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'Beyond stupid': Linus Torvalds trashes 5.8 Linux kernel patch over opt-in Intel CPU bug mitigation


Re: Obligatory Covid-19 analogy

Do you realize a lot of people got re-infected with the same strain they caught the first time, and all they got from the first contagion was the inability to spread the disease as fast as the first time they got infected, right?

Indian app that deleted Chinese apps from Androids deleted from Play Store


Pink Floy summarized it pretty well in "The Final Cut". It's all about some wealthy, self entitled "leaders" forcing the commons to go on war over some distant piece of land they didn't even know existed...


UK.gov dangles £100m for service slingers for back office 'transformation' that'll kill off bespoke systems


"With the lowest support level"

As anti-brutality protests fill streets of American cities, netizens cram police app with K-Pop, airwaves with NWA


Re: "Yes, Anon activists are back."

This Chauvin guy had already been involved in at least another 4 previous minority killings by the Police force. Her wife also waited until he was detained to fill in her divorce papers. The guy has a tendency to inflict justice by his own hand, and that is not compatible with the definition of police, not in Minnesota nor anywhere else. Police upholds the law, it doesn't impart justice. That's why we have a justice system.

Dude, where's my laser?


Re: "Of course, in the '70s, active correction of the beam was not an option."

It'd be something like the Death Start shooting itself, right?

Dumpster diving to revive a crashing NetWare server? It was acceptable in the '90s


Re: Not a Who Me?

Cut the guy some slack. It's the 58th of March after all...

It's official! Space travel increases the brain size of astronauts, even when they're back on Mother Earth


Re: This is a spanner in the works.

Maybe Dune's Space Guild Navigators are in our future after all... and closer than we thought.

Icon because Giorgio Tsoukalos thought of it first! --->

Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'


Great answer! I stand corrected. I was referring to the OP as a victim in the sense of him ignoring how he was manipulated. But I believe your point makes much more sense.

Icon because a good lesson deserves a good drink in return!


See, that's the issue. You're basically describing patriarchy here. And you are a victim of it, as many of us. You are being forced to adopt a certain dress code, dictated by someone who thinks a "proper man" should wear this or that. Excepting the women from said dress code could be based on chauvinism ("women aren't as professional/committed/essential as men, so they can dress less professionally", or "women can have a relaxed dress code because they adorn the workplace, while men should project an image of professionalism").

So you locked your backups away for years, huh? Allow me to introduce my colleagues, Brute, Force and Ignorance


Re: At SlimShady76, re: percussive maintenence...

To the drive, off course. Most of the senior researchers had enough torture for a life, having to interact with those sorry workstations and their buggy Windows '95!


Re: Seen in the wild

SCSI (Seagates??? It's been so long!) In Gateway workstations needed to be kickstarted if you left them powered off longer than a month. I usually had one of my PFYs around to distract the owner long enough for me to apply the necessary percussive maintenance.

A sprinkling of Star Wars and a dash of Jedi equals a slightly underbaked Rise Of Skywalker


Re: 1977

Sadly it didn't explain why no on had ever bothered to program R2D2 to speak a human language.

The basic premise of the Star Wars universe is that in order for you to communicate with a different species, you must understand its language, but not necessarily need to speak it, since your physiology might prevent it. So it kinda makes everyone a polyglot. It isn't any different with R2s, they are service androids and need to speak to machines, not humans.

3POs exist because the speaking apparatus for any given two races might be so different that an interpreter would make communication more fluid, and as a protocol droids they tend to filter out any rudeness in the speech.


Re: No surprise there then

<slow clap>

That pint is on me sir. You've made my day.

Remember the 1980s? Oversized shoulder pads, Metal Mickey and... sticky keyboards?


I lost a T470 to a cup of latte six months ago

As the title says, I tried to walk with my T470, a cup of latte on top of it on my right hand and a plate of croissants on my left hand from the kitchen to my home office, only to trip three steps away from my desk.

Turns out those little draining holes at the bottom of the keyboard are no match for a hot cup of freshly ground, freshly brewed, whole milk latte.

Not my brightest day I reckon.

Franco-stein's on the move: Spanish dictator turfed out of decadent mountaintop mausoleum


Re: Nuance

Cutting some slack to Franco is the same as cutting it to Pinochet. They were both fascist bastards who used the "red menace" moniker to massacre the opposition. So they made a couple cheap buildings for the poor. Surprise! So did Hitler. The summary judgements carried on a lot or rural towns, where the Guardia Civil deciced the fate of common people in the same way the Inquisition did several centuries ago were a cabal display of the brutality of the Spanish fascist party. And Primo de Rivera should be expelled off the same premises where Franco's remains were held. To a dirty pigpen if possible.

On the topic of the identification of those buried in unnamed massive graves around the country, the process has led to a big healing and retribution process here in Argentina. I believe it should be an integral part of the process there in Spain too. It'll help the future generations to put in context the amount of brutality displayed by the Falanges.

YouTube thinkfluencer Siraj Raval admits he plagiarized boffins' neural qubit papers – as ESA axes his workshop


Re: The sad thing is

No amount of attribution could compensate stealing 90% of someone's paper to build yours. Citation and reproduction must amount to a tiny fraction of a paper to be considered publishable. This guy just copies eveything and calls himself a self-taught genius.

On a different -but related- matter, if you look at his twitter most of the comments by asshats defending him are from Indian Youtuber wannabes. They are the ones calling him "senpai" "sensei" and so on. This guys is clearly "inspiring" them not to progress in ML, but in building a bullcrap career.

Here we go again: US govt tells Facebook to kill end-to-end encryption for the sake of the children


Disappointed on the picture!

Where's my Helen Lovejoy picture to illustrate this piece? Should have been a much better fit than a rusty lock.

Right-click opens up terrifying vistas of reality and Windows 95 user's frightful position therein


Re: A stupid idea

It was all due to the earlier versions of W95 calling it "trash can". Buto somebody up top heard recycling was cool and trendy, so they renamed it to "recycle bin". That kinda steered the users into thinking it didn't store the stuff you'd dispose of, but that you'd use for something else.

Bad news: Earth is not going to be walloped by asteroid 2006 QV89. Good news: Boffins have lost sight of it, so all hope is not yet lost


Re: Uh-oh

It might be a little too late for a friendly reminder, but if I was you I'd check twice if my trusty towel is still in my bag.

After outrage over Chrome ad-block block plan, Google backs away from crippling web advert, content filters

Black Helicopters

Re: pi-hole

That's why apps such as DNS66 (available on F-droid) are a good solution, without resorting to root or something more convoluted.

Not cool, man: Dixons spanked over discount on luxury 'smart' fridge with wildly fluctuating price


Re: 4k for a fridge?


Wanted – have you seen this MAC address: f8:e0:79:af:57:eb? German cops appeal for logs in bomb probe


Re: Amateur Amateurs!!

They NEED 4 keyboards to navigate their UNIX-esque GUI. Have you seen any of those guys using a mouse, any time?


Re: Amateurs!!

You calling those documentaries a joke? Next thing you're gonna tell me is the moon landing wasn't a fake, directed by Kubrick!!

New side-channel leak: Boffins bash operating system page caches until they spill secrets


Re: I'm curious...

This doesn't excuse Microsoft from being the evil lizard people form the center of the Earth. This just tell you they are more dumb than evil, given the lousy development/programming ethics they embrace. Half their vulnerabilities rise from outdated IDEs, outdated/vulnerable libraries, non-corrected programming issues and other stuff.

Amazon’s Snowball snowballs as Google's clone gets real and IBM's comes to Europe


Re: Plus shipping = outrage

Back in the day we finished a Windows PlateSpin migration with ~20 thumbdrives and one (large at the time) 240GB carry disk HDD. They were shipped in a single box via UPS from Atlanta to Rochester because the white collars didn't want to pay the extra cash for a decent network link.

When one of the folks went to the DC door to pick them up and got up to our war room, we all heard he dropped something as he crossed the door. A good ~45 seconds of silence followed, until he picked up the power source for the arcane external disk enclosure and said "Now I'm worth 16 million dollars, eh?" as that was the price of the migration/hosting contract.

Hipster horror! Slack has gone TITSUP: Total inability to support user procrastination


Re: Nothing to see here

Here, your comment has been replied. That'll get you through the rest of the day.

Facebook insists device data door differs from dodgy dev data deal


Are we really going to take anything coming from a guy whose last name is "Archibong" seriously?

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'


Re: adb is Your Friend.

That doesn't remove the app, it just disables it for the user 0, or main user.


Re: Anyone ever test-drive these:

I have been using dns66 for over a year now. Works great, and you can customize the block/exclusion list, or even add your own DNS servers. The only thing missing from it it's secure connection to DNS servers over HTTPS/TLS. Last time I checked there were a few folks on Github asking the developer to implement it.

Fermi famously asked: 'Where is everybody?' Probably dead, says renewed Drake equation


Re: I visit from time to time

Not enough towels for you, or too high of a probability to be in an interstellar highway's path?

Remember those holy tech wars we used to have? Heh, good times


Re: Floyd reference

Yup. Putting Barry Manilow in charge instead of Gilmour might had a much positive impact in those already dark times for the band.


Re: @Daytona955

This. These younglings fixing Mac these days would die in less than 10 seconds what faced with AIX or Solaris.

Argentina eyes up laser death cannon testbed warship


Re: It is surprising they have anything at all...

Argentinian here. This move on the US ship isn't so much about empowering the military as it is about paying an obscene amount of money for something the Yankees do not need anymore. Rest assured some local official will get a succulent chop of the deal for "facilitating" it.

Also, the Cuban infiltration stuff is nonsensical. The actual government is using the police and other Homeland security forces to try to stop the manifestations demanding to know the whereabouts of those who got disappeared by the police and those other Homeland security forces.

Yo, patch that because scum still wanna exploit WannaCrypt-linked vuln


Metasploit isnt a pen-testing sofware

...it's an exploit framework. It's like calling those DoS-for-hire scumbags "network stressers".

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA


I feel truly deceived by this post.

I call clickbait! I came to this post expecting a shot from Airplane! and found a stupid robot arm sitting by a human.

This is how the notice should have been illustrated:



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