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Kubernetes goes in for nip and tuck, comes out with 25 'enhancements': We take a look at v1.15


Re: OK within its limits

"From that POV you could put them on the level of student project toys."

Quite often how the stuff becomes Production in businesses these days.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


Re: "secure" boot is *EVIL*

"The problem right now is that x86-64 is no more trustworthy with IME and PSP, not to mention the speculative execution flaws. If only there were someone making thin'n'light machines with Coreboot on them...

Oh, wait..."

Yeah. Do let us all know how you get on with the TSA when they want to know what you've got on the Purism device/s.

UK.gov to press ahead with online smut checks (but expects £10m in legals in year 1)


Dave's Kitteh Porn?

Seems a reasonable enough stretch to me.

The new Huawei is going upmarket, but the old Huawei still threatens


We don't need no steenkin privacy

Ironic? Maybe. We pretty much gave up the very notion of Privacy the day we all started carrying around Mobile Phones that location registration as the very foundation of how the tech operates. And without which there would be no Mobile Network as we accept it today.

The addition of "Smartphones" and Apps that may track everything including our heartbeat but not, yet, our actual thoughts ... wait ... Social Media ... belay that!

We are so far gone past Privacy that, really, a Population Register would appear to be the very least of our list of things that keep us awake nights.

UK cops run machine learning trials on live police operations. Unregulated. What could go wrong? – report



Nuff said ...

Australia wants tech companies to let cops 'n' snoops see messages without backdoors


Re: It's simple

There's clueless and then there's political clueless which is a whole new level.

What blithering idiot(s) Down-voted that? Don't tell me Australian politicos read El Reg.

UK.gov lobs £25m at self-driving, self-parking, self-selling auto autos


Re: Self-driving, self parking, self selling autonomous vehicles.

And yet the incumbent don't work 24x7 in all areas of the country. Anyhoo, we had Hansom cabs for years also and they were replaced with something else [better?]. Time marches on and all that stuff.

Telegram crypto-chat chap says Apple has 'restricted' its app updates worldwide


Bye bye Apple?

So for whatever reason you feel the need to use Telegram app to do your daily communications. Apple complies with Russia's request and blocks for updates now and who knows what else in the coming times.

Surely the answer then is not to entrust your "security" to Apple and to move off to another well known platform upon which you could, if necessary, sideload Telegram or whatever else. A platform that Russia could not hope to control so easily as it has Apple.

Walled gardens are fine for as long as they're fit for [your] purpose.

Britain mulls 'complete shutdown' of 4G net for emergency services


"A Home Office spokeswoman said: "This a complex project which will provide the emergency services with the most advanced communications system of its kind anywhere in the world. We keep the delivery of ESN and the continued use of Airwave under constant review. We have not made any decisions about extending relevant contracts."

There .... right there ... " ... under constant review. We have not made any decisions ..." ... is the root of pretty much all Government IT contract delay, failure and whopping great lumps of corporate incompetence. While they vacillate the various experts, consultancies, outsources get rich off the Public Purse. In no other "industry" would such scale of ineptitude be permitted to persist.

New UK drone laws are on the way – but actual Drones Bill still in limbo


Re: Complete non-enforcement...

"By the way, what about model aircraft and helicopters? Do they have the same weight and height requirements? "

Yes. Yes they do. And why on Earth would they not? These rules will apply to all remote controlled model aircraft, which includes all variants and versions of without any other distinction. Its not as if "model aircraft" and "helicopters" have not caused serious injury or death in the past. That is not the exclusive preserve of that other model aircraft, the multi-rotor colloquially, and incorrectly, known as Drone in popularspeak.

Capita cost-cutting on NHS England contract 'put patients at risk' – spending watchdog


Corporate Incompetence Rules The Day

Incompetence in any other business or industry would be rewarded with a trip to the Job Centre whatever it is called in these more enlightened times of ours.

Everything about this sorry tale is utterly predictable from the outset. As soon as you outsource anything you hand over your testicles to the outsource who, being an entirely different business to yours, has not got the beginning of a scooby what to do with them. And then the now critically damaged business wonders what possibly went wrong (hint: every-fucking-thing) and what they can do now (put pencils up nose and repeat "wibble" until it all goes away, perhaps?).

Fundamentally, the chiefs are clueless, having learned how to be chiefs in a nice quiet and cosy echo chamber in some University somewhere. They've then entered at a Management/Director level having had zero experience of what is actually going on in the firm. If they'd start these "graduates" off as if Apprentices, give them a broom to sweep the shop floor, as it were, and grow in the business based on their own success and achievement, our modern day captains of industry may just become the leaders that they need to be, based on merit rather than any degree of entitlement.

TSB outage, day 5: What do you mean you can't log in? Our systems are up and running. Up and running, we say!


Re: "Load Balancer Errors" is the clue

Who, precisely, are the four idiots who Downvoted this comment? Please Ghod let them not work in IT.


Try doing that when the donor bank's systems are down. The gaining bank won't be able to perform the switch.

Reality strikes Dixons Carphone's profits after laughing off Brexit threat


Not Austerity Then?

And of course none of this is to do with Austerity budgeting, the widening pay and social gap, essential costs (conveniently excluded from official Inflation calculations) ravaging disposable income, and people having to make that terribly difficult decision whether to buy the latest new mobile tech jewellery or food, clothes, rent/mortgage, fuel and transportation.

I also claim today's prize for the longest sentence.

Surfacegate: Microsoft execs 'misled Nadella', claims report


I'm alright Jack ...

Surface Pro 4 owner here. Bought it in January (2017). Worked okay out of the box. I wouldn't say that it ran hot. Although the fan came on frequently, which is irritating in a quiet room.

Creators Update took care of all that ... Post-update Windows Hello not working. Days spent on tinternets trying to find the cure. Lots of solutions proffered. None worked. I ended up running a Factory Reset of the tablet, followed by another update to Creators (of course). And everything is back to working again.

Really, Microsoft? Really? 2017 and you're still at it!

UK publishes Laws of Robotics for self-driving cars


Re: Fucking with the 'robots'.

Fancy blaming the robots for humans fucking with them! Some on here evidently never having seen or heard of "Cash For Crash" where dickhead humans deliberately cause RTA with other non-dickead humans to make fraudulent insurance claims. Replace non-dickead human with a future AV and the chances of the CFC driver succeeding become more remote.

Brits must now register virtually all new drones and undergo safety tests


Re: Dog licence

Or .... simply order the parts from the likes of Banggood or Goodluckbuy in China, to name but two, and assemble the damn things here at the comfort of the dining room table. There's no rocket science to assembling a more than viable Drone that can even fly autonomous missions to drop "stuff" off at yer average Prison or whatever. No need to buy DJI or whatever from a licenced shopkeeper or online store.

The law will do nothing to limit or impact the criminal fraternity. And numpty consumer Drone pilots will just carry on as normal ... because "Rules are there for the breaking of" as they say in such circles.

Break crypto to monitor jihadis in real time? Don't be ridiculous, say experts


So you think any non-tech person is a fucking idiot?

Surely context applies? I didn't take it that said offensive person was being generally offensive to everyone else - or at least those that take offence.


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