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BBC begins fresh Freeview HD TV trial

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Terrestrial TV

"Would it not make sense to plan to ditch terrestrial TV broadcasting, now that freesat is up and running ? "

More people in the UK have Freeview than have Satellite TV ... so no! nearly 80% of households already get Terrestrial Digital TV

I'll let the dust settle on HD (the various HDTV's/BluRay etc ...) before I commit to any new equipment ... but Digital TV is already here ...

Nokia grabs control of Symbian - then gives it away



Symbian : Hacked together hyper extended API with many still propietary add ons to get to do anything useful

iPhone : You will not get the API it is not open .....

Android : Might be open/ might not .....

Openmoko : I think? this is actually an open API .....

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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High Intelligence makes you question

People with High intelligence tend to question things ... including religion, the existence of God etc ... some of them conclude that God exists many don't ....

Most people believe because they were brought up to believe and have never questioned it...

BSA dubs Manchester second worst for piracy


Not all Commerical is the same

Some like Windows/Office etc have open source alternatives, some have possible alternatives (Photoshop/GIMP) which many will not use because of an alien interface or lack of features, some have no alternative

Much of the software piracy in business is unintentional, unnoticed, or ignored

Many of the software developers who contribute to open source projects, write as their jobs the third type of program, many of these are vastly expensive "systems" that no-one could or would want to pirate since most of the cost is installation configuration customisation and maintenance not a price for just the licence (usually the cost of the licence is a minor part of the cost)

Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

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Microsoft seems to be redefining it and then still not "doing" it ...

.. as a company that sells software they cannot embrace open source without breaking their business model?

XAML is a proprietary technology to interface with a proprietary technology none of which is open source but some of which has been opened up so some of the interfaces are known and so it could be reimplemented (and some has been), but some of the technology is patented and so Microsoft could shut down any project they do not approve of at any time ...

MS whips lens cap off WorldWide Telescope

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Celestial Shere

Java based - Web Browser hosted

So already full cross platform

Appears to do everything this piece of MS Cr*p fails to ....


Phorm admits 'over zealous' editing of Wikipedia article



Who wants do buy a discredited company, with a product no-one will admit to buying, and has been shown to lie about the product .... anyone ....

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster


DAB is bad but not as bad as all that ....

A DAB radio in a fixed place on mains power works just fine thanks ....

.. I know several people who are very happy with it

But these people have a DAB radio and are not going to buy another one soon ... that's why the sales figures have fallen off - people who want one have it ...

What's the sales of FM radios like ..?

.. The problem with DAB is when you want it portable (use too much power, all or nothing reception)

.. or in a car - Again all or nothing reception (or bubbling mud....)

But how exactly will internet radio or freeview radio help this - both are non portable (over any useful distance) and cannot be used in cars ...

The thee things that put me off buying DAB

I already have freeview for fixed Digital Radio

The portable radios are bulky, ugly and power hungry

The In Car radios are still expensive and the decent coverage is patchy ...

Satellite Radio - Well if the receivers are cheap, coverage is good, and not power hungry then yes they will do better than DAB ... but I doubt all the above will be true (hey will be expensive, ugly, power hungry, and won't work indoors ....)

Jules Verne creeps up on ISS


GPS in space

As said above the GPS satellites are a lot further out than the ISS

and anyway this is relative GPS - i.e. The Space truck does not care where it is, and does not care where the ISS is, it just cares where it is relative to the ISS - i.e. about to dock or about to crash into it ....

OOXML approved as international standard?


OOXML patented

How many implementations of OOXML are there - 1

How many implementations of OOXML are there that Microsoft will not sue for patent infringements - 1

How many implementations of OOXML will there be in 10 years time - 1

The standard is simply Microsoft Office ....

How the BBC plans to save your ISP


BT is not the problem

BT offered to make all local calls free - Ofcom said no that would be monopolistic (because no-one else could do it)

BT offered to Fibre everyone in the UK but only if they could become a TV provider (like Virgin/SKy all the cable companies) but no that would be a monopoly ...

So we are stuck with a semi monopoly who struggles on with copper and everyone else leeching of them because they don't want to fibre the nation (your ISP almost certainly does not have their own connection they leech off BT Wholesale and so pay by their rules)

The only exception is VirginMedia/NTL who are the result of all the mergers and takeovers of the majority of the cable companies who cabled some (the profitable bits) of the UK

Ex-MS staffer to demo Vista smart card hack

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Yes it's you....

Man works in Team A working on Product X

Man find problem in Product X , reports it, it is not fixed ..

Man leaves to join Company B working on amongst other things Product X (which is why they hired him), points out that the bug still exists and could cause problems

Man announces to the world he will demo the bug to the world (thus allowing Team A to actually have time to fix it...)

Sounds like closed source development to me ....when you don't tell anyone there is a problem don't let anyone leave unless they tell someone....

Microsoft splits Server 2008 for SMB

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this is what you get with MS....

Twenty versions of the same software, all at seemingly random prices and no way to compare what you get for your money ....

All come with the guarentee that you will be missing at least one essential component , and to get this you will need to upgrade everything else ....

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic



They arrested him on "suspicion of possessing a firearm" did he have one - no

So why did they arrest him ?

We have reason to believe you have a firearm

I don't

Can we check


You don't have a weapon

Bye ....

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

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Business address

Most businesses do not display their address on their website! and the only address they are forced to publish is their registered address, this is mostly their accountants address

So why do they require your address, *an* address is fine ...

OOXML marks the spot, says research firm

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Their arguments are laughable

Only one backer Sun - Really? and OOXML only has Microsoft ?

Not widely used ? - Really? and OOXML is? Most people using Office are still saving to DOC etc so people can read it ...?

No implementations of the standard - Really? there are many and the ODF standard was written and then the software written to meet the spec. Unlike OOXML which describes the document format of Word (but Word apparently still does not meet the spec as published!)

Everyone will use OOXML because it is MSOffice - Well thi might have been true a few years ago but having seen the number of government organisations standardising on ODF (or other formats) to be open I suspect this is not longer true?

Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'


Dell does not sell Macs

The only problem with this is a Dell employee is recommending a product they do not sell ... other than that so what ...?

Brighton professor bans Google


Proper research

Researching using secondary sources is bad, this means Google and Wikipedia but also any encyclopedia (printed, web, CD) ,reviews, and abstract articles in newspapers and magazines ... all these are good for finding sources but should never be used as sources

Using a limited set of secondary sources will produce bland, similar work but so will a limited reading list ?

Perhaps they should teach how to research, using all available resources, and how to determine how reliable a source is?

3 drags rivals into court over number porting


3 Have you seen thier prices

To phone *from* a 3 phone is cheap but to phone *to* one is absurdly expensive!

They even had a promotion that paid their customers a dividend when they got people to call them ....

The other networks don't only want to lose customers but also don't want their customers complaining about the huge bills for phoning their friends since they moved to 3, try explaining to someone why the price went up and how it is not your fault ...

Axe hangs over UK town's analogue TV signal



According to Freeviews own site the coverage at the British Nuclear Fuels Plc, Sellafield, Seascale which in the middle of the region already has 31 channels?

This does include Channel 4 ? (but not Five)

It's a rather limited list but it says "You should be able to receive some Freeview channels now, but when your region switches to digital you should be able to receive the most popular channels"

This is the list now (before the switchover)


ITV 1/2/3/4

Channel 4 E4 More4 C4+1

CBBC Cbeebies CITV

News24 Parliment Community

Plus some teletext and radio stations

Hyperic charges after disgruntled Ubuntu upgraders

IT Angle

7.10 is an interim release (semi-stable)

This is the difference between opensource and commercial

Commercial - if it's released you expect it to be fully tested and stable - but it usually isn't

OpenSource - if it's released it's mostly stable, but it might have some small problems

It depends which you prefer? they usually work about the same, are about as stable, but one gives the impression it's stable and isn't, and one give you the impression it's *mostly* stable and is ...

Upgrading your operating system never works, Windows, Linux, OSX any of them unless you upgrade a completely clean install with no other software and no reconfiguration...

Games are written for Windows because gamers have Windows PC's that's why games are written for the current consoles, people have them and want games for them, try buying a game for an old console? But it's a vicious circle, games are not written for Linux because gamers don't run Linux and Gamers don't run Linux because there are no games for it ...

Did you try installing the initial release of Vista and upgrading from XP? that would have failed as well, and the drivers for a lot of video cards, WiFI cards etc were buggy or missing

Only Sky can save digital TV



So Sky can "save" digital TV ?

If Sky went bust tomorrow Digital TV would go ahead without them, it does not need saving?

If it is not commercially viable then someone has their business model very wrong, pay for a licence to broadcast, get advertisers, buy or make some programmes people actually want to watch, sounds like the same model as conventional TV to me?

Dell's Linux sleight of hand


Try finding the same Vista PC

Dell Inspiron 530n (Ubuntu)

N-Series-Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core E2140 Processor (1.6GHz,800MHz,1MB cache)

Ubuntu Desktop Edition Version 7.04

Dell™ 19" Silver Wide Flat Panel (SE198WFP)

1024MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x512]

160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB

128MB nVidia® GeForce® 8300GS

16x DVD +/- RW Drive

Integrated 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio

1 Year Base Warranty - Collect & Return


Inspiron 530 Vista

Intel® Celeron® 420 Processor (1.6GHz,800MHz,512k cache)

Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium

Dell™ 19" Value Flat Panel (SE197FP)

Integrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 3100

1024MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x512]

160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB

16x DVD +/- RW Drive

1 Year Base Warranty - Collect & Return

Integrated 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio


This comparison was made seemingly very difficult but I seem to be paying £67.61 to not have Vista ?

The Return of iTuneski



Two things

It appears that this is legal in Russia ... so what is the problem

The comment above refers to the USA as the sole remaining superpower? What is China then ...

Has nuclear weapons - yes

Has the worlds largest army - yes

Has ICBMS - Yes

Has a space programme - yes

Kingston Comms loses BT connection


Kingston is a special Case

Kingston communications is a special case they were an independent communications company before BT even existed

They were the only independent telecoms company in the UK for nearly 100 years and so this means that if you live in Kingston upon Hull you almost certainly get your telephone connection *and* Broadband from them, they are the default carrier rather than BT

What this means is that if they have a problem then so does everyone in Hull .... It's like if BT has a problem then so does everyone in the UK ....

The internet cannot rout around the problem if there are no other routes ....

Could Linux become the dominant OS?


Old News......

What is stopping Linux on the desktop are the three questions

You mean there is and alternative?

Yes there is and MacOSX proves it

Can I run Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint on it ?

Yes you can, WINE anyone

Isn't that a hobbyist system ?

No, ask the people who are using it on production servers

The mess that is Exchange/IIS/Sharepoint is a nightmare to setup and maintain, please sign up for this three week course and read these big thick books, then call tech support .....

I got a LAMP server with a Wiki setup from scratch with no prior knowledge in 1 hour! (and most of that was the install time)

The various BSD's are the best versions of Unix to use if you want stability or security (pick your flavour for the facility you want) their only drawback is the difficulty of getting some software that works on Linux working on them, and your technical knowledge generally need to be higher

Please don't mention the joke that is ReactOS, if it ever takes off Microsoft will sue it out of the market, no matter how many code audits they do - It's a copy so it *will* violate copyright or if that is too hard to prove, it *will* violate patents .... no-one will trust enough it to use it


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