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Equifax peeks under couch, finds 2.4 million more folk hit by breach


Any new idea who took the data?

Last thing I have heard is that it was probably state actors. This was October of 2017 and heard nothing new. Any idea if this was just crap? I would feel better if Russia or China stole this instead of people who want to make money by selling. Did any of the data ever appear to be sold?

White House plan to nuke social security numbers is backed by Equifax's ex-top boss


SSN needs to go

I hope they find something better. When I came to the US I had to learn everything about Social Security Numbers. Little did I know that Americans did not know anything about those. At all!

Everybody I asked had no clue. So to me this system seemed not secure. Especially when I saw that my Health insurance Account number was my SSN. What??

That was 20 years ago and they don't do this anymore but just yesterday I saw a commercial for Medicare, where they bragged that "Next Year" They won't have that number on their cards anymore.

Next Year???

SSNs needs to be changeable. Just like a Credit Card Number that I can change whenever somebody uses it.

Find something better... Please! This is such a ridiculous system.

Nothing matters any more... Now hapless Equifax bags $7.5m IT contract with US taxmen


It's just hopeless. Nothing matters and nothing will change. Those hackers should open credit cards in the name of members of congress and the senate. Maybe then something will change.

Wannacry: Everything you still need to know because there were so many unanswered Qs



Thank you for this. I was waiting for an explanation. And now I got all I need to know in one place and I can give people who ask me a link to this article.



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