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Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

Ben Parkinson
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Very nice

I bought the X100e to replace the Ideapad S9e that i'd had for just over a year.

I love that fact that i can take it away on business trips and not feel like a tw@ when i have it on the desk in front of me.

Everyone would go "ooh, that's nice" and then 10seconds later be laughing as i strugled to type anything on the S9e's microscopic keyboard.

The X100e has Win7 Pro, can use 3GB of RAM and has 'Lenovo ThinkPad' on the case.

It's small, fairly light and most importantly no one rips the piss out of it in meetings!

What more do you want for £400?

Yes! It's the Star Wars Nintendo DS stylus!

Ben Parkinson

Gah! cannot... resist...must ... buy...

And i don't even have a DS. Oh well i'd better get one to go with them :-)

A videogame that truly takes the p*ss

Ben Parkinson

very frustrating...

if you're winning and you run out of 'juice' first!

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty

Ben Parkinson

I remember...

when console wars were about the games!

We’d put the same game on different consoles and compare the graphics, and which one had more blood!

Not piss and moan about HD movie playback, Wi-Fi, and running Linux... seriously WTF is it with fan boys today!

US student planned to ice Chuck Norris

Ben Parkinson

terroristic? Only in America!

gah! what a crap attempt at a new word!!!

terroristic... Was that is Team America or something?

How about... SuperterroristicAl-Qaedadocious ?

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

Ben Parkinson

I've never played D&D

But i now feel i must try it... 28 going on 14!


R.I.P Mr Gygax

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Ben Parkinson
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Virgin Media Service Status

Ticket Number 61637409

Time Stamp 18/12/2007 12:22

Priority P2

Status Opened

Department Outage Surveillence Team

Estimated Time Fix 8 hours

Customers Affected Broadband Internet

Raised By Scott Walker

Detailed Description

Broadband customers in the surrey post code areas may currently be experiencing a loss of connection to the internet. Our engineers are investigating this issue.

Virgin Media apologise for any inconvenience caused.

– Virgin Media Technical Support

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up and down like a yo-yo (KT16)

My Virgin Internet connection has been dog slow for the past week, and then it finally died on Saturday. I had to spend 20 mins (at 25p per min + 10p connection) on the phone to Virgin to report the fault. The support line guy had me do a download test and finally admitted there may be an issue when the fastest DL speed i got was 42kbps!!!

My Internet came back up at 1am on Sunday. Now it's gone again. I shall see what the situation is when i get home tonight?

NTL, Virgin...

The more things change the more they stay the same!

Tesco slaps cutlery ban on under-18s

Ben Parkinson

why bother with cutlery?

There's nothing to stop the hooded vermin from buying a pack of dishwasher safe pint glasses and glassing each others faces off down the park!

Sony unveils third-gen 'portable' PS2

Ben Parkinson
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What's the point?

It's the same size (what's 1mm?)

The same price

The fact it weighs a bit less is irrelevant as the console is stationary.

The only difference is it comes in a different colour - Wiite

Compact Disc: 25 years old today

Ben Parkinson

I want a laser turntable?

What ever became of the laser turntable shown on Tomorrows World that read LP's with a CD player style laser?

I still want one!!