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Oracle creates new form of free Solaris

D. Evans

Alas, no.

I loved Solaris. Still do. It is the best commercial Unix available, in my opinion. And it is better than Linux and *BSD.

But I won't touch it for my own use anymore. I remember the early 90s when it was free for personal use, then it wasn't. Then it just was not available. Then it was again. And you want me to trust Oracle not to yank access at some VPs whim? If access was bad under Sun Microsystems, it was worse under Oracle and I, for one, will never go back.

Work chat app Slack suffers services outage

D. Evans

I sent the editorial team a wonderful screen shot of the Slack status page showing all services down, while at the bottom of the page it was showing 100% uptime for the current quarter. Slack-arsed would be more appropriate.

User locked out of Microsoft account by MFA bug, complains of customer-hostile support

D. Evans

Re: Nothing has changed

My experience from the early 90s turned me from Window to a unix professional. Their support denied an issue that I had proven was with a MS driver for a plotter.

Since then the only time I deal with Windows is for my wife's gaming rig. I stay well away from anything that comes the diseased minds of Redmond as only madness and ruin lie in their domain.

Google to auto-enroll 150m users, 2m YouTubers with two-factor authentication

D. Evans


The major reasons for lack of uptake on 2FA systems by the mug punters are:

1. Lack of recovery when access is lost. Most people using something like Google Authenticator only have access on one phone. Loose the device, loose access. My wife and are back-ups for each other but how many people have that luxury.

2. Synchronization when changing devices. Have you tried recovering moving Google Authenticator to a new handset. Ouch.

3. Cost of hardware specific devices. I'm looking at YubiKey, and you still need to have a back-up device.

Until people can share keys (as in a family, as that how most families work), and the above issues are addressed the resistance to any 2FA system will continue.

Tick-tock, Facebook: Not a reference to that short vid horsepuckey but a literal open-source timekeeper

D. Evans

Re: Why?

As you say, why?

Even Microsoft, finally uses NTP for it's clock.

This makes no sense, much like FaceBook.

India bans Mastercard from signing up new customers

D. Evans

No local issues?

Why would a local financial institution have issues with data being sent outside of India since most IT outsources are in India. Oh wait....

I hope nobody is implying a cloud endpoint in the US constitutes data traveling outside of India. :-)

11-year-old graduate announces plans to achieve immortality by 'replacing body parts with mechanical parts'

D. Evans

Stelarc v2?

Oh god. I'd hoped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stelarc had taught people "just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should".

Latest patches show Rust for Linux project making great strides towards the kernel

D. Evans

This is good and big but ....

am I the only person to appreciate this?

I have not studied rust but with this, if I wasn't going to retire soon, would get me to learn it. Unlike Infinidash.

Ah well.

Google gets into the international money transfer business, one-way out of the USA

D. Evans

Won't last, many cheaper options

As an ex-pat sending my hard earned shekels down under for over 20 years I have to laugh at this.

The cost of Western Union or a SWIFT based bank transfer is expensive. The have high administrative costs and poor exchange rates. I can't see Google getting discounts large enough to make them a serious contender and cost is an issue. I can't see this taking off, unless you count Apollo 13 a success.

There are many better alternatives (my current preferred company is XE.com).

Google's FLoC flies into headwinds as internet ad industry braces for instability

D. Evans

Re: John Wannamaker

https://www.mediavillage.com/article/which-half-of-my-advertising-is-wasted-and-it-is-only-half/ but Lord Leverhulme was probably the first to say it.

But it's so obvious I'm sure it was being said in the boardrooms of the 1800s. Should the money be spent on direct mailing, advertisements in newspapers, posters,, etc. and how do you know you're getting any traction?

Like many, seeing the same ads for second class versions of the item I purchased 2 weeks ago does not endear me the site serving the ads or the brand being displayed.

I hope for an online ad implosion.

D. Evans

Re: Snake Oil

https://www.mediavillage.com/article/which-half-of-my-advertising-is-wasted-and-it-is-only-half/ is an actual quote, not a joke.

And I think governments outside of the US will force changes long before anything happens in the USA.

Yep, the 'Who owns Linux?' case is back from the dead

D. Evans

How do you discover how much was paid for the SCO IP assets?

I'm more than a little confused but the zombie rising, yet again. I thought it was an April Fool's Joke too.

So Xinuso paid "x" for the IP assets. This must have been approved by a judge and available as an open record.

Since Groklaw is no more, how would someone find out how much was paid for the assets? I'm curious how deep their financial hole was before they thought a solution was to dig deeper.

This is more fun than Coronation Street after lobotomy!

Yahoo! Answers! will! be! wiped! from! the! internet! next! month!

D. Evans


I used to work at Yahoo! and I loved my few years there. Pity the food wasn't free but it was good.

Things have moved on an "Answers" was pretty sad, even in it's prime. If you used it, be honest, it was terrible.

Sorry to see it go for the few people who may have got some good out if, glad to see a useless relic being discarded for the rest of us!

No joy for Julian Assange as Uncle Sam confirms it will keep pushing for WikiLeaker's extradition to America

D. Evans

Mental Health Issues?

An oversized ego and congenital cowardice are the only mental health issues that I see exhibited by Mr. Assange.

Dems to ISPs: You're not gonna hike broadband prices, slap restrictions on folks in a pandemic, are you?

D. Evans

All are the same

I'm with ConCa$t but on a business plan. It's still terrible and I feel for people who are not technical and are at the mercy of their domestic offering. But I with AT&T (Atrocious, Terrible & Taxing?) and that's all I have options for. I don't thing any of the major players can be trusted any more than the, current, glorious president for life: Trump,

Das Keyboard 4C TKL: Plucky mechanical contender strikes happy medium between typing feel and clackety-clack joy

D. Evans

Too large!

If you're after a TKL keyboard the question is why? Travel or space issues. So I find this (and the overpriced Logitech G915 TKL) just too big. In a another post (on mice and traveling) I say I have have used a Vilros keyboard+mouse for over 2 years. The keyboard is a little small, I'd like one 2cm or 3cm longer but it works for me where space is an issue. Traveling with it has been fantastic.

I would pay more for a premium product and I've tried a lot of of the smaller keyboards, at great cost. It's seems there is an almost an inverse relationship between cost and life span of the product (and cost and usability).

I've also found bluetooth drops too many characters and USB ports are a precious commodity, so a single wireless USB for both the keyboard and mouse is mandatory for me. And the best has been a cheap, little undersized, but perfectly usable Vilros.

Pity as I love the feel of a good keyboard. And having learnt touch typing on manual typewriter I appreciate the feel of modern keyboards.

Ready to slip into your suitca... or not: Logitech wheels out new 'travel-sized' version of MX Master 3

D. Evans

Logitech : Oversized and Overpriced (Vilros does me a treat!)

I've been using a cheap Vilros keyboard (TKL) and mouse for several years. Small, but not too small on the keyboard. Mouse is damn good. Less than $30US and only one wireless USB dongle.

When Logitech can put out something as good in the keyboard and mouse combo range for $60 with their new "lightspeed" hyped-up, meaningless keywords I may try it if it's not too large but until then I'm sticking to what works well for travel.

Google says Australian pay-for-news code means it can’t quit the country

D. Evans

Ex-pat laughs

I left Oz in 2000 and will be going back home to retire in a decade. It's so good too see so little has changed.

Samsung slows smartphone upgrade treadmill with promise to support three Android generations on Galaxies

D. Evans

Bixby - not touching it again.

I have an old Galaxy 8, my wife a Note 10+.

Both of us have said "never again" to another Samsung device while Bixby can not be disabled and the many Samsung bloatware can not be disabled or removed.

Not that we expect the bloatware issues to go away with another device but we expect it to be less.

Now you've done it: Cyber attack targeted Australian brewery 'n' dairy biz Lion

D. Evans

Don't care: Cooper's is still brewing!

Oldest family owned brewery in Oz. I used their homebrew kits in the 90s when in Victoria.

Alas, being in Silicon Valley area means I have to rely on their commercial, but excellent, Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale to keep me going until I head home.

Oracle finally responds to wage discrimination claims… by suing US Department of Labor

D. Evans

Re: Ok...ok...

Err, did you read the article. The accounted for many factors.

You didn't so you not only sound like a twat but you prove, to me, that you are in fact a pure stupit-c*|\|t.

Oracle's Mark Hurd hits pause as co-CEO, says he needs time to deal with health issues

D. Evans

No path to the cloud?

Oracle, IBM, etc. are not going out of business, at least not soon.

Some companies due to legal requirements need ACID databases and once your locked in it's hard to move.

Once your in one cloud it's hard to integrate with another; at least at this time.

However Larry still seems to be more full of bravado than brawns. I don't see a pipeline to do more than keep pace with inflation adjusted for population. And his cloud is nothing more than a damp squib.

Why telcos 'handed over' people's GPS coords to a bounty hunter: He just had to ask nicely

D. Evans

Only $300?

I'm in the old phart brigade complaining about how expensive "X" is. But $300 seems like 1970 prices.

Should I give up IT for bounty hunting while I'm in the USA? At those prices I can afford a minder.

WikiLeaks boss Assange acted as a foreign spy, Uncle Sam exclaims in fresh rap sheet

D. Evans

He's not a journalist

Plain and simple: did he review the data and distil it in anyway or add value to the data. Even his own opinion?


So he not a journo, he's just a very naughty boy. The only question is who get their pound of flesh first: Sweden or Uncle Sam?

Dedicated techie risks life and limb to locate office conference phone hiding under newspaper

D. Evans

Re: ALL my calls from shouty men

Sounds like "Hori" Howard was Mr. Shouty, to me.

He had a long and distinguished Army career and went onto NSW emergency services.

Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over Ecuador embassy bail-jumping

D. Evans

Finally: the first stage of the end of the saga!

LOL! A convicted hacker (in the 90s in Victoria) and embarrassed both major parties. I'll bet the Oz consulate is doing the minimum they have to.

He's a third rate person, a second rate hacker and but a first rate arse!

I hope he spends time in jail for all the people who have been murdered by Wikileaks releasing raw data. He's no journalist, just a nihilistic bastard and I'm enjoying this conclusion.

Internet industry freaks out over proposed unlimited price hikes on .org domain names

D. Evans


Trolls and cynical comments aside....

This rise is not based on any research as to the effect on charities or other social groups with limited funds.

On the other hand it is possible to start another global registry and leave ICANN but it would take a stable government effort. Or the EU if countries signed on. And would take 2 or 3 years to get things in place.

Oddly enough, when a Tesla accelerates at a barrier, someone dies: Autopilot report lands

D. Evans

Not Surprising

I put of posting this earlier but I finally succumbed to my base nature.

I cycle north on El Camino most afternoons and I'd see this car. The personalized number plates were a give-away.

The drive never looked at the road, even in peak traffic.His head was always down on a phone or tablet. And he held up traffic as the Tesla was generally slow. I heard a number of cars use their horns to signal their displeasure.

An unfortunate end but not a surprising one.

Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF

D. Evans

Obviously manual labor doesn't count!

I'd hate to be brickie trying to make 68 before retiring. Laying bricks is hard work, as are many other manual jobs.

The proposed solution is a magic wand of raise the retirement age and retraining? How do you expect someone in their late 50s, with arthritis to do anything productive?

This solution is making a crime out of being poor or uneducated.


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