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DLNA compliance testing: It ain't working

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Mediatomb et al

I always have problems with mediatomb and mp3s. Try fuppes. I prefer it. Tversity used to be okey on windoze but every ps3 update seemed to break it.

I 2nd the need for a SMB protocol built into the PS3. The old hacked XBOXs used to do this, and they would unRAR files on the fly.

I guess installing Linux + SAMBA on the PS3 is a simple solution to all my woes. (but i cannot be arsed)

Asus unwraps 10in Eee with 9.5-hour battery life


Old stock

There should be a few bargains to be had with the old EEEs then. Might finally be tempted if the price is right.

Roberts RDK-2 kitchen radio


@Anonymous Coward

LOL. You really are a git AC. You will find them in your local store along with other brand quality items which are cheaper.

To answer you other questions, delivery to/from Europe should cost around £6.85.

The current exchange rate British Pound to Euro is 1=1.07218 (from xe.com)



Lidl are selling a kitchen radio for a tenner.


Not DAB but who cares.

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah set for top two spots in Christmas Day charts


indie bores Snow Patrol

Come on. The fist album was brilliant. 2nd not so much and 3rd... well. hmmm.

Axl Rose may have undermined own case over Dr Pepper stunt


I like Dr Pepper.

Am I the only one who likes it? Pisses me off that you can only buy it in Boots or Woolworths. Tastes like Disaronno and Coke. Which in turn tastes a bit like cherry Coke which you can also only buy in Boots or Woolworths.


Anyhow. Just goes to show that most Americans are like little whiney bitches.

Powerline Ethernet and ring mains


Go for it.

I had trouble with wireless drivers on Linux, a machine set up as media and file sharing server. Obviously 1Mbs throughput was just not good enough.

Bought Zyxel 200Mbs homeplugs of dabs. http://www.dabs.com/ProductView.aspx?Quicklinx=4Q3L for under £50.

Just plug them in and switch on. Thats it. My router is downstairs and computer upstairs with absolutely no problems. I don't know why i waited so long to get them.

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

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Any drive?

I don't own an xbox but is it not a matter of buying any ide drive and screwing the thing in? I replaced the drive in my PS3 with a cheap drive of ebay. Only took a couple of minutes.

Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul

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Yea, but come on, Wii games are rubbish. Ive played better flash games. Apart from Mario Kart. Thats actually OK.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W760i 3G sliderphone

Dead Vulture


These phones are rubbish. I got one on contract a few weeks ago. The menu takes 1/2 second to respond to any button presses. The call quality is terrible, the battery lasts a day, 2 at the most with no use and it will drop signal connection randomly.

It freezes, requires battery removal to reset and won't keep

synced with a bluetooth headset.

O2 are no help. They will replace the phone with the same "refurbished" model, which means i will get someone elses crap. Their other suggestion is to update the software which I cannot do because i don't have a windoze pc.

I have been a fan of walkman phones for years, they usually have outstanding battery life and software is usually responsive. Ear phones are good quality and the walkman, FM radio functions are second to none.

This ball of crap however is definitely the worst phone I have owned in a long time and soured my taste for Sony Ericsson in general.

Stay away.

Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment


@Steen Hive

Thats a fine statement to make about an organisation who had 197 members killed trying to protect the rural population from murdering thiefs.

@AC - The UDR was not permitted to engage in crowd control. 30th January 1972 involved the British Army.

Sony spin-off planning 2009 FED TV launch


Pioneer officially announced plans to can its plasma production

Pioneer are not stopping plasma production. They are outsourcing the panel manufacturing to Panasonic.

Pioneer Kuros are the sweetest displays ever. Why would they stop making them? Its just a dam shame no-one (with a normal job!) can afford them.

I must say that is one dam fine coat hes wearing.


Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update

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Browser acting funny

Anyone noticed the PS3 browser acting weird after this update? Clicking links does not work. You have to hold down x and open in a new window to access the page. Clicking textboxs makes the browser flash and blink. Only happened after this update.

Flying cars on the horizon, says Clive Sinclair


Flying T-Bird

I watched a movie `The AbsentMinded Professor` once and he invented a flying car. He used a revolutionary substance which he invented called Flubber. I think this Flubber stuff is the way forward.

Why has no-one harnessed its power? He invented it in 1961. Robin Williams also more recently discovered it. Only Robins dances around and stuff.

Dualit DAB Lite radio

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The George !

I'm currently on my 4th Foreman Grill. This time with the removable plates. They are great for bacon and sausages. You can do an egg on it as well if you put the front feet into the grease tray so the cooking surface is level. Fried tomatoes and mushrooms.

I'm hungry....

Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey


A credit reference agency. Seriously!

"the Xbox 360 appeals most to those aged between 35 and 44 years old, the PS3 is more popular among people aged 44 and over"

Goes to show people under 35 don't give a shit about Experian. I think thats the true moral of the story.

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln


sudo rm -rf /

I tried this but it did not work !!

C:\WINNT>sudo rm -rf /

'sudo' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

What gives.


Gamers love in-game ads, ad industry-sponsored survey reveals

Black Helicopters


Sony are obviously gearing up for HOME. Previously it may have been illegal for sponsors or branded themes in a PS3 environment. But This opens up all sorts of opportunities. Cinemas, The latest SONY branded LCDs at your apartment, arcades with playable demos etc etc. Perhaps this was required to clear up any legal aspects of what HOME will include. ?

Just a thought.

Personally I think games are buggy and slow enough at loading etc without adding unnecessary on-line code to stream ads. Its stupid.

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360


When will it end

Surely its getting to the stage where everyone in the world has a wii and there will be no-one left to buy them!

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed

Dead Vulture

Yawn. More GTA.

To be honest after spending 40 odd hours playing the same drive here - shoot him - run from the police missions i would not want DL content. Least not in 6 months time, and would definitely not pay for it. In 6 months time Ill still be playing Metal Gear.

Anyone else think the same?

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes

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I had the ! loading problem but the patch has fixed it.

What is really really annoying, and im not alone here is the GF. "Hollyoaks is on in 5 mins". "Turn it over". WTF. I spent a fortune on a 40"full HD TV , and a ps3 a year ago in anticipation of GTA and i cannot play it cos of fsckin hollyoaks or Jamie fsckin Oliver.

Has anyone else found a good solution to this particular problem?

Paris would let me play GTA.

Nvidia paid the right amount for 3dfx, court affirms


Voodoo 3..

Ahh the Voodoo 3 3000 (with TV out). What a card. My rig was an AMD K6-2 400 OC'd (I had table fans trying to keep it cool), 32Mb RAM and an external modem (internal modems wouldn't work with K6-2, no MMX!).

It was entirely possible to play quake on-line with a ~36k connection and still get decent pings.

What the hell has happened to the internet this last 10 years?

Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head

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lol @ darsyx

"if video games affected children we would all be running around in the dark,eating little white pills listening to repetitve electronic music"

Ive always loved that quote. I believe it was from the original creator of the Nintendo wayyy back in the 80's. Such foresight.

Paris cos she does all of the above. :)

Grand Theft Auto IV leaked online

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Can't Wait.

Pre-ordered mine on PS3 weeks ago. Counting the days.

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty



The cheapest £150 x-box 360 has no hard drive. Out of interest how can there be down-loadable content for these particular machines? Am i missing something. Do the cheap 360s not come with 256MB SD cards. Shurley this would get filled very fast with gave saves and the like?

Samsung PS42Q97HDX 42in plasma HD TV

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This guy likes his new TV

This fella spent over 1000 yoyos on a new TV and he liked it. Shocking.

Seriously though. The point of this review is lost on me as well.

However like steve I have a Samsung 40m87 as well. Its not their flagship model anymore but i can certainly recommend Samsung TVs.

Paris because she looks like shes also confused about which TV to buy!

Asus unveils 42in Linux-based Eee TV

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LCD quality ?

@ 42" they are gunning for the living room with this TV. A big mistake would be to stick their own LCD screen on this thing. ASUS make computers not TV's. Their current offerings are budget, not well received screens. If the screen is crap it will never take off.

Stick to a good brand screen and a hidden shuttle, xbox, ps3 etc.

Compared to Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, et al ASUS cannot cut the mustard.

In my opinion this is a gimmick. The E-Monitor is a clone of the apple mac & sony vaio computer + screen in one.

The OLPC XO laptop

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Cannot decode an mp3

This machine has a Geode LX-700 (whatever that is) from AMD running at 433MHz, with 256MB Ram and a 1GB built-in Flash drive.

I used to play quake 3 arena on a k62-400 / voodoo 3 / 256 MB over dial-up.

Seriously saying a machine of the above spec cannot decode an mp3 out of the box. 4 words. Not fit for purpose.

This machine sounds like rubbish. $200 or not. Then again the best education comes from fixing things that are broken. IMO

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

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Joe Public UK

Be honest, will Joe Public in the UK walking into currys really know the difference. Would they spend £100s on a no name brand HD-DVD player? doubt it. IMO someone with money to spare will always go with with a sony, panasonic, pioneer, samsung known brand ( + it will match their big TVs).

People who have money to spend on such devices are not really going to do much research on a product, can they get their fav movies on that format etc.

So realistically we are talking about PS3's and 360 add ons (who actually has one of these BTW?) I have a feeling sony will win this small war but its irrelevant because media servers & on-demand services are the way forward.

Just my £0.02 worth.

How a bread truck invented the internet


@Del Merritt

Should that not be a Station Wagon ?

Sony posts PS3 firmware 2.0



Why spend time coding stupid features like this (who needs hearts and flowers wallpaper!) and not fix the memory issue with the browser, add support for divx, etc

I also thought release 2 was going to be a big kahuna release - i.e. Home.

BOFH: Budget cuts

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A good idea?

I was having a smoke in the bike shed (with 1 wall removed cos otherwise its illegal), and contemplating the BOFH. Then I thought that a new modern day blackadder series based on the BOFH would be bloody great.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea ?

UK fast food peppered with salt


Ill eat what I want.

When I walk into a fast food restaurant the last thing on my mind is how much salt is in the food. The whole point is that it tastes great at the time and it is full of tasty crap.

If I want a deluxe bonless box ill bloody well have one, and add additional salt to taste because they don't add enough in my opnion.

So there.

HD-DVD or Blu-ray?


Stupid situation.

I have a PS3 and I have a few blu-ray disks. What’s really grinding my gears is the fact that a movie I want (a couple in fact) are only released on HD-DVD. I find this an incomprehensible situation.

Until they can come to an agreement and release all movies on both formats then neither is a valid choice imho. Until then I’m "forced" to download HD rips of movies I want for free and stream them to the media server (ps3) and watch in glorious HD. Although 5 gig downloads hurt my bandwidth.

Additionally the quality of an up-scaled DVD (ps3 again) on a good HD TV is excellent, for that reason i would never replace a DVD with a HD version, but i would when possible, buy new releases on blu-ray (American version of course as they are cheaper and no region protection :-p ).

@Michael Tripper The elite does not have a hd-dvd drive. you have to buy it separately. Besides what’s the point if you don’t have a HD TV ?

Stem cells from testicles offer organ bonanza


@Andy Bright

"every child born looks the spitting image of Angelina Jolie" Sounds great to me. When im old and done and the Jolie clones are all grown up, ill just get a new body grown to order from Tescos organic, stem cell organ replacement counter, and wahy. I finally get to have a go at Jolie. The future is bright.

Sony loses privacy complaint over Unfit Kids



Im a programmer, the people who use my software sit in a chair, in front of a computer. If they get fat is it my fault because they use my software. Is it my responsibility to provide (and pay for) an exercise regime for all over weight workers. I think not.

The parents who’s over weight kids who play to many games should do something. Like feed them less cake, or limit their game access and buy them a football. I don’t know.

Besides im sure Ian Wright has more than enough money to sponsor these things him-self. He’s never off TV now a day. Also Ill bet he has been paid royalties at some stage for likeness rights in FIFA, Pro Evolution or Mario soccer.



Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja


Holy Crap...

Japans top ninja's vs Chinas Shaolin Monks WWF style melee'. It would be like reality mortal combat. Id would pay good money to see that. Someone set it up.

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year


win 2k

I miss that OS. After SP4 It was stable, maintainable and always worked.

I got a new Acer laptop last week with Vista on it. The bundled NAV won’t even update as im not logged in with an admin user account. Weird because its the only account on the machine.

The aero crap sucks 20 meg of RAM (looks nice tho) and the wireless is the most annoying b*****d to configure. My house has 5 (yes 5) unsecured networks around it. Trying to configure Vista to not connect to the nearest open network, and connect to my secured one was a nightmare. It just keeps reconnecting to the unsecured ones. I even had a prompt open up advising me to goto Mshit website and learn about wireless security, and how not broadcasting a SSID is more of a security risk.

Apparently connecting to open networks is against the law, yet the operating system takes serious configuring to stop it doing so. At one point I had accessed my neighbours router and added my MAC address to the deny list. Its was the only way I could stop it connecting long enough so I could connect to my own. What a load of crap.

The worst thing is there are no disks with the machine. Vista install is on a hidden partition of the machine. So if I repartition and install another OS I lose Vista source, perhaps not a bad thing but I bloody paid for it. Some day Vista might be worth installing, after SP100 perhaps.

Xbox 360 Elite games console


Turn off the controller?

The PS3 controllers do switch of when the system is shut down. Besides anyone who owns a PS3 will tell you how long the battery lasts in the controller. I completed R:FOM and charged the controller once. If it does die (you get reminders on screen when its running low) you plug it in with the USB and play on.

You don’t have to run to the shop or raid you GFs Rabbit to continue.

The co-op mode in gears of war is messy and crowded, no matter how big the TV screen. Fall of man co-op is much better executed. That said I haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate GOW as ive only played it for 2 hours or so, so I cannot really comment on the game play but I love Resistance.

The PS3 online features can only improve, its only released a few months in the UK after all. The xbox has had years to mature. Give the PS3 a chance; see how they compare in a year or so.

If you have a HD TV you are going to buy a HD movie sooner or later. Its the future. If HD-DVD turns out the winner ill buy a player from Argos, if its Blu-Ray then im all set.

As for me... Ill keep my PS3 for the time being.

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign



I hate the way they took away all the nice bars and replaced them all with dairy milk + (some crap).

i loved Wispas, the caramel ones were pretty good also.

Compact Disc: 25 years old today



as far as music is concerned, analog will always give a deeper, richer sound. IMHO