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Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly


Re: Facts and figures or forced feeding

You could always roll your own and allow open clients... An XMPP service with encryption perhaps https://xmpp.org/

Big bang theory: Was mystery explosion over New York caused by a meteor? Dunno. By a military jet? Maybe...


I'll have to speak with the overseers we have confirmation etFilter is working enmasse

Everyone remembers their first time: ESA satellite dodges 'mega constellation'


Re: Sounds like another step towards realizing "Wall-E"

Do not worry we have a method for dragging them down from orbit and forcing them to burn up on re-entry... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program

Are US border cops secretly secreting GPS trackers on vehicles without a warrant? EFF lawyers want to know


Re: The police situation in the USA is completely out of hand

Sorry we can't attend your revolution... Dancing with the Stars is on...

Harvard freshman kicked out of US over OTHER people's posts on his social media


Electoral College

It is a misunderstanding that U.S. Citizens vote for the president. We do not. The Electoral Colleges vote for the president. The Popular Vote is rarely used to satisfy a tie within the Electoral College vote. The "people" are not truly represented by the Electoral College.

A good example of how broken this is would be to watch the Re-Election of Bush Jr in 2004 where multiple "colleges" deferred their vote to another state cascading multiples into Texas which quite handily voted for re-election of Bush Jr.

Electoral College


Since I am a layman and not a Lawyer trained in all the legal loopholes used with common words and their context I will get my coat.

What's the last piece of software you'd expect to spy on you? Maybe your enterprise security suite? Bad news


Re: Stop spying on me!

Don't access personal accounts at your job. The corporation is very likely capturing whether it is encrypted or not. You also have coworkers that have nothing better to do than to fiddle with their colleagues equipment.

Daddy, are we there yet? How Mrs Gates got Bill to drive the kids to school


Paid? Hell, I want a raise and a bonus!

Paid for driving my hellions around? Hell, I want a raise and a bonus! My daemon seed have leeched color from my hair, cost me my fit and trim physique, and likely stole some amount of sanity.

Very soon they will be clawing for the keys to the car... you've been warned.

Internet industry freaks out over proposed unlimited price hikes on .org domain names


Re: Domain names are all pointless or is all I need to reach Google ;-)

What can $10 stretch to these days? Lunch... or access to international airport security systems

Big Brother

VPN configuration

VPN configuration if neglected or implemented incorrectly can indeed grant too much access. If however one takes the time to understand the environment and the roles it can be quite easy to grant very specific access. A VPN implemented correctly is much more secure than an RDP connection open to the world. Your windows server is a mere stepping stone to the rest of your environment. Better to have a few layers between it and the internet.

Record number of non-EU techies coming to Blighty


Legalize It and We Will Come

It sounds as if the UK is in quite a quandary. OK Lady Elizabeth if we can get my garden legalized I'll come and lend my talents to the cause. I know just what you want damn yankees stomping all over the land. Not to worry I leave a small footprint! I prefer a country estate with room to grow in a green area to a cramped dreary cobbled city. Let me know when we can discuss it over dinner and drinks.

NSA leaker bust gets weirder: Senator claims hacking is wider than leak revealed

Black Helicopters


"After being jailed, she could change her name into Reality Won."

Yes she should because by then we may realize the information should have been public. We also may find out this was all BS built up to cover something else up. We are so quick to believe the official story.

Let's draw a hypothetical. Let's say someone with some influence was attracted to her and made advances which made her uncomfortable. The instigator catches wind that she may file a complaint so in response a batch of less critical information is released and allegations are brought to light that she is a whistle blower. Interrogated without her lawyer and placed into federal holding. Now this is all just hypothetical but who is in the right circles to know?

Food for thought.


Re: curiouser and curiouser

He's too busy appointing the rich into positions of influence while the American people eat it up and think he is a common man struggling to make america great again. Blind to anything that isn't their party line.

Axed from IBM for remote working? Don't go crying to HPE



I often see the argument that the worker has more distraction at home. Speaking from personal experience I have quite a bit less distraction at home. I can ignore queries from coworkers for a few moments when I am remote look up what I may need to and give them a concise answer. In the office I am confronted with noise and immediate distraction from those looking for assistance.

This decision by these large corporations is short sighted based on numbers on executive reports often sanitized by middle management with no real substantiation.

Unfortunately as someone else mentioned other companies will look at these decisions and base their policies on them. With IBM and HP spreading FUD that home workers are irresponsible, lazy slackers their customers may stop purchasing equipment and turnkey solutions to enable remote workers.


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