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Even more warship cuts floated for the Royal Navy

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I was going to say 'unbelievable'

But why? USN has already been there.

We set the example by cutting costs through removal of the FFG-7's AAW capability... only to realize a figlet with no AAW capability is about as useful as a football bat. Supposedly the ships couldn't be upgraded, but that's a rather hollow argument when you look at what the Taiwanese can do with the same hull. The excuse being that LCS - a frigate in all but name - will somehow be better and do more with fewer hulls. LCS? Think of an F-35 that floats, but without weapons and built to commercial spec.

The OHPs were decent ships but I'd love to have something like the Type 23s. Brits have done some incredible work with these. Sorry to see them go.

Got to admire the F-35 though! One single program that has metastasized to the point where it bricks the defense establishments of not one but two of the world's greatest navies. If this were an enemy plot it would make more sense.

Mine's the one with a stiff, 4100 ton hull full of seamen in the pocket.

So long – and thanks for all the phish

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Article is meh, but the title is outstanding

Have a pint.

The only point I will make is that an organization is only as crafty as its stupidest executive. And boy do I have some great Peter Principle-compliant examples...

Let's make the coppers wear cameras! That'll make the ba... Oh. No sodding difference

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"[...] these cameras are to be fit for purpose in safeguarding the rights of the public"

Have a pint. You have nailed it and gotten us to the heart of the problem.

Indeed these should be fit for the purpose of safeguarding our rights. At least in my chunk of the USA the coppers seem to believe they are only fit for purpose in covering themselves from liability.

So long as the primary goal of the police is to actually defend us and our rights, the ultimate outcome from pursuit of these objectives is the same.

Today though citizen's rights are on life support and the liability lawyer is king; hence any footage that increases liability- such as the murder of the Australian woman- is destined for the memory hole

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Strange sample space

Lived and worked in around DC. No idea how one goes about getting a statistically relevant subset of 'DC'. The place is strange - extremely high end upper class neighborhoods adjacent to crack alleys... more law enforcement agencies with conflicting turf and objectives than any normal city... a daytime population vastly greater than nighttime... and so forth.

What I can tell you about cameras in the bedroom communities south of DC is that they've got a very strange failure mode. When more than a handful of cops are beating the crap out of an unarmed teenager - white or black - the BWC never seem to work. Strange, eh?

DXC slashes meal allowances for travelling troops: Please sir, may I have some more?

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Re: Do Indian workers in the UK travel in their own deflationary bubble?

Little discrimination there? Experienced this myself recently- when my Asian wife's firm questioned her actuals on a trip to Southern California. Assumption is that because she is Asian she is supposed to eat on the cheap in Little Saigon. "But dont you kind of people group together?"

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Re: One of the few things the US Govt does well...

I only rarely got govt to bite on actuals - usually involved traveling with a GS-14 or -15 who could work the 'team integrity' angle and get someplace nice.

For the most part you are right that govvies get paid to travel, but that depends on your agency and who you are. If I traveled on weekends Id generally get screwed. Traveling on weekdays Id sometimes get travel comp if the mission exceeded 8 hrs ... less my typical commute time.

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One of the few things the US Govt does well...

...per diem on official travel is quite reasonable, even if you have special dietary requirements.

What drove me nonlinear is having travel companions who fall into the following two categories: (1) people so cheap that they will bank their per diem by staying in a crack alley motel and eat stale crackers, and (2) ho's who would live off a contractor's card.

If you're on travel I want you rested and ready for action...


Facebook, Google and pals may be hit with TV political ads rules

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Re: Why is it that...

Quite so! When I first saw his name I had to say 'yougottabefrrakinkiddingme!' Guess not

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Why is it that...

...only older male politicians are concerned about electile dysfunction?

Mine's the one with the small vacuum pump...

Your data will get hacked anyway so you might as well give up protecting it

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Cremation for me, baby

More 'n enough people here already

When I kick everyone will be able to say, "he really made an ash of himself."

Malware again checks into Hyatt's hotels, again checks out months later with victims' credit cards

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Missing something here

Thought the whole purpose of such movies is that you dont have to slide your card into a third party...

Microsoft's foray into phones was a bumbling, half-hearted fiasco, and Nadella always knew it

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Re: Their analysis is actually half right

Good points, there.

I meant freedom for me as unofficial support service for colleagues and family who are barely computer literate. The iThings pretty much just work ... at least the earlier versions ... and people leave me alone as they can just do their thing. All engineers are inherently lazy- Im no exception.

Day job gives me an iphone 5s and its perfectly adequate to shoot my com wherever it needs to go. For playing with apps and app development, have my small fleet of droids.

As informal support winphones were a disaster for me, then win 10 started infesting desktops. Not good.

I did like the old Nokia phones. Awesome products. Shame they got bent.


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Their analysis is actually half right

I think there is a grain of truth in the thought that people celebrated the concept of being able to replace the desktop with a powerful handheld...

...but what they missed is the apathy and in many cases hatred experienced by users towards their desktops at that point. Remember - this is in the era in which we went from an acceptable win 95 to a rather decent 98 to ... Vista! Desktop computing - unless you had the coin for Mac or patience for Linux (*) - sucked and showed no signs of improving. So when iThing and Droid came along the feeling one had is of pure freedom. With such freedom, why would you re-enter craptivity (**) to MS? When their phone reared its ugly head I felt a shiver of revulsion. According to their market share I'm not alone.

(*) put down that flamethrower... been using Linux since 1993. Talking about Joe user here, ok?

(**) Craptivity, n. (1) The state of being one experiences subsequent to expending so much captial on a solution that absolutely sucks, no captial remains with which to purchase a better solution. (2) Any long-term service contract with EDS, HPE, etc

IT at sea makes data too easy to see: Ships are basically big floating security nightmares

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Racing boat technology

Why are racing boats so well equipped? "The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys." When I was a younger man I blew my $ on the boats and toys. Healthier than a crack habit, but definitely not cheaper. For some reason the kids want to go to college so Im turning my money gun away from the boats. *Sob*

In my professional life Ive been intimately familiar with the bridges of many large, grey painted hulls. Working for the world's largest operator of fast planes, big ships, and violent men has given me a fair amount of hands-on at sea time. The gear is crap, the configuration worse, systems engineering nonexistent... yet oddly enough the price is beyond dear. If you know why ... you are a wiser man than me. Suspect the multinationals that own and operate container ships have the same dysfunctional organizations that give rise to terrible ICS implementation. How to fix? Who the hell knows.

I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs

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In fairness to guys who write documentation...

...supposedly any idiot can write it.

So, given an idiot, do I let him write code, or...

Google touts Babel Fish-esque in-ear real-time translators. And the usual computer stuff

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Dropping phones in toilet?

Pre-teen boys. They could break a bowling ball. Toilets are only one of their varied arsenal. The things that can and do happen are ... unspeakable.

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Need English to Program Management real-time translator

The older I get the more fatigued I feel at the end of the day, having spent the entire day policing my thoughts and verbal output to ensure only the purest politically correct bullshit is employed.

A couple years ago we had a guy hack up a Voxtec phrasealotor to convert plain English to PC BS. A very limited hack, yet useful! For example:

"He's a fscking idiot!" Becomes "this employee requires additional training."

"You fscked up!" Becomes "perhaps we should try an alternative approach"

Simply glorious.

Byte Night: Bed down with tech chiefs, celebs ... or stay on your sofa

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Good on you

Every bit helps, and it helps to consider how many paychecks you are away from hitting the pavement. Encourage all to volunteer at your local homeless shelter, cold weather shelter, soup kitchen, abuse shelter. Yeah, the system needs money but what it really needs is hands. You will be surprised to see who really is in need. I meet a lot of fellow techies that have fallen on hard times...

Headless body found near topless beach: Missing private sub journalist identified

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Agree the headline could have been improved

One thing though I learned in the service though: gotta watch the submariners. Bunch of guys stuffed in a long, hard tube full of seamen. Nothing good can come of this...

Roland McGrath steps down as glibc maintainer after 30 years

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Great job

Fair winds and following seas, mate. Hoping your next years are a blast.

Create a user called '0day', get bonus root privs – thanks, Systemd!

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i think the term here is 'sexual intellectual'

Aka f'ng know it all...

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A marvelous word. Truly captures the issue succinctly. Have an upvote and pint.

It's time for a long, hard mass debate over sex robots, experts conclude

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Re: Its the spirit of the age.

Hawkwind! Excellent; havent heard that in a while and need to dig up the tape. Have a brew and upvote for the memories

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What's the greatest enemy of mankind?

An independently wealthy woman with battery operated toys.

FCC 126MHz 5G auction

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I dont understand something

OK - so Im taxed, excised, tarriffed, user fee-ed, and generally bent over so much that I walk funny all the time. So much of my income is going bye-bye that my wallet wants a divorce. And presumably some of my hard earned cash is funding the FCC and its godfather, the Dept of Commerce (whatever thats doing for me). And now it stands to 'make billions' in this next spectrum sale? I suppose their budget will be cut an equal amount ? Or the treasury gets a check? Didnt think so. So the question is... who is pocketing all the cash? How?

On the couch with an AI robo-doc asking me personal questions

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Re: Shrinks are useless or crazy

Chris, Im sorry that your mate punched out. Sucks, sounds like he was an interesting character.

10 whole min for a full and bogus diagnosis? Think I will go for the AI

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Re: If you've got UNIX...

Strange story about that...

...I sticky tape all the cameras on my computers, especially when working in sensitive areas like server rooms. Security offizer was doing a walk-down, spotted my stickies, and pitched a fit. So I said the obvious, "Um, ma'am, they're a LOT more secure this way. And you are all about secure, right?"

She replies, just about foaming at the mouth, "Damn it, I ordered you to take that off!"

Me, trying to stay calm, "WTF is your problem? The only use would be to spy on me, and given the nature if this space I cant imagine that you have the authorities to do so. Let's go check with the head... if you ARE playing with these in our server spaces you will be in dheep schitt."

At that point she shouted something inarticulate, requested that I perform a nearly impossible autoerotic task, and went away.

Please tell me there is an AI shrink that can fix a person like that?

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If you've got UNIX...

Fire up Emacs; then meta + X then "Doctor"

Probably about as good as some humans I've talked to and ... better yet ... the ELIZA script cannot access the bloody camera.

In after-hours trade on Monday, NYSE deployed test code to production

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Re: DevOps fun

So what I think you are saying is that buzzword bingo does not teach common sense? I can see the value of teaming developers and operations personnel so that they can learn to communicate and jointly address deficiencies. Heck, sometimes is good to have a person detail to another stovepipe just to break up boredom and give them additional growth oopportunities. Sometimes a shuft from one part of the org to the other - done voluntarily and with the employee's best interests foremost - can jump start a career and build useful bridges between organizations. If a guy or gal leaves my org I want them to leave happy and predisposed to team with ua, no matter where they go.

But all that requires real investment from leadership to see people as unique individuals with specific gifts to offer rather than a homogeneous mass of "human resources". Leading teams of individuals is really hard work! I think part of the DevOps fascination is that its easier to just hire a septic think tank to come in and (not) do this job for you.

DevOps feels like the forced fun mandatory holiday parties, or maybe regret/pity sex. If youve not been doing your job all along a sudden forced fun session isnt going to be very satisfying.


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Sounds about right

Had an MRI last week; the bill was $1234.56. So I thinks, "damn, someone left a default value in - gotta make a phone call. This is Not Kwite Rite."

Call outcome? Basically it doesnt matter what they charge and the number is in fact rectally derived. At the end of the day the scan costs precisely as much as whatever insurance company will pay them for said exam. No insurance? Guess you win the random variable prize?

Welcome to healthcare, USA style.

El Reg partners with Action for Children to give IT industry an uncomfortable night

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Good on you

No equivalent in the USA; interesting concept. Im extremely pleased The Reg is partnering with this effort; very good.

The kiddos and I work an evening a week at the local homeless shelter. Making coffee, keeping the peace, and so forth. One task is secure any meds and valuables the guests bring with them. An ominous sign for techies? Im locking up more and more laptops and misc IT gear.

Sure, many of the guests are there due to severe medical/psychological issues that would actually be treated if our health care system was itself sane. An increasing number were just one paycheck away from thile edge and got shoved off. Lately it IS the IT guy sleeping rough

I better get my @$$ back to work... chop, chop.

How to avoid getting hoodwinked by a DevOps hustler

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How to lead from the middle...

I have no idea if real DevOps experts exist. I suppose they do somewhere, but my personal experience has been more on the side of seeing these guys walking around with their head shoved so far up their asses they can see through their belly buttons - when I was in the service we called this posture "having a glass stomach"

What do you do if you're bosses have imbibed the LSD-laced Koolaid and you've got to get rid of one of these guys, and you're only in the middle? Well, one PhD physicist that has been mentoring me provided a perfect example of how to yank the DevOps' guys eject handle:

Wait for a viewgraph to come up in all its vomitous glory discussing how much DevOps will improve productivity. Note the number of significant figures quoted; in this example it was three sig fig. Doc then switches to his heavy hispanic accent (so as to be underestimated) and turns on the suck up, "Very impressive, sir! I see that you have improved productivity 32.2%. How do you do it?"

Puffed up, our DevOps guy then dumps another steaming load on the audience.

Doc, accent gone, then says, "Thank you. What I meant is this: how SPECIFICALLY do you measure productivity to a precision of three significant figures? What data do you use to support this? What is the uncertainty in your estimate? What metric constitutes productivity? .... "

Five minutes later, the kill, "Sooo... you think that you can walk into a room full of technical professionals, some with advanced degrees and randomly pull a number out of your ass and present it. Interesting."

Never saw the consultant again. Left that day driving like a bat outta hell.

China pollutes ocean with bloody big rocket

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Re: Question about polluting

Cool; learned something! My thanks and a pint.

Chairman of the Bored

Question about polluting

Serious question...

To what extent do the large rockets deplete ozone? I suppose H2/LOX is better than RP-1/LOX and both I suppose are better than the metal (aluminum?) perchlorates from solid rocket boosters, but is there any significant impact or are the flights too few to matter?

I know no NOx is produced in the engines proper but are the exhaust plumes sufficiently hot to generate NOx?



One thought equivalent to less than a single proton in mass

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For me? 506 more protons needed

Here is my work, bear in mind I'm frequently wrong but NEVER in doubt:

Rest mass of proton: 1.672621898E-027 kilogram

Speed of light: 299792458 m/sec

Therefore the energy equivalent of one proton is:

E = mc^2 = 1.50327759289611E-10 Joule

I don't know Katie so we will use one of my thoughts. I have on average 2/day.

Apropos of nothing the average time for a mammal to defecate is 12 sec.

Basic energy consumption of an adult male is about 8700 kJ; over 24 hours this averages to a power level of just over 100W. The brain consumes about 19% of this, so the brain is 19W.

Given 12sec/thought, then the energy value of a thought is 12sec * 19W = 228Joule

How many proton rest masses is this? 228Joule / 1.50327759289611E-10 Joule / proton ~ 14820948642677 protons.

An error of 30 billionths of a percent is 3.333E-10

3.333E-10 * 14820948642677 ~ 506.

So because of this error I need another 506 protons per thought. Or less fiber.

Male escort says he gave up IT to do something more meaningful

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I wish I could take credit for this...

...but I can't; its from USENET. Somebody's EE career is doing a lot better than mine:

The Sex Life of an Electron by

Eddie Currents

One night when his charge was pretty high, Micro Farad

decided to seek out a cute little coil to let him discharge.  He picked up

Millie Amp and took her for a ride on his megacycle.They rode across the

Wheatstone Bridge, around the sine waves, and stopped in the magnetic field by

a flowing current.  Micro Farad, attracted by Millie Amp's

characteristic curves,soon had her fully charged and excited her luv resistance to a

maximum. He laid her on the ground potential, raised her frequency, and

lowered her reluctance. He pulled out his high voltage rod and inserted

it in her socket, thus connecting them in parallel, and began to short

circuit her resistance shunt. Fully excited Millie Amp screamed "Ohm!

Ohm! Ohm!"  With his tube operating at a maximum and her field vibrating with

his current flow, it caused her shunt to overheat and Micro Farad was

rapidly discharged and drained of every electron.  They fluxed all

night trying various connections and sockets until his magnet had a soft

core and lost all of its field strength.  Afterwards, Millie Amp tried

self induction and damaged her solenoid. With his battery fully discharged

Micro Farad was unable to excite her field, so they spent the rest of the

night reversing polarity and blowing each others fuses.

BOFH: Putting the commitment into committee

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Another term for that manager

"Sexual intellectual" ... otherwise known as a fscking know-it-all.

Outstanding BOFH. Great way to end the week.

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter

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Re: Factor in suicidal people are not exactly thinking rationally.

Bucky 2,

I think your post nails it; have upvote and a smooth IPA.

Suspect a lot of persons posting here are not yet at the middle age point where you realize your mental and physical health are not guaranteed, and indeed are rather limited, nonrenewable resources.

Been through a quick walk with cancer and know its waiting for me around the corner. Barring any sudden accidents its pretty obvious how this show will end.

Thinking rationally about suicide... at some level it can and will be done by many at some point. At what point is the financial and emotional burden of one's continued existence going to outweigh any advantages to others of being around? How much pain is too much pain before you lose tour humanity? When hope becomes illogical, what is one living for? Is there really any honor in suffering?

Yeah, one is not supposed to make decisions when depressed. But guess when most of the real decisions must be made?

What one could use then is a partner who can help with the decisionmaking. Ideally offer unconditional love and support...

What this gal did is evil. Was the guy's pain so great that he couldnt be saved or go on? Who knows... only he knows his suffering and took it to the grave. Im not prepared to seconf guess his decision. But this ... girl ... just treated him like a broken toy and basically threw away his life like so much litter. Nobody deserves a partner like that; Im glad she is heading to prison.

BTW, I dont believe prison reforms anything - I just want to get her away from society as long as possible.

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Re: Stupid but?

I always thought the reason suicide is illegal in the US is so that the police can forcibly detain one for treatment given an unsuccessful attempt. Not sure how I feel about that...

On the one hand I mentored a guy who had a rough go of his early life and really got himself together. Left the service, went to school, got hired and was doing well until a security clearance RE-investigation got his clearance pulled because 15yrs in the past he had been taken into custody for threatening to off himself. Note that he did report the depression issues to the man in the first place... we ALL knew of and respected his struggles and victory... no blackmail material here! But we ended up firing him anyways. W.T.F., over??? That helps who? How?

The flip side is that I had to convince a sibling to voluntarily surrender to a state hospital. Violent, out of control, totally f'ed up at the time. Hadn't yet been convicted of any crime so there was no way to get him treatment unless he volunteered. Any idea how freakin' hard it is to convince a manic depressive in an epic manic swing that they have a problem, not the rest of us? And that the incredible rush is a problem in the first place? In that kind of situation I can understand why the courts want some leverage in mental health crises.

But is criminalization the answer?

Good news: 18 years on my brother is doing great. The guy I hired and mentored crashed after losing job / career setback. Spouse was un-freakin-helpful. But now he's doing OK.

Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist

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Favorite so far

Sociopathic, vindictive turd of a manager went on a rampage to try to fire anyone who left their single sign-on token unattended. 'Unattended' here is literally defined as more than a half meter from your fingertips...for this particular fire drill you are in deep kimchi if you turn away from the card reader without pulling it

Same gal kept leaving hers in her machine and going to 'lunch' with a senior manager.

Knowing that the two of them would be going at it hammer and tongs for at least the two minutes a VP can achieve and sustain... we disassembled the smart card reader and co formal coated the contacts with clear nail polish. Only thing available on short notice. Kept her from doing anything 'productive' for DAYS

IT guy broke into a big smile when he figured out the mod and we had a helluva laugh over it... his comment? "Always wear protection!"

Soldiers bust massive click-farm that used 500k SIM cards, 100s of mobes to big up web tat

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Re: Meanwhile the hunt continues for the ring leader

Served with a guy named Richard Holden. Every morning, "Holden, Dick! Front and center!"

Does that count?

BA passengers caught in crossfire of Heathrow baggage meltdown

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Nothing worse than gettin' kicked in the bag...

....in public... by BA

I still haven't found what I'm malloc()ing for: U2 tops poll of music today's devs code to

Chairman of the Bored

An then the pointy haired mgr showed up..

Workin' for The Man from the five sided building on the Potomac:

Stage 1: pointy hair says, "You shouldn't play music as someone may take offense to its content." Rather than trust people to act like adults and negotiate a mutually acceptable compromise... ban the music! Heaven forbid we talk to one another and, I dont know - bond and form teams, maybe even grow to see each other as unique and valuable human beings?

Stage 2: We will pipe in sound for you from a noncontroversial source. Ok - I was hoping for a good brown noise gen. What we got is either alternating between left and right wing 'news' stations - both batshit crazy - or the Weather Channel. Someone hijacked the feed to give us South Park re-runs and almost got himself fired. That itself would be worthy of a South Park episode. Deep, man.

Stage 3: For reasons I completely understand and approve of we cannot use personal CDs in the Man's machines, and nor can we have our phones or other electronics near same. Ok, no problem - old school Sony Discman to the rescue

Stage 4: You can have your discman but no speakers. You CANNOT have personally owned headphones (per 'security') so you can only use headphones if provided by The Man

Stage 5: The Man doesnt buy stuff for your personal use Period. And even if he did, you dare not plug it into your personal discman - that would be a 'security issue'

I hit the silk!!

British Airways poised to shed 1,000 jobs to Capita

Chairman of the Bored

Yeah, Im pissed

Talked to the UK staff on several occasions and always came away feeling like I'd been treated with respect and courtesy. Hopes and prayers for them and their families. Deserved better.

No ... f'ing ... way ... will be be doing BA across the pond now.

Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?

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I wonder

...the little quiet voices in my head (shuddup!!) Keep asking me how much of my personal data and metadata got slurped up in the validation report, to whom it was sold, and for how much. Shhh.... ahh! The meds are kicking in.

Five Eyes nations stare menacingly at tech biz and its encryption

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Protect our freedumb(tm)

Freedumb... brilliant turn of phrase; have a pint and upvote on me

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course

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Re: All valid points

Will do; appreciate the point! Thanks -BC

Chairman of the Bored

All valid points

Actually AF447 is a good test case for what you are asserting. Its far from a 'pure' pilot error issue - yes, the pilot flying kept a nose up attitude forcing full stall all the way to the earth. But that was already very deep into the accident sequence. The true initiating event is a dumb design flaw in t the pitot tubes used on the accident aircraft. They iced up... badly... and the aircraft lost most speed information and the autopilot disconnected. Airbus' automation, arguably the best in the industry, CANNOT fly an aircraft without speed data. It seems fairly clear the human crew struggled with the change to alternate control rule and its obvious inappropriate elevator inputs were provided and that made the aoa data iffy. That led to a full autopilot disconnect because there is no way the automation could fly the aircraft with no speed inputs and questionable aoa. One thing that might have helped would have been of the aircraft had a Boeing-style yoke assembly. Both move together and if you are the pilot not flying having the column land in your lap from an inappropriate command from pilot flying might be a clue that he is screwing up. I say 'might' because its amazi.g what can be missed under stress. Airbus uses side sticks with no visual or tactile feedback so it is not obvious what inputs are being applied. You might argue that this design decision was yet another initiating event but (a) yokes have their own issues and (b) lets have an intelligent discussion rather than a Boeing/Airbus preference flame fest. Both make outstanding products.

Bottom line: pilot action ultimately doomed AF447 but the worlds best automation had already thrown in the towel. Its not clear to me how to fly a heavy - esp near the coffin corner of its envelope - without trustworthy airspeed.

Its tough to find pure pilot error drive fatalities - leaving aside homicidal nutjobs. About the purest dumb error crash I can think of is Eastern 401. Went down in the Everglades when everyone was troubleshooting a nothingburger problem and nobody was flying the plane. And that was a reaaaaly long time ago. The other Everglades lawn dart - ValueJet - was also human error but from the some idiot loading O2 generators. No automation in the world could have helped those people - they were just totally doomed before departure. Sometimes ¿[=[£ happens. Poor guys :(