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Europe's one-patent-court-to-rule-them-all rocked by 'Brexit, EPO reforms, German laws'


political abstinence?

I always found it problematic, that the head of a patent office lobbies in favour of the UPC, which is a purely political decision...

He may lobby to get the registration and administration of the fees under its control, but the office should refrain from influencing this debate, and if the present arguments, they should be balanced with pro and comtra, and not only the pros which were hard to prove. They searched long to find enough examples for their "case-study" of medium-sized business wanting the UPC.

European Patent Office dragged to human rights court – by its own staff



hmm, as far as I know even the UK is continueing with ratifying the UP-agreement, which would set up another of these international organisations (the Unified Patent Court)...

Although it is debated whether the UPC is voluntary part of the EU (and thus only accedeable by EU members)...

Also, regarding the bike: from what I last heard, the bike brake pads were simply totally worn out and thus did not brake anymore. No tampering detected by the expert, despite the insistance of the upper management.

No apology towards staff either, but that would destroy the narrative that BB is the victim, which needs to be upheld in front of the CA.


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