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CISA director: US is 'not afraid' to shout about Big Tech's security failings


Empty Words

"And of course, the proof will be in the pudding but I think it really has catalyzed a major shift."

The Recall fiasco has already proven that is has, in fact, not.

Alibaba Cloud reveals its datacenter design, homebrew network used for LLM training


Wasted Energy

18MW? Whew lad, that's a whole lot of energy blown out of an AC stack just to create a whopping bunch of useless bullshit.

I know a guy in my office who can put out just as much bullshit and all it costs is a single taco.

Mozilla drags Microsoft, Google, Apple for obliterating any form of browser choice

Black Helicopters

There are not many things on this insipid burning trash-pile of a planet that I'd shill for, but Firefox is absolutely one of them. I've been using it since before it was Firefox, and using it for webdev work for the better part of a decade. Which isn't to say it's flawless - they've certainly made their share of mistakes over the years (the fallout of webexts probably being one of the biggest). But any time I have to use Chrome, I just despair - and at the same time, marvel at always managing to find something else they've locked down. The UI screams "designed by committee" too, though it does give me pause to wonder how they got that many goats round a conference table at the same time.

India's IT minister angry that Twitter broke local law by following US law

Big Brother

Re: What a wonderful law

> It appears India's law makes them the final decisionmaker over what is allowed online, with the power to remove anything and the power to force platforms to keep anything up. This is not the kind of law that comes from a democratic government.

Have you heard of the USA?

‘What are the odds someone will find and exploit this?’ Nice one — you just released an insecure app


> “I disagree that developers ‘knowingly’ release vulnerable applications,” Setu Kulkarni, VP of Strategy at WhiteHat Security, told The Register. He argued that if development teams knew better, they would take appropriate security measures.

Dude, it's not really something you get to "disagree" with. It's a fact of reality. We *do* know better. But shitty project managers like you lead with their boots and their heads up their arses, and we're forced to release in a state we're not happy with.

Calendly’s new logo perceived as either bog-standard or kind of crappy


I'm not really all that bothered about the logo itself, but the $1.5m price tag is a joke. Even worse is the language being used by the designers. How does any of that word-salad have anything whatsoever to do with the logo? You could substitute in any marketing buzzword there (or any other company's logo) and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, because it's all completely meaningless. It's horoscope-level generic blanket waffling that only exists to justify their own salary.

Ubuntu, Wikimedia jump ship to the Libera Chat IRC network after Freenode channel confiscations


"Frankly speaking, if I was in charge of any of these organizations, I'd revisit the decision of who is in charge of making decisions on what and how their brand is being represented on IRC."

Dude probably just made the decision to jump ship a lot easier for the hold-outs. Insulting the leadership of your client orgs, and confiscating their channels if they don't show loyalty to Freenode? Yeah, I'd peace out pretty hard at that point.

Arm freezes hiring until Nvidia takeover, cancels everyone's 'wellbeing' allowance


"Arm, like all companies, adjusts its benefits periodically as necessary, but we always ensure our people understand why we are making changes as keeping them well-informed, motivated and rewarded is vital as they are the core of our success."

Except you didn't tell them why you were cutting the welfare allowance...

IBM marketeers rub out chopper after visit from CEO Ginni


All Hands to the "Share" Buttons

They should know by now that trying to get photos deleted from the internet is like a giant flashing beacon to have that photo plastered across every news rag, forum, and social thingymabob - complete with liberal applications of photoshop phuckery.