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Apple eyes patent for web silence

Jobs Horns


Pulseaudio also allows you to alter the volume of apps using the device chooser and it's already the default for many linux distros including ubuntu. In fact ts also allows you to send the sound from an individual app (say firefox up to its eyes in noisy adverts) over the network to another computer for them to hear it ;)

Adam Foxton

"You know what, for once I can't think of anything bad about an Apple idea. Wonder if they'll ever make it."

err what about the fact they are trying to patent the idea rather than releasing it and benefiting everyone

Rik Myslewski

"Apple wants to give you the opportunity to selectively block web-based audio while allowing you to listen to any other audio source of your choosing."

No they want to give apple users or more generously safari users the opportunity and prevent anyone else.

Becta asks EC to probe Microsoft school deals



Has anyone here used/looked at the Edubuntu offering. I know Edward Rose above was speaking of a distribution specifically for schools so how does it compare?

I know from school that my IT 'education' was simply laughable, we spent 95% of the time learning microsoft products, and the teachers generally knew less than the teachers. If they taught people how to use software, as in how to learn to use programs in general, rather than a specific one, then the education would be great.

Why do we like to scratch a wound when it's healing?


It Depends

If scratching really does have shown negative effects (infection, slowing of tissue growth etc.) then evolution usually has the complexity to work around it. Even if while producing new skin it causes the itch sensation you would think the brain could easily compensate and "ignore" the urge to scratch it, it would be a simple level of instinct, yet my instinct nearly always tells me to SCRATCH.

It also leads to scarring, which while not directly affecting the persons health, it can be shown that it definately has an effect on mating patterns, levels of trust etc. A "scratcher" could end up being one very ugly pup.


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