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Wannacry: Everything you still need to know because there were so many unanswered Qs


Re: Ransomware doesn't work

Can I come to live in your world?

Shadow Brokers resurface, offer to sell fresh 'wine of month' club exploits



Why would people pay for this when past experience shows they'll just dump it online anyway?

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT


Yes, they're watching

They're learning how dangerous encryption is. We need to ban it or the NHS is doomed! Anyone who says otherwise is an extortionist or a terrorist!

$6,000 for tours of apocalyptic post-Brexit London? WTF, NYT?


Yanks on holiday

They'd better be quick before Maybot steps up her war on tourism.

Italian F-35 facility rolls out its first STOVL stealth fighter


Aussie fighters

Great at flying upside down but infested with poisonous critters.

It's been a few days, so what fresh trouble has Uber got into now?


Re: Prediction...

Does Uber have enough engineers to cover every lawsuit?

US copyright law shake-up: Days of flinging stuff on the web and waiting for a DMCA may be over


After Earth

You stole After Earth!? I think you're the one who lost out here.

Hackers emit 9GB of stolen Macron 'emails' two days before French presidential election


French law forbids the mainstream media from reporting election-related news within 48 hours of the vote, but social media has no such restrictions so allegations can go round and round without being disproved. Unlike the DNC/Podesta leaks, which AFAIK have never been shown to be faked in any way, this leak does seem to have fakes mixed in with real, boring emails. One tech news website is claiming that a PDF showing Macron applying for a Cayman Islands bank account is faked; apparently the forger forget to merge layers correctly.

(Actually, reading the article it seems that this PDF came out on 4chan before the email leak in response to a claim by Le Pen in the presidential debate this week that Macron had an offshore account in the Bahamas)

http://www.numerama.com/politique/254983-compte-offshore-demmanuel-macron-une-intox-venue-de-4chan.html (in French)


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