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Good news for UK tech contractors as govt repeals IR35 tax rules


Another political promises bites the dust !

How important are tech and other contractors to UK? PM candidate promises tax review if elected


Re: blessed are the cheesemakers

It seem that Truss had done something about IR35

Campaigners call on minister to secure funding to protect UK workers' rights


IR35 was 'invented' by a tax bully infamous for his stealth taxes looking to tax a group of people who were not his core supporters, he did'nt even have the courage to announce it in his budget speech. I am talking about Gordon Brown. The Tories recent changes have only made things even more unfair and complex.

Your taxed as if your a employee, yet you receive none of the benefits of being an employee, its as per normal from government, its just take take take and give nothing in return

If you want to tax a person fine, but make sure that they get all benefits as well

IBM's contractor crackdown continues: Survivors refusing pay cut have hours reduced


IBM joins my private list of outfits not to work for/charge a vast rate for

NHS U-turns on blanket IR35 tax crackdown


Re: Puzzled as usual

Its the employment status that is at issue here

According to IR 35 your taxed as an employee, but you get none of the benefits

No paid holiday

No job security

No pension

No training

Employers NI

The unpaid trouble of running a company

Being a unpaid tax collector for HMRC

Paying for an accountant

But that is what the government call tax fareness, I call it being a tax bully.