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Top-secret US spaceplane sets off on another classified mission

Ron Russman


What does the US Air Force have the most of in terms of vehicles? (Hint--most have two wings)

Did you say Warplanes?

If I were King of the Air Force, I would want an autonomous vehicle capable of selectively disabling enemy satelites. Or, better yet, one that could highjack their operations serapticiously.

First I would have several missions to collect the data and then try it out on another mission then keep quiet about it until someone disturbs the peace. USAF is a military organization but The US is interested in Peace as far as I know.

I just wish we didn't have to be the peace keepers.

Solar waves make Earth ring like a bell

Ron Russman

Vibrations in Arizona

I believe there are people in Arizona who may be listening to the Harmonies of these vibrations, they think it is a paranormal phenomena but perhaps it is not. They can't seem to find the source of the "Hum". Maybe we have a Humdinger here.

China to map 'every inch' of the moon

Ron Russman


This is the kind of thing that is too important to miss. This reaction has already been done with electrostatic forces in a small reactor at the University of Wisconsin. 3He+3He > 2protons + 4He yields 12.9 MeV that is a higher yield than the other reactions. I'll bet some folks are very busy on this now.

Surrey satellite firm to design NASA lunar mission

Ron Russman

"To the Moon...Alice!"

Going to the Moon may be a serious endeavor, I would invest in any valid phase. I predict that everyone who can afford it will be on the Moon as fast as they can get up there. It's hard to believe it, but NASA knew that there was a lot of He3 on the surface but never put 2 and 2 together. Now people all over are starting to get it. Sssssssssshhhhhhhh! don't tell anybody else.


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