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Mass web infection leaves researcher scratching her head


Its just an apache module issue...

Depending on the programming language - it'd be very easy to just have the contents of the .js compiled into the apache module.

then you just send a new header and the content of the file from within the module to send the file to the web browser.

As for including the file in the html, php files - it would again be pretty simple to amend the data sent to the browser. If it has got to move through apache - then it'll be a module there that is doing it.

As for infiltration.... Systems get hacked everyday.

Universities warned of Storm Worm attacks


This is a brilliant security feature...

Why dont legitimate security applications do this?

This is brilliant.

Think how effective this would be in the protection of home and corporate machines.

Lets say I released a firewall or security application with this feature and it was installed by millions of people around the word..... Anyone trying to hijack my machine would get seriously DDoS'd into submission.

Hackers would get fed up pretty quickly having to reboot their machines all the time. :-)


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