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Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed


Re: Early information


Equifax hack worse than previously thought: Biz kissed goodbye to card expiry dates, tax IDs etc


Re: Things will never change

There's a hole in the American legislature process that allows virtually all of the external lobbyist and internal party pressure crap. The same thing that has helped contribute to polarizing partisan politics


Easy fix if anyone ever gets the guts to donate right thing.

FCC douses America's net neutrality in gas, tosses over a lit match


Another sham appointee of Trump doing what they came to do: destroy any and all regulation, and hand over the keys to the private sector. Your concerns and any adverse impacts need not be considered. All made possible by a system that has been opened up for access to lobbysists and anyone else (yes including foreign actors) who has money and wants to buy policy and law making:


US says it's identified six Russian officials as DNC hack suspects


I get why Russian-paid trolls are posting the crap about Set Rich, but I really hope people realize it's garbage. Even some of the alt-reality spinners at Fox had to admit it's untrue (although they already knew that). In fact, it's utter shit, and his own family has pleaded with people to stop. So please stop it. Propagating this crap just adds to their pain.



Calm down, Elon. Deep learning won't make AI generally intelligent


One single-celled organism has far more ability to navigate, adapt, and survive than any computer or neural network. It's not even close. To say nothing of conscious thought. The idea of AI is consistently far overblown.

Climate-change skeptic lined up to run NASA in this Trump timeline


The fossil fuel industry is licking their chops at the prospect of burying all the data and denying there is any government-backed research that indicates global warning or problems associated with that. You would think that denying the data ever existed is ridiculous, but you only have to look at the plethora of bald-faced alternate reality statements from the white house and their supporters who insist you should not believe what you see or measure anymore. No, the real truth is that fossil fuels are just peachy, America's problems are due to lazy immoral immigrants, and Putin is a helluva good guy who we really need to get closer to.

WannaCrypt outbreak contained as hunt for masterminds kicks in


Why do the terms manufactured crisis and distraction pop into my mind? The fact I even have to wonder says a lot about the current state of affairs.


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