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El Reg uncovers Tiger Woods tech angle

Doug Jenkins

We aren't out of the Woods, yet...


From the Bushes into the forest!

Blogger outs back-end Google tech

Doug Jenkins

Oh, no...

.,.the "end" is near!

Google Docs set for 'get rid of' Office moment

Doug Jenkins

good riddance...

I've been using either Star Office or OpenOffice instead of MSOffice since 2000.

Google Docs is a late-comer.

Female fruitbat fellatio frenzy: 70% give head

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ah...sordid details and IE IT angle

IE and increased memory leaks the more you run it..any connection here?

TechCrunch dubs Linux a 'big ol’ bag of drivers'

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Follow the $$ or the Easy Way Out


I really will get to "Google OS" eventually...

I think most people make choices in life with two reasons in mind...

what's the cost?

what is easiest?

In my computing world, at my workplace and among my friends, 55% of the computers run Windows, 40% run Linux, 5% run Mac. Some find it easier to run Windows (even with the cost of purchase of apps/games and on-going AV activity.) Some find it costs to learn a new way of doing things, (but it is easier, safer in the long run and fewer $ to do other things.)

The "official" Linux stance is - "use what you want or gets your work/play done." Linux isn't in competition with any other OS, even though some try to make it so (including the Linux fanboys.)

I agree with you that "Google OS"* will not fill the bill for everyone, in cost or ease of use (or for some activities, be useful at all!) But in some markets, for some activities, even for some equipment "Google OS" will make sense and be attractive.


*assuming that "Google OS" becomes real

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

Doug Jenkins

Why Linux...?

@Peter Key

Yes, there is a large part of free software available for the Windows platform...but one still has to have the Windows platform...and pay for it, in both money and time, to procure and protect. This takes time and treasure away from using the equipment. (Protecting Linux requires a button push, entering a password, and a click! This not only upgrades the OS, but any application with an upgrade, too.)

Yes, I admit to being a cheapskate, but I have been paying for Windows since 1.03 (yes, really) and the last Office I bought was '95 Professional. I got tired of paying for changes to support new document formats, and application changes that didn't, or shouldn't have required the expense.

OpenOffice does all that I need, and I have successfully used it since late 2000. People who need an MSOffice formatted document from me were none the wiser. The only reason people know I am NOT using MSOffice is because I tell them, and send them to openoffice.org. (BTW, the same document is 4-5 times LARGER in the MSOffice format than in the open one!)

I think I represent more people who just need to "write a letter" or "write a paper." One doesn't need a be-ribboned behemoth to do that!

Doug Jenkins


Of course, the article is correct that the ubiquity of Windows gives it a leg up.

But here is the real world....well, my real world.

Setting up a pentium3 with only 356 meg of ram with a new 40gb hdd. Installed XP SP0 which came with this computer ( I opened the plastic seal myself on this circa 2002 purchase) to a 25 gb partition, and saved 15 gb for Linux Mint 6.

This early XP version had NO junk apps, a very bare install. So added AVG (After downloading SP2 and AVG through the Linux side and installed both while XP disconnected from Internet, OOo3, Foxit, Firefox and e-Sword (this is a church computer, after all).

So with this bare XP install, added patch and these five apps, plus more updates up to SP3...6 gb of hdd space used. Time? The SP3 udate itself was an hour!

On the Linux side, brand new modern OS, with OOo, Firefox, and so many other apps already installed with the OS. Then added wine (so I could install e-Sword), games suite, digikam (think Picasa) and Audacity (for voice recording). After updates, (yes, this cd was burned just weeks ago)... total hdd space used...4.2 gb. Time? installing the extra apps, and updates about an hour.

Linux Mint found both networked printers, right away...XP had to be rebooted several times, before only ONE was located. (and still can't find the church computer lab (all running XP) part of the network?)

Linux Mint can read and share files with the windows partition. Windows only reports a 25 gb hard drive.

Both XP and Linux Mint are painfully slow on this machine, but it is serviceable. OOo takes longer to open in XP than in Mint. I had to install the SP2 patch to XP because AVG latest version would not run on plain old XP. Hey XP IS 7 years old, after all.

Would Vista run on this? nope...how about win7? dunno....but doubt it. Latest Linux, you bet!

In my house, four computers, two with XP (one for European Air War and one for greeting card production) and our two laptops with Linux (Mint and Kubuntu). Of our two grown sons, one uses Vista, the other dual-boots XP/ Mint. Our two grandkids (10 & 8) use Linux (Ubuntu and Mint ). But then, that is my world.

God Bless


Ballmer backs away from 'Vista Capable' legal row

Doug Jenkins
Thumb Down

Ballmer bawls

Yikes...another high-'functioning' non-connected boss....we are full of 'em!!

Japanese to launch paper plane from ISS

Doug Jenkins

now, if we could...

...just attach a motor to get it out of orbit...

Click here to turn your HP laptop into a brick

Doug Jenkins


if i need a tool, it takes five min to find somthing for windows....

Heck, i can find a tool/utility/full app and have it d/l and running in 5 minutes in LinuxI

God Bless


Florida man faces trial for feeding homeless

Doug Jenkins

the only way to stomache this...

Sent a "thank you" to the Orlando city mayor (buddy.dyer@cityoforlando.net) for their "property (or appearance) before people" stance.

What a country we live in!

God Bless


Mammoth wool gives up genetic secrets

Doug Jenkins

how would you like your danish?

ummm Ian, the University of Copenhagen did the research...and Bush hasn't invaded them in order to be 'stomped'...at least not yet.

Is VMware too close to Linux?

Doug Jenkins

is this why ms avoided vmware?

Did MS look to xen and others for virtualization-ware because they were aware of this? Although that would have been interesting if they had accepted it, then they would be under the GPL!