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Idle Computer Science skills are the Devil's playthings

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Re: Hire immediately

So this sysadmin from BIHE, whom you praise so much, where, or when do you think they gained their skills? Well I'll tell you, spending time at Wigan Technical college hacking their systems! It honed the apparent psychic skills for detecting who was up to "no good". The games were regulated, I learnt system programming too, which became the mechanism to control access to the games on the EE department's PDP, (POLLY) then a discrete area on SYBIL (the EE's VAX). When I renamed the other VAX from VAX to BASIL I didn't make many friends with the academics either.

Nonetheless I saw the value in education, this idle time was self education so I tried to demonstrate some concern for security to those who let me be custodian of this newly formed network and also marvelled at some of the ingenuity I saw with students discovering this new playground.

Don't forget, the academic calendar left a few summer weeks, which was also the sysadmin's playtime in education. I was (and am ) CITSNIC , and still playing, sorry, working with VMS (OpenVMS) even on the odd VAX.

BA CEO blames messaging and networks for grounding

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Dump bad operating systems NOW

If you want reliable clustering and computing, dump the M$ permanently bugged (since Win 3.1 they have NOT fixed it yet? Hey sorry to tell you guys but this emperor is stark naked and always will be. Put proper stuff in. Legacy means IT WORKS. M$ just keep dangling that carrot beyond W10? Is this coffee you can smell?

Reliability was designed in, not cobbled around. Unixen may be more secure but never designed from the ground up for reliability.

[Does BA use any of this, who cares its RUBBISH and this proves it.]

Programming for VMS railroads you into doing things properly, or at least considering that.

Oh, another thing VMS and [insert name of exploit]? It doesn't need patching 15 times a day for security holes. But soon to appear on the very same hardware M$ cannot run securely.

VMS is alive and well, you'd almost think that the old naysayers were the lemmings leaping towards that cliff [of unreliability]... Best place for them, probably.

Yeah yeah you've committed too much into your IT infrastructure to change direction? It's your funeral...

The cost of the IT rarely actually measures much up to the value of the data or the company, and in these days of bleeding talent to save costs sight of that has been lost, penny wise and pound foolish.

Fine, it's like the CVIT (Cash and Valuable In Transit) firms swapping to using bicycles because they are cheaper.