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Equinix to cut costs by cranking up the heat in its datacenters


Re: This is not how data centers work

Here are some hard earned info:

When you are deciding on who to install you cooling system, ask them if they will install a upflow or downflow cooling system. If they say upflow, show them the door and get someone that know how to install systems in a datacenter.

Upflow systems mix the hot and cold air in the room.The idea is heat rises so blow cold air at it. Correct for home systems, bad for datacenters. You want to remove heat. The less you contaminate it with cold air, the more effective, hence "Hot and Cold Isles".

Fresh air systems. We do this and it is great way to save money and energy. If your outbound air (hot isle) is 90F and you are pulling 70F you are saving a bunch. Humidity is an issue with this the colder it gets. Don't consider it as part of the redundancy. There is always hot days.

You want to have between 40% and 55% humidity. Servers don't sweat so the only way to cool them is by dumping the heat into the moisture in the air as it goes by. Lower the humidity the more it decreases the utilization on the cooling systems, but increases the heat in yours.

At 74F inlet to the dell servers, the fans will just start to ramp up. That is the sweet spot. You may have to be @72 int the cold isle to achieve it.

Inline power is usually considered a luxury. It in fact actually saves money and cooling. In power systems there is a power factor. If your power company has their act together it will be no better than .8. In a 3 phase system (your cooling systems need to be this too) you are able to use almost 100% of the power and when it comes out @ 208v it is at 1, no loss. If you have a computer running 120v directly from the grid you will loose 20%. That has to be made up by a higher current draw by the server. I know some will disagree, but I am going by putting a meter on it.

Another way to save energy is for the datacenter to charge the customer by the watt used, not the capacity of the circuit. The bean counters will see the bill and ask the tech how to decrease it. The correct response is to upgrade the hardware which will be more efficient, and install SSDs. Replacing 4th gen back with new gives a 10month ROI and the techs get sleep at night. I have seen as much as 5kwh down to 170w with new equipment.

Oh and if the raised flooring guy comes by, show him the door too. It is much better to have a higher ceiling for the heat concentration than the restrictive action of raised flooring, also that is where the inlet for your cooling systems go. Higher the better. And don't buy into the "we use tiles with holes in them". Use the "flood" method into the cold isles and spend the money on redundancy to protect your techs mental stability.

It is well worth the money to buy one of these flir devices to attach to your phone. Take a look at your rack. You will see the hot spots, loose power cables, bad connections on breakers and the white hot wall warts.

Also, be wary of electricians. Don't let them put the step down transformer in your server room or datacenter.

'What's the point of me being in my office, just because they want to see me in the office?'


Re: Contract clauses

Our hr did the same thing. They sent around a pdf and asked us to print and sign. I changed the lines I did not like and printed and signed. They never even looked at it.

BOFH is my mentor

New York cracks down on carbon fuel-based crypto-mining operations


Re: Crypto currency would go away if

Thanks for the responses to my post.

My skill is not in word smithing so please allow me to add context. I am not for carrying any metals around. In our state we have forfeiture laws. If a highway officer thinks you might have a large amount of gold, silver or cash (say, in excess of $5k) they will take and say it might be used to buy drugs. No charges or trial, just outright theft. You can find many examples online.

I am not for wasting energy on cryptos. My datacenters are in office buildings. During the winter, we pull cold air from the outside and use the heat created to heat the buildings. Maybe someone can come up with a crypto heater?

What I am for is taking away the unlimited blank check our governments seem to have in printing money. Retired people on fixed incomes are having problems paying for the energy to stay alive while our leaders think it is ok to inflate away their debt from their waste.

The people on this form are the ones that solve the problems. This can be solved, write a suggestion and it might spark something in someone else who reading your suggestions.


Crypto currency would go away if

They would stop printing fiat currency.

The whole purpose of crypto is to get away from the loss we all share when our governments devalue our wages and savings. In 1950 an ounce of silver would buy the same amount of gas as it will now. Silver did not lose value, the government backed currency did. Let's go back to copper pennies and remove the restriction on melting it down to sell as raw copper. That will lock the government into keeping the dollar worth the same. The first government to go back on the gold standard will become the world currency. Crypto would die a slow death and we would have our saving when we get old, no more "too big to fail" bailouts, no college debt forgiveness and NO MORE WARS, they could not afford it!

What do the US midterm election results mean for a federal privacy law?


Re: We can likely expect gridlock for the next two years

In our case, we were told the lottery proceeds would be in addition to the existing funding from the state and the school property taxes.

Yes I see all the voters are responsible for the situation. It is up to each to make an informed decision and show others the facts to support those decisions.

Good point on kicking the can. You have more faith that the next guys will do better for all than the last did for few.

With the exception of quotas you mentioned,(excellent point) I think you helped make my point. There are laws and regs that should only be handled on a local level. The closer to the people, the more freedom we have due to greater control and oversight of our government. Without exceptions, that would force the laws or regs to be made at the appropriate level.

On the quota point, we pay taxes for enforcement.

I will give you an example of government profiteering. Stoplight cameras.

One of our cities found they could make lots of money by decreasing the yellow light time and shorting the green light time, this also causes more accidents. They then found they could make even more money by lowering the lights to the minimum height so if you were behind a truck, you could not see the light till it was too late. After an even higher increase in accidents and deaths at a previously safe intersection, all were voted out of office and it was removed.

Thanks for your response. This is what I like about the Reg comments. I like hearing others point of view as mine is not always correct.


Re: We can likely expect gridlock for the next two years

"You expect police protections? Maintained roads and transportation infrastructure? Running, safe water? "

Yes we do.... and we are told over and over that what the next new tax will be going for. In our state, "just pass the lottery - all the proceeds will be going to the schools." B.S. The schools have yet to see the money.

I am for government. I don't want or have an interest being in charge of making sure those things are working. What I am not for is the bureaucracy we have.

In the states, we have the right to do anything we want - except when there is a law against it. So, they have made to their mission to make sure there is one for everything they can think of and if they missed one, they will get to it ASAP.

I am for gridlock so we can have a breather for a couple of years.

If not, here is one for you:

If a law or regulation is passed, there is to be no exceptions, NONE. You can't bribe (get a permit) the bureaucracy into allowing you to do it.

If the law is needed, it needs to be for EVERYONE.

Example: If you are on our states toll roads, you can go 85mph. If you are on our interstates, 65 to 75 mph. Only difference. YOU PAY to be allowed to get where you are going faster. (oh, by the way, we already paid for the toll road with taxes)

Google agrees to $400m settlement in privacy lawsuit



Remove fines and institute restitution. The judges should never get any money from those that they judge.

The only way to change this is to elect those that will change it.

Twitter is suffering from mad bro disease. Open thinking can build it back better


Please review the American bar association list of the court request and the results. It will give better context to your statement.

My read on it is the court bailed completely and did not do anything - for both parties. It is Like they wanted to fuel the stolen election fire.

Before election : you have no injuries, so no standing, go away.

After the election : election is decided so it is now a moot point, so go away and quit bothering us.

I personally think the state legislature had standing to sue the election officials when made up new rules, thereby breaking the election laws. This was brought by 2 state legislatures controlled by different parties.

The “200” was about our judicial system not allowing light to be shown on the process so it can be fixed.

Double-check demand payment emails from law firms: Convincing fakes surface


Re: My rule is very simple

The hack I am seeing is to get a customer to redirect payments to them. The get an outlook rule on the vendors accounting pc and redirect all emails to them.

They then use the info to send directly to the customer an altered copy of a ligit email requesting payment redirect to an ACH account. The domain appears to be the vendors, until you look closely.

They also have been successful accessing bank accounts this way.

Admins, control your rules in your users outlook.

Vonage to pay $100m for making it nearly impossible to cancel internet phone services


Even so, they paid it to the wrong people. It should go to the ones hurt. I think they call it "restitution", not "fines".


Read the AT$T contract carefully. Be aware the "free install" does not mean that it will not cost you something to get it to your location, only to hang the box on the wall. I have seen upwards of $30k several times. Look closely for something to do with "engineering cost not included".

XM radio is another one. You can only cancel if you talk to a live person. You will also be charged extra for that.

Ritz cracker giant settles bust-up with insurer over $100m+ NotPetya cleanup


Re: Insurance companies

Or health insurance

Russia says Starlink satellites could become military targets


Re: Seems reasonable and fair

How does the pipeline figure into this?

I know someone here knows who did it. Be nice and post it for us. You can do it anonymously and nobody will know who you are........

You're Shipt outta luck: App sued for treating delivery workers as contractors


Re: This is an independent Contract

I was good with what you were thinking till you brought politics into it. Please don't fall into the "divide us" trap. As I see it, we all are independent contractors. We each have to decide if we want to work or not and we are adults, it is up to you to take care of yourself and if you choose and are able, others. I am an individual and responsible for my life choices. I do get a bit torqued when other try to force me to do what they want.

Here is how I see employment:

Someone ask me to do something for them. We negotiate compensation and I get it done.

They tell other that they liked what I did for them and more ask me to do the same for them.

At some point, I can't do it all by myself and ask someone for help. This crosses a threshold. Now I am an employer.

I have just become an unpaid tax collector (among other things). If I make a mistake I will be fined for doing this requirement by the government, and can lose my home. The government does this to hide from the "employee" the true cost of employment and making it look like they are a turd and ripping them off. Until you have been on that side of the fence and find out what you pay an employee is about half of what it cost, all employers are turds.

So that is the threshold where the person looking for assistance tries to be shielded from overhead and lability. It is in the best interest of the government to force you into being an employer because it is easer to collect taxes force lability on 1 person than a 1000. (and hide from you what they are taking).

I am saying this in the context of a small business that cares about their friends and employees, not the cheating bastards that try to doge taxes and screw their employees to get rich. I simply choose not to work for them and when I did, it was only a short time while I learned a new marketable skill and told them to stuff it.

'Baby Al Capone' to pay $22m to SIM-swap crypto-heist victim


Re: On the other hand...

where is the IRS in all this?

If you started with 1mil of a crypto that is worth $.10 the value goes from $.10 to $10.00 you now have on paper $10mil. During that time you traded it back and forth and you don't move it into US dollars thinking it is like the stock market and it is "like transactions" but you now have to pay income tax on unrealized gains. It was never sold into US currency.

Then January it falls back to $.10 and you need to sell it to pay taxes, you give all of your assets and home to the IRS to stay out of jail (this is our "voluntary" tax system by the way). You can't apply this year's loss against last year and you can only bring forward $3,500 in loss till the day you die.

Ok, so lets say you go the other way. You have $10 mil in crypto at the first of the year, and at the end of the year you have $1 mil. Great! I can take the unrealized losses as a loss. NOPE, it is a one way street in the US favor. You can't take unrealized losses.

The US made BILLIONS in taxes from this crypto IRS scam.

Binance robbed of $600 million in crypto-tokens


the government pays up

Nope they don’t. You have a max of $250k per bank. Regardless of how many accounts you have at that bank. (In a US fdic insured bank)

Common mistake if you don’t read the fine print and they prefer you don’t.


If you don’t have transactions on that account within certain periods of time, the state steals it.

If you don’t catch a fraudulent transaction within the 45 day window, you loose it.

If you use your PIN number to do a transaction and it is scammed, they don’t have to pay.

Any Fed, state, county, city and judge can seize your account. No reason needed. Ask the people that tried to help the Canadian truckers during the COVID protest.

I worked at a bank and saw all this and then some.

Depending on your marital status, it is usually safer in your pocket.

Infosys must face claims it told recruiter not to hire women with kids 'at home'


"The best excuse to get out of work is to have kids" - Scott Adams. ( I think i quoted it correctly)

I bring my kids to work, it is good for them to understand what work is. My guys/gals need time off for kids, they work from home. They get stuff done in between and still get paid without burning sick time. They come to work to have time off FROM the kids.

Best excuse ever was COVID. I still use it on occasions.

Don't want to take on the job, sorry COVID.

Customer is a pain in the butt, COVID.

Obviosity going to lose money on the job, sorry COVID supply chain issues.

Kin want you to just "stop by" because their computer is not acting right, Sorry COVID.

Due to COVID, I have gone from a 70 hr week to 40 or less, same pay.

Noberus ransomware gets info-stealing upgrades, targets Veeam backup software


Re: Solution seems to be obvious

Yep. That is what I thought. So I blocked all outbound applications and turned on logging. No luck. Seems to be a thing now days. SONICWALL does the same thing. Try blocking it trying to phone home from the firewall, it does the “these are not the packets you are looking for”.

Android - tunnel all to a firewall and block all and you will still see traffic outside the vpn.


Re: Solution seems to be obvious

From a disaster recovery standpoint. NEVER use AD on anything you will need to restore your network. I know of one location that had a VBlock with the AD server running in a VM. They could not login into the Vblock to bring up the AD server (did not set to auto start).

Never EVER use the same password on your backup you use on anything else.

Build a backup proxy, Pull the source and place the backup. Backup and Source can't talk. Don't trust MS, use vlans and ACL or firewall rules.


I got so pissed at every program I install wants to phone home or become useless due to an unwanted update that you can't even tell if there is a virus outbound connection that I wrote a program that every time the screen saver comes on, it changes the gateway to an address not used. If there is a local thing I need my computer to do at that time, I add a static route. I keep a running log of when the system logged in and out so I can easily verify it use and list of current process that use an internet connection. After logging in and the gateway comes back online, it is like turning on the kitchen light and watching roaches scurry for their hiding places. They get added to the "route to null" list.

Oh, and by the way, Micro$oft application firewall does not block this stuff.

Now's your chance, AI, to do good. Protect endangered eagles from wind turbines



Want to change something? Start by doing yourself and not trying to force someone else to do it your way.


I planted about 180,000 trees on 200 acres. Now I hear the we need to rid ourselves of the co2. My trees need it. I have yet to see a study on how the increase in co2 is linked to the increase in we are seeing green stuff flourishing.

Watch the big birds when they are wind surfing. They get the rise when over open fields and roads. That is where the heat is, and if we go by that, we need to ban all roads.


Re: Brakes?

As one of my buds learned in college power distribution lab,

2 generators

180deg out of phase,

flip switch.

They do stop instantly.

(They rapidly disassemble as well)

Appeals court already under fire for upholding Texas no-content-moderation law


Re: I will throw my 2p worth

I agree. But we are a group of states and each state has a say as individuals. If not, lets just call it America and not the United States.


Re: Consitutaional right to block content and legal precedent?

"It is clearly unconstitutional for the Government to force you to say something you do not wish to say."

But is apparently is not Unconstitutional for them to tell you that you have to buy insurance because you have been born.


I will throw my 2p worth

I get so tired of people telling me what I am, think, and are going to do just because of my skin color and where I live.

I believe that twit/ face have the right to republish anything they want or not. They own the content (if I read the fine print correctly). I also believe I have the right to sue the crap out of them for / if lies they publish about me.

I believe in the individual, they are unique and all can contribute and should left alone when not bothering someone else.

I believe one person one vote. I feel that there would not have been a Jan 6 if the courts had actually heard the evidence. If you disagree, please go to the americanbar.org and read each one and you will see the reasons they did not hear it. Let's just use a block chain tech so someone can verify their vote did count. That will stop a lot of this.

I believe any fines any government agency levies go directly to the effected party. NEVER put in the "general fund". I am still waiting on the state to send the promised Lottery profit to the schools.

I believe BOTH parties are trying to divide us so they can profit. The media companies sure are.

I believe in the Constitution of the US as it was written and intended.

I believe in hearing an opposing view. It is how I learn.

I believe Hillary should face charges for the mail server and classified doc's on it, and then I will pay attention to what Trump is accused of. It is all a bunch of crap

I believe the reason the Jan6 thing is so big and the Antifa riots are not is because it was the bureaucrats that had someone breaking down THIER doors.

For these ideas I am told I am a threat to democracy.

There is a lot of injustice in the world. Working together, taking to each other without hiding behind some twit/face we can solve it. Speak up, don't allow violence, and don't allow someone to Label you. You are important and an individual.

US warns cryptominers must cut power use to avoid busting US carbon goals


Re: Comparing wax apples with silk poppies

Upvote from me as well because you put the time and effort to let us know your take on it and your time has value to me. Bitcoin and others are the same as the dollar. If you can’t buy anything with it, then it is worthless.

Our time is all we have. Make it worthwhile to your self and hopefully any extra will have worth in trade for something you value. What I hate is the loss of my value (time) by all the middleman in the transaction taking a cut without adding value.


Re: Comparing wax apples with silk poppies

Actually I do. I worked and built the infrastructure for 20 years in banking. Specifically the card systems.

Let’s start with the receiving bank with all the buildings and power for them, employees, and what it requires for them to get to work. Next is the network infrastructure owned by say ,MasterCard, and the buildings and all those employees. Then finally the bank with the account the money comes from and all it takes. And don’t forget the bloated federal wing of money stuff.

Bitcoin cuts thru all of that, seller / buyer / network.

Bitcoins that I mined uses ASIC not GPU, that is ETH. Is it wasteful? Heck yes. That is the point. It cost to create it, so it has value. The dollar requires a lot less and you and I have no control over how much is created.

If someone has a better idea how to trade now is the time to speak up. I had 30% of my on hand cash value taken from me in the last calendar year, just like everyone else.


Re: Comparing wax apples with silk poppies

The whole point of Bitcoin is it cost you something to make it. Unlike the paper dollars.

If you want a true comparison, you will need to add all the infrastructure, buildings, Datacenters and Telcom requires to process one card or check transaction from one bank account to another. I have no doubt bitcoin is cheaper in that respect, but it does not scale well and in its current form will never replace our current system.

What should concern everyone is to battle inflation the US is wrecking the economy instead of making the one thing we all use - energy - cheaper which would stabilize inflation. We need to be strong to be able to move to low carbon solutions not starving and out of work.

Windows 11 update blocking some users from logging in


Re: There are really an awful lot of things to complain about, but this isn't one of them

“ not documented “

And that is why I skipped the article and went straight to the comments. Thanks guys for posting your comments and fixes.

Microsoft to stop accepting checks from partners


Direct access to your bank account

ACH is a direct draw from your account for whatever they want. You wake up one morning and there is nothing in your account. This is from the same guys that last nights patch did a bsod on your server.

If you can catch it, you contest it and the bank charges it back.

So if I get this right, the latest OS wants your phone number, now they want access to your bank account?

Why bother with warrants when cops can buy location data for under $10k?


Re: Don't let any old app access your location data!

Think of your phone being rooted. What you change in the settings will not have the desired effect.

To test this, grab a laptop with wireshark on it. Plug it into a destination mirrored port on a switch.

Pass the wireless wan connection thru the switch using the source mirror port.

Turn off cellular on the phone and attach to your wireless.

You will see that there is nothing on the phone you can change (without a bit of hacking) that will stop it completely from calling home.

I went one step further and did a tunnel all on the phone to a firewall and blocked stuff there. It went around the vpn.

I want an app that will send out bogus location info to make me look like I am in lots of locations.

I would buy that in a heartbeat.

California to try tackling drought with canal-top solar panels


Re: 372 miles

How about one step further, use ocean water and solar panels. Quick web search:

“The theoretical absolute minimum amount of energy required by natural osmosis to desalinate average seawater is approximately 1 kilowatt-hour per cubic meter (kwh/m3) of water produced, or 3.8 kilowatt-hours per thousand gallons (kwh/kgal). The actual SWRO energy requirement in the 1970’s was 7.0 to 9.0 kwh/m3 (26-34 kwh/kgal). With recent technological advancements and innovations in high efficiency pumps, energy recovery systems and overall higher efficiency plants, the actual expected consumed energy has reduced to 2.5 to 3.5 kwh/ m3 (10-13 kwh/kgal)”

Sephora to pay $1.2m to settle Cali privacy law claims – and why this is a big deal


Regardless of what side you are on, take a look at how the 2000 mules video acquired the data to support their clams. With enough money, you can track anyone. The info is for sale.

Think you can block it?

I did a test on an Android phone. Installed a VPN in tunnel all mode to a firewall that blocked everything except DNS and one website. Sniffing the WiFi signal it showed google bypassing the tunnel to phone home and upload data.


PC store told it can't claim full cyber-crime insurance after social-engineering attack


Re: Closer to being insurance fraud

So if they click (or have preview pane open) on an email link and a rule is added to bcc all emails to the bad guys, it is still social engineering?

We have seen fraud well in excess of the $600k in each step;

Create a domain the looks like the targets and get the customer to redirect payment.

Get accounting to believe the CEO approved the transfer and get it that way.

Get the bank to allow access to the account and send it out.

Get the bank to think you are the new CFO and send you a fob so you can do wires.

All initiated by an outlook exploit. So do we go by the fact they were compromised or that they were tricked by the opportunity it created?

Oh Deere: Farm hardware jailbroken to run Doom


Re: I love the corn rows in the game. Great mod.

Tried the same with SONICWALL sslvpn appliance. Even sent them the money for the cd of the open code. Been 15 years. Still nothing.

US CHIPS Act: Getting the funding is just the start


Re: Nutcase

If this is referring to the last president,

I don’t trust the media but I am hearing there is a full fledged war going on and that Europe folks are going to be cold this winter - because of politics.

The current president from day one shut down our chances of helping out friends out so when your children are freezing you might re think who your friends are.

From the rural areas of the states, we apologize for the hardships the current one has brought upon you by actions and the embarrassment the words of the last one spoke and above all for our lying media pointing out every flaw in our leaders so they can pit us against each other.

This is what to expect when a managed service provider gets popped


Re: It's the criminal "Value chain"

Things to be careful of because I have see it:

If you use a Remote Desktop support service, don’t cache the password.

When using a service provider with a vpn, it goes on the dmz. They don’t care if the everyones networks are linked.

As a MSP, don’t use the same account with the same password for each customer.

Keep those passwords in an encrypted password program, restrict and monitor their use and for heavens sake - don’t put everyone in a single file/db with the same password.

Remember, windows is so nice to use your computer’s credentials to rdp to another server. If you are not familiar with that one, look it up. Had a BOFH loose his system while he was fighting to regain control of the compromised , fully patched MS Datacenter instance. Passwords were not the same on both systems.

Guys, please post hard learned ways to protect.

DARPA seeks portable muon-making machine to see through almost anything


Re: negative 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Can we call the “Eye of Sauron” ?

Intel, other chipmakers boost lobbying spend to get CHIPS Act passed


Re: How Much ?

Personally I believe that our US congress should be prevented from benefiting from stock trading.

The same with fines and forfeitures. It should go to those effected without the officials getting a dip from it.

In the states, you can be pulled over on a pretext stop and if you have cash, they take it and make up something about you were about to buy drugs. They have a gun, and if you fight it, you will be shot. Highway robbery. The founding fathers wrote about this in simple English on a few sheet of paper that is only remembered when the thieves swear to uphold it to get into office.

I still firmly believe that there are civil servants that are here to assist and protect us.

Smart thermostat swarms are straining the US grid


Another reason to work from home. You get to sleep in till the sun rises or let’s just not start work till 10 and be home before 5


Re: Nothing new - just a bigger scale

I have a kin that installs units. A recent customer requested a thermostat for each office. The customer did not want it connected to anything, just make it appear it was working.

Solved the problem with half hot and the other cold.

Now if it would just fix the problem of the heaters under the desk plugged into the ups...,,

Fujitsu: Ammonia could power datacenters in the near future


And meanwhile in Texas...

110 in the shade.

ERCOT " Could you please not plug in your electric car or use your air conditioning from 2 till 8 tonight? The wind is not blowing."

I hope I live long enough to see us crack the energy storage / retrieval problem.

Just for reference, I am for solar and wind - when properly designed to handle the load and has redundancy.

Broadcom's VMware buy got you worried? Give these 5 FOSS hypervisors a spin


Re: Lackluster article

Sorry, Did not read the article. Went straight to the comment section so I could get real world info.

Thanks Guys

Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff


Re: as a cartoon once said ..

A decent Internet is the only requirement for us to work from home.

We're now truly in the era of ransomware as pure extortion without the encryption


Re: Kill the cryto, stop the scam

If you want to get rid of Cryptos, come up with a solution it is attempting to solve. Anytime a government wants to pay for a war, social program or just line them or their friends pockets, they print money. In the states, we lost 30% of our savings, income and retirement in the last year because of the printing presses.

Money has 2 variables, what it's value to you and the total quantity out there.

In bitcoin the quantity is fixed, leaving the value up to you.

In dollars the quantity is unlimited and you have no control over that, leaving only what it is worth to you.

A good example is the latest "gun" bill Biden signed. I recommend everyone read it. (if you can get your hands on the actual bill). I read the draft. It is not what either party represents it as. It is all about millions of dollars going to orgs that I have never heard of. I have no confidence that it will help anyone is supposed to help.

EV battery can reach full charge in 'less than 10 minutes'


Re: Full charge in 10 minutes?

That would only last till the manufacture hires the bean counter from IBM or hp working and requires a “branded” battery for 10 times the cost.

Quantum internet within grasp as scientists show off entanglement demo


Re: Faster than light, not

Quick question.

Do you still have entanglement when one is located in an object accelerating to the speed of light?

BOFH: Where do you think you are going with that toner cartridge?


Re: HP Laserjet 5

I have a theory,

only the good stuff last so we tend to think stuff was built better back then.

Broadcom to 'focus on rapid transition to subscriptions' for VMware


Re: Market churn

I remember when they started.

Hardware failed, new hardware requires new OS that requires new app software that requires new drivers that don’t support anything u have.

Lots of churn.

Hardware fails, it is a VM so move to another piece of hardware. Done. No churn.

That was worth something, but the cat is out of the bag and we have choices.

The no churn is Bad for the industry. So force it:

1. Buggy software, churn

2. Security issues (see #1), churn

3. “ end of life /support”, churn

4. And the latest - “supply chain issues” , churn

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment


Re: unintentional DoS? How about unintentional spreading virus ?

In the process of checking a laptop for a virus, I discovered it what appeared to be a virus connecting to another computer. On a non-standard port, without login, not on the same domain or even have the same credentials, transfer files. I could not find where there way ANY security challenges in the trace.

I was using a mirrored port on a switch with another device using wireshark watching the conversation.

After research I found this behavior to be the "new" method to do windows and application updates. (I consider outlook to not be part of the OS). It fell to this method when it could not talk to an WUS server. Just how fsk stupid can they get? I have no doubt they have some idea that they can verify something an all is well. That has always worked soooo well.

I would like to hear from you guys about this. I have found turning the "feature" off only is good till the next update.

Please, no gloating from the Apple or Linux guys.

Plans for Dutch datacenter to warm thousands of homes


Re: I'd like more details!

Our hot Isle is producing 95f deg air. This is dumped directly into the building halls during the winter months and vented outside during the summer.

It is a constant fight to get the customers to understand the concept of hot / cold isle. When you have a device blowing into the cold isle, it usually stays in the rack and is pulled into a server. I have seen temps as high as 130f.

No matter what you do, the women will have a heater under the desk and junk piled around and on top of the workstation preventing it from breathing.