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Sony ships 11in OLED TV in the US


Not skinny but fat feet

"Skinny, init?"

er NO! Look at that base stand. Seems Sony hid all in there....

Blair's transport minister working for traffic-data firm


@Red Bren

"Pay all MPs the minimum wage and bar them from moonlighting. "

Yes, you have to ask yourself how much spare time their "contract" as our representatives allows them to NOT spend on Constituency and Parliamentary duties.....

I am always told how busy an MP's life is.....

now we know why.... wealth collection

Still he only earns TEN times my families present income....poor chap. And I can thank Labour Government for that too. :-(

Solar Cycle 24 is go: Official

Thumb Up

Message to Bordom sorry Gordon Brown

Cheer up Gordon, your fortunes may be on the up at last. The Blair sunspsot activity finally diee as the polarity reverses...

Mobile broadband to dominate in 2011


Guru makes prediction... again....!

And just how the hell are we going to consume that much bandwidth with a mobile phone?... on my bank balance LOL.

Note to self:

Must buy SUV to drag along the hard disks to store all that data I am apparently going to consume somehow.

3G demand............. nice prediction

Texting explosion.... Oh you industry guru's predicted that one didn't you! NOT

Get real.. please!

ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds


Yes, get real indeed!

We are constantly being told we are a service economy....

So communications are key.....

So BROWN & your Government get your act together.... and make sure we can use the infrastructure or our economy WILL suffer.

Tell the ISP's to pull there act together, read the dictionary ( "Unlimited" in particular) and give us access to a service infrastructure second to non... you will profit in the end!

Giants carve up broadband punters


Re: 6 or is it less

Exactly, last time I checked my ISP ( not a member of this "Rouges Gallery") and that of most of the UK provide a service via BT... So is this not a dictatorship for most of us?

Oh and by the way Rogues, check your Oxford Dictionary for the definition of the word "Unlimited"....

Who needs a "24meg" line and be 'profiled' after the blink of an eye. Pull your marketeers into line and get real with us or die a digital death from descenting down-loaders as they disappear ;)

Motorola cuts a dash with 24-carat gold Razr 2


Bling that ring!

What every self respecting pimp will crave and covet...

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize



So here we are, again. Yet another politician gets a cuddly toy -

For telling all us non Americans what we already know.

Jees they sure know how to pat each other on the back!

And just HOW has Gore changed our lives to deserve this honour?

Hmmm - Oh I know... by consuming megawatts of power and aviation fuel via his world crusade on climate change... a self fulfilling prophecy if ever I saw one

NASA: astronauts do not fly drunk


Stagger yes fly no way...

We know they don't fly drunk.... a hangover AND aching arms .. tsk never.

'Grim reaper' dog senses nursing home deaths


Hmm, see to remember that other animals look for dead meat too!

Vulture circles bedside...... now that would be news.

Reg you missed a trick there



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