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More than half of companies rethinking back-to-office plans amid variant uncertainty and vaccine mandates – survey


Re: Office half full or office half empty?

New app idea. Share your weekly ticket with someone else when you are not using it. Buy the full week, share cost

Don't gripe if you hand your PC to Geek Squad and they rat you out to the Feds – judge


Re: offers $500 bounties


Chain of custody.

Had a highway cop come to me for an assist. He was getting fired because they said he did not turn in a report on time. It appears their forensic team could not figure out the difference between file creation date and last access date of the file.

And our freedom depends on these guys?

US proposes tracking digital cash and taxing it to pay for, you know, roads and stuff


Re: What happens when....

. The US sent Yellen around recently to convince other governments to have a minimum tax rate or at least similar rates. Competition is the only way to prevent excessive tax to value from governments and they know it.

If businesses do “price fixing” with other businesses, the government goes after them in the interest of the people.

Guess this goes to prove the government only remembers it is for the people when it does not interfere with it’s funding.

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Not really worried about it. How long do you think the battery is going to last with this running on the phone? At some point they will achieve critical drain and we will have to keep it plugged in all the time.

BOFH: They say you either love it or you hate it. We can confirm you're going to hate it


Re: Where are you going with that tape

The first time i went to our disaster site test with the core system Sysadmin I thought it was odd that he brought 2 tapes as I knew the backup data would fit on one.

He says “learn from experience”. He placed the first tape in the dr vendors tape unit and it promptly ate it.

An hour later the unit was cleared of the sacrifice and the data one was installed and read without issue.

He said it happens every time and the every time the vendor promised it would not happen again.

On this most auspicious of days, we ask: How many sysadmins does it take to change a lightbulb?


Re: Facilities are to blame

Another true event....

Walking by help desk I was stopped by one of the girls. She wanted to know if I was familiar with the "MOPPS" system and the users was having a printer issue. After a good 15min of user interrogation, we were able to get her reconnected to the print server.

At that point the cube buzz started to reach a crescendo as we tried to find out who had added a new unauthorized print server to the network.

In an effort to find out, I asked the user what department they worked in.... they said Lab1. Ok, odd, what building are you in? "Annex". I told her we are in the "Annex" and there is no Lab1 here. What STREET are you on? Ok, that is correct, so I knew this was going to be an odd request to the user but "WHAT COMPANY DO YOU WORK FOR"? - It was the hospital next door to the bank we were in. Their help desk number was only 1 digit off from our number. The odds of that were astronomical.

After we finished the call the little newbie help desk girl asked ; Should we call the their help desk and let them know their users are calling us?

Nope. Instead lets send out an email to the accounting department, you know the ones that complain about us not having backups of their excel files they keep storing locally, and let them know the new number for support for word and excel.

We got away with it for at least 2 months till they implemented department costing and figured it out.


Re: Anything with a power lead, except the kettle

Usr: There is a beeping noise coming from under my desk and computer is not working.

Tech: Unplug the heater under your desk and throw it away.

Usr: I don't have a heater under my desk and how would you know?

Tech: Your a woman, it is the thing that is keeping your feet warm. It is always the problem, that is why they are banned.

- a few moments pass

Usr: Ok but now it is making a clicking - buzzing noise and I am smelling smoke.

Tech: - On my way.

At the desk- User had now unplugged the UPS from the wall to plug in the heater, then plugged in the ups into it's self.

Tech: Can I borrow a pair of scissors?

Tech: I found the problem (handing the Usr the the heater without the cord). We will have to replace the UPS and bill that to your department.

Usr: How am I going to keep my feet warm?

Tech: I don't know, socks maybe?

- True story.

Lawn care SWAT team subdues trigger-happy Texan... and other stories


I don’t understand closing the bars - is not alcohol an antiseptic?

Is there any stats on drunk COVID infections?


Re: Bloody hell, nobody told me the police would cut my lawn!

In a lot of the major cities they will cut your yard or lot if you don't maintain it yourself.

Unfortunately this is the first step of removing the owner from his home. The city will place a lien on the property to pay it's self for the unsolicited work performed, lawyer fees and fines. Next step will to to foreclose on the property and sell it on the court house steps. The sheriff will then show up and remove him at gunpoint.

This whole process takes months, I guess this guy decided skip ahead and get it over with.

IT management biz Kaseya's VSA abused to infect businesses with ransomware


Re: What do they want? "The state does not want"

Gun control: "Guns kill people, I don't want to die so lets get rid of guns"

Gun owners: "Stop trying to take away my protection, I don't want to die"

Law enforcement: "I just need to make my ticket quota, please don't shoot me"

Politicians: "Let's keep both side divided and we will have a job for life"

Media: "Lets highlight only the extremes on both sides and we can sell anything"

Me: "A 400lb Non-radioactive wild hogs can kill people to. They are covered in mud, so it requires a high caliber rifle to stop them and if you are not a good shot, you better have a high capacity magazine."

I will not print or shoot a printed gun. Just too dangerous. If we can just stop the Politicians and Media from dividing us, we might be able to find a solution that will make us all safe.

PrintNightmare: Kicking users from Pre-Windows 2000 legacy group may thwart domain controller exploitation


I guess that explains it

3 months ago, a customers fully patched domain controller was compromised by system account creating an domain admin account named “Quickbooks User” then crypto locked by the bad guys.

I was wondering how they compromised across the network, using the system account that Microsoft says can’t be accessed via a network connection.

Love to hear what you guys have seen.

Latest phones are great at thwarting Wi-Fi tracking. Other devices, not so much – study


Re: Issues

Well, there goes my dhcp scope at the pub

Samsung shows off rollable and foldable displays, suggests they'll arrive in 2022


Re: Meanwhile at Microsoft


If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all: El Reg takes Twitter's anti-mean algorithm for a spin


Re: I don't think that word means what you think it means

I think it would be a fun test. Maybe we could start a competition to see who could provoke the AI into action.

Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger


Re: A big battery in Texas

I stand corrected on the power from the wind turbines. I went back and looked it up. Data is from the ERCOT site. On 2 /15 I sent this out to my guys:

We are only getting 4,435 MW from the wind generators down from 5,400 MW at midnight.

I am not advocating increasing wind usage.

48 ways you can avoid file-scrambling, data-stealing miscreants – or so says the Ransomware Task Force


Re: Reactive, not Proactive

Agree with making it someone else’s problem.

But before you put your business or paycheck in the cloud, make sure who you dealing with. Parlor found that out the hard way. They have proven that they will decide what value your business is to them, not what you value your business.

In some cases the cloud is perfect. Risk assessment on a per individual basis is a must for all business. Fire, theft, Government, connectivity, employees, managers, owners, on and on. Your quality of life is dependent on how well you mitigate risk.


Re: Most of this is about creating committees ...

From my dealings with them:

Shadow copies are deleted

Adminstrative accounts are created with the system account.

Any backups that are accessible by network are deleted / destroyed / encrypted, Including trashing tape infrastructure.

Takes more than a day to rebuild from bare metal just to be able to restore from tape.

Esxi host are safer than Microsoft host.

They are smart and know you and your network before encrypting the systems.

They start the encryption on late Sunday night.

If you RDP into the infected server, they can infect your pc as well. (Did not believe it till I saw it)

Their objective is to make you hurt as much as possible.

Don’t look to government for solutions, their only tools are more regulation and committees. When It is your butt on the line, keep your backups offline.

Traffic lights, who needs 'em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout


Re: Er ...

We like the power companies, it’s the moron management that thought it would be a good idea to turn off the power to the plants that produced the nat gas used in the plants that we don’t like. The lines froze and the gas stopped flowing. We also did not care for the idiots that figured we would not need wind gen when it was cold.

US Supreme Court puts a stop to FTC extracting big bucks from crooks to refund victims


Re: disgorgement

Agreed as well. It is congress that makes the laws, it is the court that supposed to decide if the law was applied correctly regardless if it is fair or not. The gov does not want to share any of the fines, taxes, licenses or any other name for that income.

Take for instance the "affordable care act". It would only work if the government was able to fine and collect from anyone that decided not to join. Obviously it is against the constitution to force anyone to pay a private entity just because you exist. So, they called it a tax (payable to the insurance corp) and a fine (to the government) if you did not pay. I am not stating anything about the act as I know folks that have been hurt and helped by it just that a fine is another way to bleed the people. The scum, as in this case should lose everything and work as slaves till they pay back every penny to the PEOPLE that they cheated. We have already paid the government via taxes to create and enforce laws that protect its citizens.

I am not anti government, just anti bureaucracy.

QNAP caught napping as disclosure delay expires, critical NAS bugs revealed


Re: A safe connection to the Internet

Qnap was one of the first to have a cost effective box where you could put your own drives in running NFS.

Adding one as a datastore on your ESX server makes a great backup device for a small or medium size biz.

Over the years, it has gained more functionality and plugins. I turn all of it off when using it as a nas. I also block all outbound at the firewall or simply don’t put dns or a gateway in the static IP settings and run local.

Met these guys at a trade show in Vegas when they were just getting started. They were originally sold as devices for video storage and were amazed that they were selling as fast as they were. I told them that not all of us can afford a EMC box and with the constant updates, supported drives and low cost made it a winner.

It is like a Swiss Army knife, handy but Lock it down when you put it in your network.

We can't avoid it any longer. Here's a story about the NFT mania... aka someone bought a JPEG for $69m in Ether


Re: It just goes to show ...

How much did they pay in TAXES? You have sales tax and don't forget.. the "voluntary" income tax. In the states, that wold be %23 long term capital gains on the current value of the transaction.

Buy ether for $3 and hold for a few years.

It gets to $1400 as you trade it back and forth during a calendar year and last day of the year you trade between Bitcoin and Ether, never once going to Fiat currency.

Come January, it drops. Feb, Drops more... March, April... Oh no, must pay taxes.

Ether is now $300 - %21 of its Dec 31 value and you now owe %2 more in taxes, in US dollars, than all the crypto you have. You have to convert it into cash and If you think you can take that HUGE loss and apply it to the current year, NOPE. You can only take off a max of $3000 each year for the rest of your life.

It is still called "voluntary tax" but if you don't pay, someone will show up at your house with a gun and force you to volunteer your stuff.

House Republicans introduce legislation for outright ban on municipal broadband in the US


Electric company network

Oncore has their own internet. Look at a high voltage power line - the top ground line has fiber in it. They also lease bandwidth, but it is not as reliable as carriers because red neck hunters get bored and take pot shots at the ground wire.

Other Swepco has towers for point to point.


Rural connectivity.

My experience with rural connectivity:

Governments manage, they don’t build

A local government entity has $100s of thousands granted to them to create the method to create the information on how to determine what broad band is available. They have been at this stage for 7 years.

Big telco / cable will not build. Not enough profit in it.

Federal grants are never used for the last mile. Only city to city fiber where there is already connectivity.

Co-ops work great, IF you have the right ones running it.

So the current and best solution is created by us, the readers and posters of this form. We built the damm thing ourselves. We put up towers, use everything from 900mhz to 2.5ghz. What ever it took and we did not see a single penny from any government entity. So as far as I am concerned, they can just leave us alone and they can build their own if they think they can.

I am looking forward to Elon’s planetary shield / LEO internet satellite service. The government is not building that one either.

Amazon coughs up $62m to shoo away claims it stole driver tips, cut pay rates without telling them


Re: Utterly absurd ...

When you pay 62mil to the government, it is a bribe to look the other way. Bribes are often called fines or licenses to hide what they really are. If I were to charge you to allow you to do something threaten you if you don’t, it would be extortion. If I threaten to do damage to you for something you had done, but not to me, it would be blackmail. Government would be for the people if the whole amount goes to those effected. They were already paid by our taxes to enforce the law and that is all they should get.

Video games were 'Eureka!' moment that helped boffins simulate neural activity on a single commodity GPU


Large use of gpu

How about using a ether mining rig?

Synology to enforce use of validated disks in enterprise NAS boxes. And guess what? Only its own disks exceed 4TB


If it has a removable drive tray....

Then it needs to have a disclaimer in a pre-purchase statement that it will ONLY support branded drives. Qnap has a page on their site a list of tested drives that work with their product. Never had an issue with them.

Biden administration pauses ban on Chinese tech companies suspected of military entanglements


Re: Since the moderators are extremely bias

I have stated stuff here that would have gotten me banned on Twitter. Posted fine for me.

Apple emits emergency iOS security updates while warning holes may have been exploited in wild by hackers


Re: Once.....

Will that be the only thing the update changes?

I have a iPhone 6 that is basically a tea warmer due to an update. Charge lasted a day and half, after the update ( and subsequent updates) it last 5 min after unplug.

Last update to my Apple TV messed up remote turning the tv on and introduced as much as 10sec random delays in my HomeKit.

Last update to my phone removed my ability to use the find iPhone app to find my wife’s phone, she has a different Apple ID. Email now starts with a blank screen, then populates.

I understand that patches can effect an app, but removing basic functionality or the app is not a patch. For the Apple guys, yes I did spend a few hours on all the recommendations to restore the functionality back to what I had purchased.

Give us a way back so we are not gambling that the device will be useless after an update.

I will continue to use their product, but will never trust the updates.

With depressing predictability, FCC boss leaves office with a list of his deeds... and a giant middle finger to America



I have to give him a fail as well.

He did the right thing killing the so called "Net neutrality". If you can find a copy on the internet, you will find it specifically has an exemption blocking or throttling of the "content providers". "Net Neutrality my A##

He did the wrong thing by not re-writing it and removing that and other junk and giving us a clean regulation that required the ISPs to provide the clean bandwidth we pay for.

The second fail, I AM STILL GETTING SPAM CALLS AND TEXT. Give one of us readers the chair for 5 min and we will put a stop that crap. Remove the caller ID protection that benefits the carriers and allow us to see the true source, just like the 911 services.

To the author of this piece: it is clearly written to play to a specific group of people, please leave the bias out of it and be a real investigative reporter. My complaint is you need to research the Net Neutrality regs and give us a clear view of what they really are. We need to stop them from trying to lock us into more of the same without providing us what they tell us it is for - or, are you the one working for the cable companies and clouding the issues...

The only side I am advocating for is for all of us and I am tired of getting the short stick and lied to from these bureaucrats, They are both sides are the same coin.

The Novell NetWare box keeps rebooting over and over again yet no one has touched it? We're going on a stakeout


Re: Hands up who thought it would be the cleaner again

“ one for servers/PCs/etc, the other for vacuums ”

L5-15 or L5-20 twist lock usually does the trick.

Vacuum cleaners happen a lot. If you have the pull during the build out, place the plugs about a foot above head height. What we call a server closet, others call a storage room and a well places box will rip a standard height plug out of the wall.

Trump silenced online: Facebook, Twitter etc balk at insurrection, shut the door after horse bolts and nearly burns down the stable


isn't anyone going to stick up for this idiot?

Actually there was about 70 million that voted for him and 30 million or so now don’t trust the election process anymore. News and discussion blackouts have made it worse, not better. The last failsafe this country has is the ability to remove those in power that the majority of states citizens believe have wronged them. Everyone must believe they get a rematch in 2 years.

Remember, we are a nation of states. Even with the grandstanding (fundraising process) congress understands this. The idiots that tried to stop that process need to read up on how this country was formed. States had decided who they wanted to be president and that was how they made it public.

We have to have a better election process. (Block chain?). We are tech guys and know that systems can be altered either by those that designed it or by bad actors. We all can make the difference. Every time someone says Trump is an idiot or Biden is senile, it pushes us closer to the edge.

You should concentrate on the policies of these administrations and if they carry them out to your satisfaction.

Understand - THE FUSE HAS BEEN LIT. We no longer have a failsafe.

Understand the other half of the country, listen to their FACTS and respond with FACTS.

We all are being played - follow the money. We need to stop being used , divided and distracted

$900bn coronavirus stimulus bill includes $600 for most Americans, $50 in monthly internet subsidies, $1.9bn to help rid the US of Huawei kit



Really? If you take the total amount given so far, it would equal about $25,000 for every citizen in the US. In most, over $100,000 per household. That would have fix the problem, year off for everyone!

Our overlords have decided we come last. Please post if you come up with a better number.

Dodgy procedures doomed Arianespace's Vega before it even left the launchpad


Re: Are they really saying there were no design issues?

Red plug, red socket. Blue plug, blue socket. It is all about decreasing the chance of error. Color coded connectors will not stop mistakes, but it helps find them.

Color blind? Well....

The best wiring guy i have is color blind. In terminating a cable, he looks at the twist on the cat6 wires to determine which wire goes where.

European Space Agency will launch giant claw that drags space junk to its doom


Re: They should have gone with the James bond scoop design

I know some of you can do the math on this to see if it can be done.

Send a device with a cable a mile long. Send the cable out sideways to grapple the junk. Then as the device is circling the junk, reel in the cable using solar power. Then release towards the next object. You will have either increased the speed of your device or decreased the speed of the junk.

Max Schrems is back... and he's challenging Apple's 'secret iPhone advertising tracking cookies' in Europe


Re: They just don't get it.

They just want you to know that you paid too much.

Election security fears doused with reality: Top officials say Nov 3 'was the most secure in American history.' The end

Black Helicopters

Fraud or not? I can only go on my experience, so here is what happened on election day to me.

I was the 3rd in line and the system was down for an hour before a workaround could be found. Our county voting system consist of 2 parts, one that uses an ipad to verify the persons voting info and loggs they voted and then prints out a barcode that is handed to the bored poll worker that scans it into the old electronic voting booth device. The Ipad application was not working. It appeared to be a DB issue. After about 45 min someone must have figured it out because it started working, but would not print out the barcode. As the always helpful tech, I recommended that they reboot the ipad. An odd thing came up as soon as they had the home screen up, "Update completed, your device is set to auto update" or some such thing. Yep, another apple update borked an app. Conspiracy? I don't think so. They do this to everyone.

Recently Apple did an update to my AppleTv and now I have to manually turn on the tv with it's remote and it takes as much a 10seconds for the homekit to turn on a light. When I updated my phone, they removed the Find My Phone app and replaced it with Find Me. Removing the option to login into my wifes account to help her find her phone. I could use the web but it requires the code that is sent to the lost phone.

Is there fraud? Yes I have no doubt as I have seen it. Is there problems with the tech used in the hands of people that can't send an email? Yes, and it is more than likely where the voting anomalies we are seeing are coming from.

To solve the problem, they just made up a code and entered it in the old system. Last time I voted, the old system switched my vote from one party to the first party on the ballot. I check it up to tech that is rarely used and deal with it.

Samsung to introduce automatic call blocking on Android 11-capable flagships


Re: How does it work?

First rule of politics: Never actually solve a problem - a crisis should never be wasted and attack those that do. If we were able to receive the same caller ID information that the 911 services get, we would be able to block it. The phone companies are making too much money to let this get fixed. This can only be stopped by the likes of the readers of the REG. We can choose if we are willing to allow them to use our route thru our networks. And we can deny them rack space in our data centers. I did and it felt awfully dam good.

USA decides to cleanse local networks of anything Chinese under new five-point national data security plan


Did not down vote but...

"All this because Trump has business loans with China in the 10's of millions.."

Please post sources. Something like "Joe Biden bragging about how he threatened to pull $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukraine if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin". I tend to sort of believe it when there is a video of him saying it.

I like to be informed and there is a lot of BS from both sides out there, and it is on purpose to keep the "Us" or "Them" thing going. Divide, misdirect, half truths and I am not just talking about "Tump vs Biden" thing. Create a crisis if you want to hide something. Create mistrust if you want control. Divide and you shall conquer.

So I did a test. Wife and I were coming up on our first wedding anniversary. She sleeps on the left, I on the right. I told her that her year was up in a few days and it is my turn for the left side. The closer to the day to change, the more she was upset (must be a big thing for women). On the day of change, I told her that I wanted her to decide what side of the bed she wanted. She thought that I was the greatest.

Point was, I did not intend to change. I created a problem, just like the politicians, then came up with a solution and was the hero. The point I am trying to make is THEY (us or them again) create the issues for their own gain. When "us or them" talk this method fails. Don't blindly take someones word for it or state it as if it was fact without proving it to yourself first. I get more truthful information from the comment section that I get from the news. Keep it coming guys.

Got a pre-A12 iPhone? Love jailbreaks? Happy Friday! 'Unpatchable tethered Boot ROM exploit' released

Black Helicopters

Who is really installing patches / updates

After apple made a cup warmer (15 min battery life) out of my phone with an iOS update and then not allowing me to go back, I hesitate to install another update once it is out of warranty.

What about bing? Seem every time windows does an update,bing comes back. And how about Micro$oft locking us into their App Store?

I am all for updates to fix an issue, as long as it is not to fix their sales. I would like to see a poll of how many people are afraid of doing an update because it will break something as compared to it will be hacked.

American ISPs fined $75,000 for fuzzing airport's weather radar by stealing spectrum



"About the only good thing,,,,will die from firearms". Why do you think it is a good thing for people to die? I would not even say these things in jest.

So, if you own a car, you or your family are more than likely to die from it? Should Darwin Award apply here also?

Live and raised on a farm. We own several guns and our family takes the time and effort to teach our children how to load, shoot and store guns properly. Back in the 70s, in agg class, we were also taught how to properly use and operate guns. NOT an AK47 or machine gun but rifles and hand guns. We even brought them to school.

Our day would start a dawn. You go feed the livestock. If there was a coyote or other predator you killed it before it killed a calf. Otherwise your gun stayed in the gun rack, even when you were at school.

We now have an issue with wild hogs. They roll in the mud so their skin is pretty much bullet proof. They are wild and deadly. They will kill anything in their way, including women and children. If you don't have a high power RIFLE (not a hand gun) with multiple shots you will be hurt or killed.

There is a time and place for everything. A rifle the will shoot 3000 yards has no place in the city. A fully automatic firearm is illegal for everyone except a few. They are no more than dangerous expensive toys.

Proper gun safety is no longer taught in our rural schools, so we have these morons that call themselves "Hunters" that drive the back roads looking for Deer to kill. They shoot regardless of what might be behind the dear, usually our homes.

In our state, more Deer, Hogs, Dogs, Cats and Armadillos are kill by Fords, Chev, Doge, and Toyota's than by guns.

Our vulture listened to four hours of obtuse net neutrality legal blah-blah so you don't have to: Here's what's happening


Re: Thank you

I agree, a single provider is a problem. No competition, so it won't get better.

In the early days of the phones, bell could not provide phones to the rural customers. The build out cost would never get a return. So the government subsidized by either giving them tax money collected from phone customers or exclusive areas of operations. Cities did the same for cable builds.

Even tho now everyone that wanted a phone line has one, where is the Tax money been going for the last couple of decades? During the Obama era there were grants given to provide access for everyone to fast internet to their homes. This money went to the best proposals from the ISPs. Problem was, in typical government fashion,the only proposals approved were the ones between Cities, which we already had plenty of an competition in abundance. The proposals for the "Last Mile" were never funded keeping the local ISP free of competition and us with crappy service - and don't forget, the taxes are still on the phone bill.

Things have change the cost model a lot recently. With the advent of 4g services and fiber to the cell sites, we now have another option for rural America. I built a 2 hop long haul connection (27 miles) so I could have service 2 years ago. I don't even attempt to maintain it now because I have a AT$T hot spot for $25 per month that provides me with 25mbps on a regular basis. They say it is unlimited and although I don't believe it, but I have not seen it throttled yet.

The ISPs big city markets are tapped out so major changes have happened in the last year. They are now going after the smaller and rural cities. They are fighting among themselves for the last scraps of the market and it is in their best interest to have the government in control of the internet, which they can control via the courts or politics. (using your tax money by the way) If we can just keep the government out of the internet for another year it will be too late for them to stop the competition.

That said, there was a good article the Reg did where one of the guys tested the Verizon claim of speed and access.


Re: Just do it like..

The power companies here do have massive fiber infrastructure, but have stayed out of the last mile. They are providing connectivity between cities, but hardly anyone knows about it. I don't understand why they are only are using it to operate smart meters.


Re: Thank you

I agree, good write up.

The problem is the rule as written did nothing for the consumer. If you can find a copy of it, read it. Completely misleading. It was all about the big providers controlling the internet via the paid for politicians. The next one will be all about the same control just like the last one but with a fresh coat of paint. It will be under the guise of "we are just here to help" and it does not matter who is in charge

Here is what we all want :

We pay $x for x speed at x reliability at less than x latency.

We don't need the FCC involved, it is a simple agreement with the provider. If they slow down another providers content, it is a breach of contract and theft. Sue them. There are plenty of unemployed lawyers out there.

You guys remember the AT$T unlimited plan? You got unlimited data for x a month. AT$T went back on their contract and throttled customers. This fell 100% under the FCC's jurisdiction. They had regulations in place to deal with it - The FCC did not do squat. Class action lawsuit and BAM problem solved. And not just with AT$T, the other carriers did not try it after that either.

We don't need the FCC to do anything involving the internet. They already have jurisdiction over the tel cos, and they have not even bothered to find out where the fake caller id calls are coming from, much less force the telcos to forward the originating info to us so we can deal with it. Too much money being made.

Right now it is like divorce lawyers making sure the couple are mad at each other so they can drag it out for as long as they can. States sue the feds. We are paying for the State lawyers, all of the court cost and the fed side as well. If the telcos are in the fight, we still pay for all of it, taxes and higher phone bills. After you paid all your bills and taxes did you have anything left from you paycheck? We are all getting played.

I can hear the light! Boffins beam audio into ears with freakin' lasers


Weather control?

Or how about a tractor beam, have you seen the audio box where the modulated sound waves coming from speaker on the walls are used to move objects in 3 dimensions?

How about a sound based defense shield?

Apple: You can't sue us for slowing down your iPhones because you, er, invited us into, uh, your home... we can explain


Ohhhh it’s my fault?

My wife’s phone updates. 15 min the battery’s dead. Oh it’s my fault, the battery is too old. Replaced the battery, full charge - dead in 15 min. Oh it’s my fault, you have to update to the latest iOS version. Dead 15 min. Oh, it’s my fault, I have too many apps. Wipe the phone, full charge, dead 15 min. Oh it’s my fault. I am using it wrong, power it off completely and it keeps a charge. Wow! It really was my fault.

It is really a usb coffee cup warmer, I thought it was a phone.

And just to make sure there is no proof, I am not allowed to go back to the original software version.

FCC accused of colluding with Big Cable to game 5G legal challenge


Re: I hope they nail Pai and his cohorts

There is always a bit of boot licking when it comes to the regulatory branch of our government. If it is my property the cell site goes on, i get paid. If it is the city's property, the tax payers. If it is my property and they have to pay the city, it is a tax. It will all be passed on to the consumer.

In the states it is illegal for robo calls. We need a class action lawsuit against the telcos for criminally adding and abetting. They know exactly where the call is coming from. Always have. How do you think they know who to bill? Pass us the full caller I'd info to us and it will stop. We will go BOFH on them.

You heard the latest Chinese CRISPRs? They are real: Renegade bio-boffin did genetically modify baby twins


Yep, we already have genetically altered crops. Even faster growing trees for lumber and paper that are genetically altered. It was suppose to be for a better, stronger - blight and drought resistant crops to "Feed the world". Odd thing, the pine trees don't produce seedlings and the corn seeds won't grow. If you plant the "improved" seeds and it does produce - be prepared to be sued by the major seed suppliers. Within a generation we have lost our unmodified seed stock. You can still get them, but not in a large enough quantity to feed our neighbors.

Goddamn the Pusher man: Nominet kicks out domain name hijack bid


Re: lesson ?

Yep, shure do. And every day I have emails from network solutions hawking some product. EVEN after explicitly opting out of it.

Cyber-insurance shock: Zurich refuses to foot NotPetya ransomware clean-up bill – and claims it's 'an act of war'


Re: An opposing point of view

In my past life I worked for a bank. We did have insurance IT audits.



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