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Proprietary: Pure sticks to flash module design, becomes a direct flasher


Just wondering

Chris, (assume I'm that blind man toughing one part of the elephant) I see a proprietary flashDrive base card. that has raw flash, NVMe, a circuit board with other components, a heat sink and no flash transition software/firmware on the board.

Isn't/wasn't this one of the logical next steps to get rid of the old hard drive rules? Wasn't someone going to whip up a board like this? Couldn't something like this be created as a NVMe generic flash drive?

I understand Pure's board is proprietary, but wouldn't/couldn't a generic version become a flash standard available for everyone to use and gain high volume economies plus speed and parallelism. Doesn't it make sense to scrap the existing flash drive designs and switch to something that allows each company's software talk to directly to the flash via NVMe?


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