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Samsung Galaxy S9: Still the Lord of All Droids


Re: S8 is now around £550

With regard to the Fingerprint sensor position - using such things is so old skool/Apple orientated. Unlike the Fruity company modern Samsung devices have 'Smart Lock' security - it's worth taking a look at. Mine stays unlocked for me if it can 'see' my Gear S3 watch for example - there are other options such as location or on-body.

2019: The year that Microsoft quits Surface hardware


Shame - the Surface is excellent

It would be a crying shame if the Surface line went, it is a truly excellent device if one travels and presents a lot as I do. A poweful lightweight and ultra portable machine with fabulous battery life is incredibly useful, the keyboard is attached with magnets so one has a useful notepad too (I avoid paper these days).

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?


Standard S8

I have a standard S8, bought outright and gave the perfect S7 Edge to the lady wife.

The S8 (cased from day one in Samsung's remarkable LED case, I still don't understand how it works!) is a decent phone, does everything that the S7 Edge did, with just a little more polish.

I don't feel the need to use any of the biometric security features, the novelty wears off in seconds so a PIN will suffice, Likewise the Bixby idea follows the Google voice control into the 'i'll not be using those features bucket'. I take the view that with a yearly product refresh pressure that Samsung must be desperate to find something innovative to differentiate the new model.

The S8 is a bit odd at first, especially as it feels smaller than an S7 Edge, and yet the display is usefully larger. I saw an S8+ in the Dixons duty free store in T2 at Heathrow on Monday, crikey it's huge - a phablet for sure.

Battery life is good, better than the S7 Edge, especially with the sophisticated power management features turned on (which reviewers never seem to mention).

Yeah it's pricey, but most decent bits of technology are. No regrets.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


No issues here either...

My work Surface 4 updated automatically and I manually updated all my personal machines going back to 15 year old Acer desktop (must get the lady wife something a bit more recent!) and even a little Asus Netbook - all are working perfectly - the latest release is robust and stable.


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