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British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins


It’s a lot easier for the UK government to wash their hands of the entire thing until they find him innocent! I mean come on, how stupid do they think the cyber security community is?! It's already full of secretive, paranoid conspiracy theorists as it is. So, when something as flimsy as this case is presented, are we not going to call BULL SHIT on the entire thing?

It’s an absolute JOKE how they think detaining someone for 48 hours, with relentless questioning is going to get the truth out of anyone. Watch how to make a murderer and the shit they put Avery’s nephew through. This has to be 100% indisputable evidence, of the lack of protection anyone has from these corrupted government officials if it treats a national, a child of low mental acuity like that. Then to add to it all Marcus isn’t a citizen of the US, how the hell is he to know the laws when you’re being questioned by the FBI for Christ’s sake!! That’s not something that just happens every day, is it?!

I’m sorry to say it but America is NOT a nice place to be at this moment in time. Especially for non-white folks. When the supposed ‘leader of the free world’ is as unhinged as the dictators your country has demonised over the last 100 years. Then you have serious internal issues. So, when you have someone who is: 1) clever enough to stop and code malware, 2) is British and may sound like a bad guy, 3) they’re brown… Fuck me you’ve hit the trifecta there!! Shit, if he was a brown skinned Mexican Transgender coder then they wouldn’t have even bothered going to trial! Would have just disappeared off the face of the planet like Jimmy sodding Hoffa!!

Maybe look at sorting things like this out before arresting someone who did the world a MASSIVE FAVOUR in stopping something that could have crippled ½ of the worlds Microsoft systems. If the NSA had either provided the information about the SMBv1 vulnerability to the public, so that we were aware of the issue and could force Microsoft to release the update. Or, just go to Microsoft with their findings and tell them they need to release the update for global security reasons. Then none of the WannaCry malware spread would have happened. It’s called the National Security Agency for fucks sake. And they didn’t think that SMBv1 was a big enough security threat to the Nation of America?

Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant


Its a sign of the times that no government is actually interested in Universal security, for the greater good of human kind. We're at a point where everything is now based online, and everyone in the world is connected.

The internet has removed the idea of 'borders' in the traditional sense!! I don't have to get on a plane to Italy, to see Italy. I can log onto remote cameras and a host of other online services, which mean I can be in the country without having to physically be in the country!

The NSA wasn't even bothered about protecting their own country... They didn't release this data, to allow the problem to be solved. If I were American I would be Pissed that my own government has been complicit in this entire debacle by keeping this quiet, and didn't release the information to the wider security community when they found the holes!!

If your doctor found you had terminal cancer, but they had a product that would guaranteed slowing of the cancer or entire removal of the disease then you would expect them to tell you wouldn't you?! But when the shady NSA finds a potentially life threatening exploit, they keep it to themselves?!... the middle letter of NSA stands for SECURITY for effs sake!!

There is no such thing as trust anymore between so called 'allies' as the NSA has just proved. It has also proved that life is worthless to them. This is clearly due to their inability to see the bigger picture of what they have A. Created, and B. Allowed to be released into the wild!!

Yes someone in their bedroom could have found the exploit, but that's a bedroom hacker/cracker. But you put pretty much unlimited resources and man power behind a department, then they are clearly going to come up with the exploit a billion times faster than a sole agent. Or even a collective of agents separated over the globe.

So all this stupidity that the NSA shouldn't be held accountable should be rethought. Because they CLEARLY are at fault here, for NOT DISCLOSING THE INFORMATION LAST YEAR!!!