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Gmail offers 'undo' email option

Keith Martin


Outlook does this wonderfully with filters - just set them to hold outbound emails for two minutes before sending. Has saved me on a few occasions.

ArseASA rules 'Feck' non-offensive

Keith Martin

Feck in Ireland

Feck is used as a less offensive substitute for 'fuck' in Ireland. It is not always a suitable stand-in, though. For example, it would not be used as a verb replacement for 'to copulate'.

"Feck off", as used in the ad, is a *relatively* inoffensive way to say "go away" in Ireland.

BlackBerry Storm is a little too consumer for some

Keith Martin

Think it's bad in UK?

Try the Irish pricing:


Holiday text messages to cost less than 9p

Keith Martin

Vodafone IRL

Vodafone recently wrote to me to point out that they are charging me thirteen euro (around a tenner sterling) for the first MB each month. Will the rules apply to data prices in your own country too, or should I just drive up to Newry when I want to check my email on the move?

ICANN backs auction of disputed domains

Keith Martin

If all else fails...

...cash wins.

Good to see that money is still everything.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

Keith Martin

Ah the good old days


324MB - that was some hog for Win3.11! I first installed it on a machine with a 40MB hard disk and 1MB RAM.

Still had to go back to DOS6.22 on a regular basis though. Some things never change.

Oh, and I'm 29 and started on a BBC Micro with the Acorn O/S. First DOS version was 5. Drew has apparently been replaced by a 12 year old.

A friend is still using DOS 3 on an 8088 laptop. It still works, although the monochrome screen is starting to die slowly.

Swedes demand return of heraldic lion's todger

Keith Martin

It's Definitely Ireland

Ireland is part of the Nordic Battle Group. That's because the military non-alignment of Ireland is most closely matched by the stance normally taken by the Nordics.

Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned

Keith Martin

Reg Units?

Where are the Reg Standard Units? How many Bulgarian Funbags are being lost by the sun every minute?

Sociologists: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist

Keith Martin


Wikipedia is probably a more reliable source than one of their other major ones - Fox News. Fair and Balanced indeed.

Irish courts take tough line on data protection

Keith Martin

Ten Years of...

...every court case starting with "Your Honour, I posted in the fine (in cash) around mid-November 2007. Didn't you receive it?"

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

Keith Martin
IT Angle

Paris Hilton Drops Tutsis for Titsies

Self explanatory, I hope.

Asus to offer Eee PCs pre-loaded with Windows

Keith Martin

Most Interesting

"...or how much extra buyers will have to pay for Windows"

That could be the most interesting bit of this all.

New GPS sats to lack Selective Availability

Keith Martin


Galileo presumably won't include SA, so if the US went ahead with SA, then Galileo would whip them. Even if Galileo ends up not going ahead (and that decision will probably rest on whether the US system still has SA or not, because that's Galileo's competitive advantage), the US basically has to drop SA for everything except very extreme situations.

Travelocity accidentally books 1,458 trips between US and Cuba

Keith Martin

PCs Too?

Would this apply to PC manufacturers too? Surely the machines these people used to book the flights were made by a US-owned company (at least some of them). Who's going to grass on them?

In fact, I used a Dell laptop to organise and book a 15 person trip to Cuba just last year. Maybe accounting "issues" won't be Michael Dell's only problem shortly ;-)


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