consume all life on Earth as fuel


Dear Darpa

Steam is not sexy enough. So yesterday. We want Mr. Fusion, please?

Hollywood prepares to battle Asteroids


How about Pong: The Movie

How about it, eh?

Satanic blob beast menaces North Carolina



You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe it's true.

Premise: Us slackers that waste our time posting comments up here possibly are more alike than we'd care to imagine.

I was about to post that quote verbatim, E-ver, only to see you beat me to it.

And it's certainly not the first time I've seen someone beat me to, say a pun, or some other silly pop-culture reference.

Aliens reference? done

Lovecraftian gothic reference? done

'Get cameraphones out of nurseries' plea


Some things are just not practical

I am completely for the protection of minors, but seriously, these days where most mobile phones have cameras in them whether you want them or not, this harebrained idea is a little impractical.

I am not in the least interested in getting the latest greatest mobile phone. To me a phone is a phone is a phone, my phone is like 4 years old, replaced only because my prior one died, replaced in the cheapest possible fashion

...and guess what? It's got a camera built in. I didn't want it. It's shite, but it's there.

So, if this gets passed, is the protagonist going to go get all these child-care related workers new mobile phones sans cameras?

Will it extend to other child-related fields? Will paediatric health professionals have to junk their phones? School teachers?

Don't be absurd. Deal with the fact mobiles are here and most have cameras built in. Employees probably need a bit more vetting and ultimately if you don't trust them, what sort of system have you got?

Chickens could 'power hydrogen cars'


Radio buttons

Yeah.. wtf happened to the radio buttons? Give em back

DARPA: Can we have a one-cabinet petaflop supercomputer?



It is possible, maybe, one day, we will create a machine smart enough to create another machine, which would be even smarter... etc and bootstrap the creation of something pretty interesting.

Whether we have anything as benevolent as a Iain M Bank's 'minds' or something more akin to Skynet, lol, is an interesting question.

Olympus shows off lens-swapping 'Pen' camera


Shutter Lag

I can't imagine anyone buying this over a DSLR or compact.

Seems it's got all the disadvantages of both with none of the advantages.

RIP Personal Computer World


PC What?


Gone but not (completely) forgotten.

These days, websites are pretty darn good enough so as one doesn't actually really need to go buy a magazine with outdated news.

Oz cops in Taser fatality


Mostly Harmless.

Most certainly not. But certainly not mostly lethal.

To the taser detractors - Have you ever seen what a knife can do? Have you ever seen how fast it can be done?

I personally believe tasers used appropriately are the right sort of kit cops should be armed with. However, like a conventional firearm, use should be in dire circumstances only.

In this case, the perp was armed. He had apparently also cut himself.

It is unfortunate that there was a death but at least it was not like the other taser death fiasco recently in, was in Canada? Now that was grossly inappropriate.

Hindus take divine mace to Sony Playstation


Some people are just too sensitive for their own good.

They need to watch some south park and chill.

Ireland bucks trend with anti-blasphemy law


It's all a conspiracy ya know

We all know Ireland's broke - this is a guaranteed way to fill the coffers. It'd get anyone above the age of 3. Repeatedly no less

Department of Homeland Security to destroy swine flu victims


ManBird Pig Flu is Serious Business

I'm serial

I'm super serial.

NASA gets cold feet on Moon base plan

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This is good

It's good to go to space, but it's also good to figure out what else we have right in front of us at the moment that needs fixing first.

Koreans cook up glow-in-the-dark beagles

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Pandora's box.

Isn't it curious how us humans keep opening one pandora's box after another?

Intel says new PCs will cost you nothing

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Okay, imma call intel and get them to pay for my PC. Heck, I'll get them to buy me a spanking new all singing and dancing xeon mac pro. Will that still cost me nothing?

Misleading fsck-tards....

London gym floors hoodies with Chav Fighting classes

IT Angle

Is this gym for real?

Honestly, can anyone confirm this place is real and not satire? lol

And .. what's the IT slant? There ain't even downloadable saucy vids :P

Misc comments.

1, Disappointed I could not see 'Boob Aerobics'. *wonders at what that might entail*

2. Nike-Fu is under-rated. This is real imba if you can pull it off.

3. 'Glaswegian kisses' have been known to backfire. Useful? yeah but last resort technique for sure. Especially for sickly nerdy PFY's who've never taken a hit to their heads before.

Yorkshire man wakes up Irish after brain surgery


The Derry Air

Nobody I KNOW with ANY self respect would sing it.

Irish me arse. It's a load of bollocks.

Swine flu apocalypse: Batten down the hatches


Do not underestimate ManBirdPig Flu.

I am serial. Super serial.

US lawmakers to de-silence electric cars

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No. Just Flipping stupid.

Car noise is annoying enough as it stands, why scupper attempts at silencing them?

There are other alternatives.

1. Equip all 'deemed silent' cars with a radio emitter.

2. If you care about hearing them, you can go get a receiver that will give you a proximity alert. Blind people could get this heavily subsidized/free from the government.

3. Even better - build this alert device into some sort of high visibility jacket with LEDs which could flash at a certain proximity etc.

4. This would even benefit deaf and blind people. Rig the receiver to a vibrating alert.

Revealed: Mega City One's top e-car - according to Peugeot

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So it's the size of one of those swatch cars or slightly bigger and it can only carry one person?

The amount of gear I carry in my car already makes this this job impractical.

Thumbs down.

For security's sake! Send your kid to hacker camp


"They infiltrate my dreams."

I recommend she installs Norton Internet Security (or whatever it's called today).

Be prepared for the inevitable (further) drop in cognitive function though. If noticable, that is.

Apple double takes on shaken babies


Please pull the Jesus phone from circulation

I find it offensive to my religion.

Self-replicating machine replicates

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Really cool piece of kit. Must buy one someday. More stories on stuff like this please.

Flying-rifle robocopter: Hovering sniper backup for US troops


Can you imagine...

Tony Soprano with a DIY hobby chopper mounted with a cam and a glock?

Profs: Human race must become Hobbits to save planet

Paris Hilton

If we shrink...

will our absolute penile lengths remain the same?

lol just kidding.

Seriously, the advantages of using the BMI calculation is it's quick and easy to use. It may not be a specific indicator of obesity but you have to admit it's pretty sensitive, depending on your cut off points of course.

If you have someone with a higher than 'normal' BMI you could then eyeball him, or /shrug get out the calipers. That should give you an idea if that individual needs any help with weight loss.

Not completely useless a measurement, it's a useful tool but you have to know its limitations.

Jackalope gets jaunty with Ubuntu nip and tuck


I might even give this a try

The notebook remix on my Eee 701 that is. But I don't know that the screen size of the thing will make it a more usable environment than my 'somewhat' tweaked up xandros (yep I still use it, main reason for not changing is screen real estate).

Still have this reservation of shelving debian on my desktop.

As one other has commented, it's awfully excrementy brown.... Hmmm.... You think....? Na....

Doc invents videogame sedation headset

Paris Hilton


How the hell does he get at the teeth?

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'

Jobs Horns

Do not ever forget...

Apple is just as evil as M$.

That said,

OS X is pretty good at what it does. My main productivity machine runs OS X and has NOT crashed in all of 2 years being up.

My linux box crashes significantly more often more due to my tinkering I suspect but at least I think I know why.

My windoze box I do not trust and only use for gaming.

I look forward to the unlikely day Apple releases OS X to the public and we don't ever have to run hackintoshes again. (BTW I also own a real mac) Evil bastards that they are I doubt this very likely.

Boffin: Titan moon largely made of LPG, not cheese


Peak Oil?

Let's just go to titan and tug it back to earth :P

Animal rights group protests seal clubbing in World of Warcraft

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PvE server?

Lame... Just lame...

Apple Mac Pro



Why didn't you do it? Put this thing thru' its paces in games. I for one would be interested to see how it fares as I have heard conflicting information.

1. I hear you need bootcamp to run windows natively and the drivers supplied (which I understand are the only ones you can use) are not as good (? slower) than generic windows box drivers,

2. When virtualised, ie VMware I'd be interested to see what sort of performance degradation occurs. While inevitable, it may be small enough to be negligible possibly, depending on the demands of the game.

I don't have a mac that can game (no decent gfx card) so I can't really put this to the test. Would make a good article.

My guess is this top of the line thing will probably not differ too much from the performance you get from a similarly rigged up quadcore generic windows box which would possibly cost 1/2 the price at best, or even lag behind, if what I have heard of the bootcamp drivers is true. Nevertheless....

Compare this to, say a an Alienware Dell XPS gamer whatsit or an Acer gamer thingie... assuming similar storage/RAM/GFx card setup. Or heck you could even build your own. But this sounds more like a tomshardware article I guess.

Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double

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Surely this is a portent of the bolo units to come... Dinochrome brigade FTW

NYC granny shoots mugger with .357 Magnum

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F###ing Lawyers

That's all I can say.

BOFH: Defiling the profile

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This installment of BOFH is teh win. Best I've seen in a while. Good work, keep it up.

Blizzard: Game designers aren't Shakespeare

Paris Hilton

Who reads the Quest flavour text anyways?

Find Mankrik's wife and then return to him in the Crossroads.

Beaten Corpse: 0/1

We battled in a small tauren camp when we were separated--she held three of the Bristlebacks off by herself. But the odds began to overwhelm us. I led some away only to see her overwhelmed by newcomers. In my rage, I turned to face my enemies, but they brought me down easily with their vast numbers.

I awoke to a tauren druid tending my wounds--he had come across me on the Gold Road as I fell.

Please, noob, find some sign of my wife.

Have you found any sign of her at all? The pain in my chest tells me that the worst has happened, but I have hope you will find her safe and sound.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'

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You should have warned people this article was a spoiler of sorts...



Man turns finger into storage

Paris Hilton

Gives new meaning to...

...byting ones nails?

US Navy's robot stealth carrier plane unveiled


@Aidan Whitehall

It's not a frakkin' air intake or window, I tells ya.

It's that black bit with the red blip that goes whoop, whoop... whoop, whoop... For the last time, it's a frakkin' Cylon.

The link you gave


... just shows a happy space invader. (Why? Cos he's just landed at the northrop grumman base innit?)



And they have a plan...

Do you not see the faint red blip there? It's a Cylon.

Designer pitches solar-powered AA battery

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My design (patent-pending) trumps yours...

... it has fuzzy dice,

Applers howl over Mac OS fix

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About buggy software revisions?

About iJunks with bad ram?


I'm seriously surprised people buy iJunks to begin with to be honest.

Apple's holiday Mac sales flatline

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Little Suzie...

Who on earth buys their kid a mac desktop?


Seeing as the only decent desktops Apple produce are the Mac Pros which are a tad overpriced for the hardware they offer... and the rest iJUNK.

Seriously, I believe a mac laptop is the better Apple buy if Mac OS X is being contemplated as OS of choice. While I would buy (and have bought) an apple laptop, I would probably never buy an apple Desktop ever as a DIY one is cheaper. Or even something like a Dell, if you have to buy a pre-built system. And if you know where to look, you can still mac-ify it. And let's face it, the low end Apple ones are a crock of shite.

Story withdrawn

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this thread...


ArseASA rules 'Feck' non-offensive

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Proper Etiquette

Feck is used in more formal situations...

Ie you'd tell the taoiseach to feck off in the Dail or on TV, but anywhere else... it'd be @##@$!! 3$312!!

( in the interest of the non-Irish, this comment has been appropriately censored )

Shuttle X27D

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The Atom ...

all the disadvantages of x86 + all the disadvantages of in-order execution...

The only really great thing about it is its power consumption allowing really long life on devices like Eees. This ain't bad, it's pretty darn good but I would have preferred my Eee running a powerpc derivative of similar nick.

Apart from that if you expect any decent performance out of it, my God, even the instruction set is against you.

Would that the powers that be would junk x86 in all its guises .... and give us some other alternative.

The Mother of All Demos — 150 years ahead of its time



@jake - QFT /agree

@amanfrommars - soz mate, TLDR .. /shrug

@OP - lolz...

Brit couple divorce over Sadville infidelity

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Never seen a dwarf?

For the record, I am hung like a Tauren in real life. :P

Intel rallies rivals on parallel programming education

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@Pascal Monett



BOFH: The paperless cafeteria



I don't know what planet you're living on but in my experience caf food is invariably shite.

But anyway, thanks for the inspiration to go dig out those old videos. 2 people wandering around a cheap set chasing funny lights. Amazing stuff despite all that. Of course, she being hot helped!

Hubble snaps planet orbiting distant star


That's not the eye of Sauron

That's the Eye of Terror!

I'm getting out of this galaxy for sure if Hubble spots a Tyrannid Hive fleet.

Anyone fancy giving me a ride to one of the Magellanic clouds? I know this nice place in the lesser cloud.