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Back up a minute: Private equity outfit coughs $5bn for Veeam


Personally, I find software exciting when it makes you look like a hero. We hear stories all the time about how Veeam was able to recover multi TB sized critical databases in just minutes, or helping customers transition workloads from VMware to cloud native AWS and Azure workloads. Veeam's "Veeam ONE" analytics tool is out there saving companies millions. Yes backups should be boring and always "just work". That's a given with Veeam, there's so much more beyond the surface.

Veeam: Users are crying out for cloud tiers


Re: Another useless feature

While Veeam's local repository dedupe and compression is on a per job basis, the Veeam Cloud Tier capability has global dedupe and compression with advanced metadata management. There's significant data reduction built into the feature, and doesn't require SSD hardware to make it work (looking at you CommVault). Just a bit more on the local dedupe/compression ratio not being as good as say something like a DataDomain. As with any technology choice, there are trade offs that have to be made. While it's true with Veeam you get slightly less data reduction, you get the added benefit of not having terrible performance of accessing that data for the purposes of technology like VM Instant Restore, Veeam Explorers, and Veeam DataLabs. Veeam also requires no special hardware to do data reduction completely in software, significantly lowering the TCO of Veeam.

NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box


Looking to the future

I think we will hear immediately from the established HCI players that this is just a "me too" play from NetApp. In my opinion what sets this product apart from most "1.0" product launches is that the core of the product is version 10 of the industry proven and widely deployed Element OS. This isn't a HyperFlex situation where 75% of the features are missing and an unproven storage platform. The stability, scalability, and feature set of this solution matches anything currently shipping from the more mature HCI products. This is a solid foundation for NetApp to build on (no pun intended) so I expect a lot of good things from this product as it moves past first launch.


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