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CES Worst in Show slams gummi gouging, money-wasting mugs, and other dubious kit


Clearly not from Texas...

Whoever wrote "Implying the use of Withings U-Scan could potentially land a person in jail is preposterous and legally not the case" clearly hasn't spent much time in Texas recently. Women are being advised not to tell their doctor when their last menstrual period was for fear that this information could be subpoenaed. Remember citizens can make $7,000 cash by reporting someone they suspect of having an abortion.

Death to strap-ons, says Intel, yet thrusts its little AI stick into us all


10MW for Exascale computing on USB?!

So if 100gigaflops is 1w then...

1 Petaflop is 10kw

1 Exaflop is 10mw

What kind of flops are we talking about here exactly.....

Court favours Nexsan over EMC in Unity trademark squabble


Disclosure: Dell EMC Employee with a 'personal' blog...

The question of personal and corporate blogs is tricky, but I think we have the right balance. Personal blogs, where the company affiliation (aka bias) is declared, allow us to share content and thoughts that otherwise would require a punitive amount of review and editing to comply with corporate standards. As an individual I'm allowed to make mistakes, to misspeak and sometimes to disagree or offer different perspectives to the company's stated strategy. But if I'm representing the company, I have to be absolutely on-point, and ensure that anything I say has been reviewed and approved which is time consuming and sometimes dilutes the message.

The last big corporation I worked for, personal blogging and communications were forbidden. I'm happy I work somewhere that provides me with an avenue to easily articulate my thinking without any need for burdensome oversight.

Obviously the opinion expressed above is my own and does not necessarily represent the view of my employer :-)

Gartner halves tech splash forecasts, blames the US dollar


Please fix the first paragraph!

I nearly had a heart attack when I read Gardner had been "forced to halve global tech spending projections for 2017." That would have been a $1.75Tn reduction! I was practically celebrating when I realised it was a mere $67Bn drop... I think if you insert 'growth' between spending and projections, that should do the job nicely :-)