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Bloke rolls up to KFC drive-thru riding horse-drawn cart only to be told: Neigh


Re: WTF?

I sprinkle a little curry powder on mine... I'll give the chili a shot.

Papa don't breach: Contracts, personal info on Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John, others swiped in celeb law firm 'hack'


Re: OK ...

Something I learned doing IT in Media and New Media (as it was called in SOMA in San Francisco in the mid 90s, pre .com) ...

* All Press is Good Press (when you Spin Spin Sugar).

[Except perhaps the Sony US hack, nothing good could be done with that.]

Please be aliens, please be aliens, please be aliens... Boffins discover mystery mass beneath Moon's biggest crater


*Dumps Tea out of Keyboard*


Re: Final resting place of unwanted leftover Christmas fruitcakes is also a possibility



Re: Final resting place of unwanted leftover Christmas fruitcakes is also a possibility

I take *all* the fruitcakes out off The Regift Stream™.

I like to hike and mountain bike. Those are high-density, mostly indestructable fuel items.

Those, a tub of pseudo butter, apples, a salami (or similar meat product), block of cheese, sourdough bole', granola trail-mix, liter of water, liter of juice ... I'm solid for All Day.

I find when one bikes 50mi in a day, those little bastards are right welcome around second breakfast, lunch time, second snack, third snack, &c.

This must be some kind of mistake. IT managers axed, CEO and others' wallets lightened in patient hack aftermath


Re: What about auto-updates?

Super On Point.

Usually some poor schmuck would get taken out back and shot, the body delivered unto The Powers, with Promises to never fail again.

This was, whoever was involved, handled in a Really Classy Way... and no, you just don't see that very damned often.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt


Re: Wow, it's almost...

Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations are not only reversible, the body tends to reverce the surgical procedure all on its own! The body fixes itself. [Not hinting or making a miulti-leveled argument here**, just saying.]

On a Technical note, I think that cutting a person or business from the .eu TLD is bunk. How many US URL Shorteners use TLS from freakin' Everywhere (New York Times gets their NYT.MS from Montserrat) and my vanity domain uses Montenegro's TLD while I'm sitting in Seattle. In short: Who Gives A Shit? I do think that it's petty to boot the legal owners of an Internet Property and a Brand that they (may or may not) have put effort into building.

**I'm an American so I know jack and shit about that game of yours on the other side of the pool, other than you all seem very excited about it. Sorry, we've been trying to keep from drowning in stupidity over here to pay a whole lot of attention, my apologies.]

An upset tummy and a sphincter-loosening blackout: Lunar spaceflight is all glamour


Re: Fake news! The moon landings were a hoax!

>.< -- All The Beers for You.

Wow, what a lovely early Christmas present for Australians: A crypto-busting super-snoop law passes just in time


Re: I promised I'd keep doing this...













Re: This is good

I have lived in both places and times where "Lock Your Door" was just a concept worthy of ridicule. I would be aghast!

Looking back, I realize now it was laziness and hubris, mostly.

[Note: I suspect your down-vote came from someone who hasn't lived in those times, or who has and got burned.]

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork


Re: Codecs?

VLC has so many more CoDecs than WiMP (<- poor impulse control).

I use it on Linux/Windows/Mac/Droids because it Just Works™. THen there's DRM in WiMP that Has Prevented me from playing Centrifugal Media that I actually own (Buckaroo Banzai being my favorite Fail).

I see no point in using anything other than the thing that does what's on the Tin.

Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality


Re: Why would anyone tolerate this?

(al)Pine if I'm on my servers because it's convenient.

K9 on my Droids.

Kontact on my Laptop.

No Ads.

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server


Re: Contractor rights

It pains me to do this as I'm a xNIX person, and no fan of Redmond (in fact, I live in it), and so much more likely to sound like Bombastic Bob than makes me personally comfortable, and so:

Bill's (formerly unchallenged) greed has absolutely nothing to do with anything at Microsoft these days. Oh, the Interns know who he is a vague way (seriously!) but Bill drives around Bellevue in a minivan and is a great deal more interested in other things (according to El Reg, Poop, specifically) these days. Bill is not, nor has he been for some time, responsible for the retarded shit-storm that is today's Microsoft. Ballmer set much in motion, and adjusting with both nudges AND hammers we have SatNad who is quite firmly in control, and thus, to blame.

I don't mind calling out villany, just make sure you get the right villan. (Oracle and Amazon continue to make this easy.)

Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again


Re: It's the second one that's scary...

I grew up in a military environment (Navy AND Air Force), and at NASA in the 80s. I also sail (badly). Rules of thumb:

* If you need it carry two.

* If you Really need it, carry three and lash one to your effin' body.

Tripple Redunancy is SOP.

Slabs, huh, what are they are good for? Er, not quite absolutely nothing


Re: Not surprised...

What you said...only: I have to have a phone too. With a BT Foldable Keyboard and ArcTouch mouse, my 8" Tablet replaces my laptops (I have bunches of those too). But I like that everything fits in a cargo pocket on my thigh, it's all 4G (which was handy doing network/POS at a resort).

* And actually, with the foldable BT Keyboard I Could actually use my phone since all the tools are the same, but my eyes are getting old and if I'm carrying a Fresnel Lense, may as well carry an 8" slab.

Google logins make JavaScript mandatory, Huawei China spy shock, Mac malware, Iran gets new Stuxnet, and more


Re: "uranium subterfuges", O Joy

I was at a company Eng lunch where 104 shots of Cuervo were on the reciept...as a line item...it was a long receipt.

Dawn of the dead: NASA space probe runs out of gas in asteroid belt after 6.4 billion-mile trip


Re: Is that US Gallons or Imperial Gallons?

Beer For you... waiter, please, here for this one!


Re: How sad.

Fun Fact: Most every thing we toss out of the gravity well exceeds it's mission with aplomb. Oh, the screwups are spactacular to be sure, but that stuff tends to be well built by people who "believe" in what they are doing. It's super good kit, and all of it is compromises besides.

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE


Do so, and beers/pizza is on me (because I'm insanely curious to know).

This revolution will not be televised – but it will be sanctioned: Googlers walk out over 'sex pest' executive scandals


Fun Fact: You're only bound to whatever idiot thing you sign in HR. I've scredded more things on my first day than I've signed.

A serious one by way of example is the "And the company owns all the IP you create while here, even your own brain fart code at 0300 in your boxers. Much of my toolkit is open source and I literally can't sign that because my signature literally legally doesn't supercede the GPL. <Shredder>

[Also, the code I write at 3am in my undies is mine, thanks, and probably nobody wants it anyway.]

'He must be stopped': Missouri candidate's children tell voters he's basically an asshat


Re: Bootnote... on which site?

Here's a pint mate. Ignore the other lad, and later we'll discuss how to hide your editor's body for throwing you into the pit of hell with the likes of us.


Explaining this is difficult.


Re: "Hitler was right"

You owe me a tablet, this one has rather suddenly become drown in coffee that had achieved a respectable fraction of Mach.

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer


Re: Sorry to piss on the still warm grave..


I'm "from California" (landed there with my MilBrat lifestyle). The Better Half is a native from Ballard so now I live on the East Side, specifically, in Redmond, and have been here for half a decade. I'm not a part "of this", I don't engage in the laughable Tech Industry here, the non-existent Tech Culture, and none too interested in the new housing boom either. The East Side is a candy cane and gingerbread, Stepford, Surburban, bedroom community shit hole (did I mention I Also grew up in Stockton and have a rock solid foundation for comparison?).

No, these people are Not Californians. California (and mostly SoCal, you can tell by their driving style, not kidding) was just their Last Stop, and so that's the license plate you see on their shitty SUVs. THey are, in fact, mostly East Coasters. The Better Half and I argue about this quite a lot in fact.

SAdly, I've seen this in three places I've left specifically because of these folk.

Lifestyle Carpetbaggers...I super like that.

Salesforce dogged by protests, leaked emails, and guerrilla blimps on first day of Dreamforce


Re: I had to use salesforce product for a while

I was at a VAR that was Sales Heavy. I was the Sr. Design/Build/Outside/Inside Eng/Tech (you know the drill). I was supposed to use it, but it's shit for Project and Task Management, which is my Primary Toolkit. I had an account, company kept paying for it, but there was Nothing in it that was useful to my function for the business.

Never had to put up with it since then.

Big Cable tells US government: Now's not the time to talk about internet speeds – just give us the money


Re: 100Mb/s?

"No. It's not high, and I define "broadband" only it if is symmetric or almost." <- This, right here.

Make no mistake, in the US it's to make Content Creation more difficult. Cable (Disney, etc) want you to Buy Their content, not be amused by someone else's or Oh Noes! make your own.

My T and ISDN lines were symmetric, ADSL was a cheap-assed hack to get more bandwidth in a provider's core network so they wouldn't actually have to invest. Everyone here can do the math-ishs: We could have (say) 30/30 Synchronous, but 75 (cough, 4) actually sounds more appealing to consumers because PornHub is twice as fast to you, dear consumer...you only need enough upstream to whisper your little request.

I'm waiting for them to finally turn on QoS code on their cores so they can say they're "achieving 5x The Throughput!" (for the cost up flashing some firmware) or some such nonsense.

Dead retailer's 'customer data' turns up on seized kit, unencrypted and very much for sale


Re: Why?

Well, under Asset Forfeiture Law *the property* is actually responsible for the crime (might be more TechDirt's bailwick...but...) Let the FBI mull it over a bit and they'll figure something out.

Sysadmin misses out on paycheck after student test runs amok


Re: Naming Schemes

Ibiza Clubs, that is a good one.

A certain popular and influential Magazine in the 90s (really good paper, fabulous ink) spun out a smaller new Digital version that had been growing within it for a while (they were tired of us). Naturally we inherited (borrowed, liberated, re-purposed, absconded with, nicked, jacked, and stole) many of their older SUN boxen for our grand little experiment. Out of respect we named our machines after ways of getting Wired.

Being good admins, out servers were Clearly Labeled (we also stole the label-maker) with the FQDN and it's internal IP and external (if any). Then we got to work making a new company and didn't think much of it...until The CEO™ (we had two; Ours, and the one from The Parent Company™, guess which one this was) decided to Take a Tour through our nice new shiny Server Room, to look at the blinking-effing-lights, at like 0100 hours.

Apparently some people are offended by servers named speed and cocaine and caffeine and espresso and some other things (also the NAT, but then aren't we all?). Come the next day, we were politely asked to change the naming convention of Our Servers in Our Server Room in an email.

Well, about this time, Fall Comdex had just finished up and we had just returned from Las Vegas (nice and hung-over and rowdy).

First order of business was the reply email saying it would be handled Oh-Fearless-Leader and so we renamed all the machines after Casino/Hotels on the Vegas Strip. [Point of the story.]

Second order of business was informing Facilities that if anyone from the C-Suite *ever* stepped in to the server room at 0100, with other like and well lubricated folk, unsupervised by a qualified entity, he'd be First on the Wall, *not* the suits (though they would get their turn), and security-card access was adjusted accordingly. [Moral of the story.]

Boss helped sysadmin take down horrible client with swift kick to the nether regions


Cheers To You, Sir.

Best wishes and best of luck in the new execution of your craft.

Thank You, and Be Well.

Code of conduct claims new Texas Instruments CEO after just six weeks


Re: Good to see that this applies right to the top

CONFIDENTLY spoke out in favor of lassaiz faire capitalism at a business meeting

No, this one would have gotten him straight murdered. Company jet "fell out of the sky, oops".


Re: So..

Most assuredly; Dick in the Secretary.

Official probe into HPE’s Oz 3Par crashes would create 'further negative publicity' if revealed


Thank You. was wondering when we were going to get to the IT bit.

I've trained on 3Par before HP acquired them (also do EMC and HDS, NetApp if I'm slumming it, NexSAN if I'm having fun), it's good kit. Aaaaand Kit Falls Over sometimes. It's called entropy and we plan for it. (Six "Ps")

But, priceless.

1. Turned off monitoring. *BAM* The kit isn't to blame. It could have been calling for help all along but we'll never know. Everything Else is finger-pointing masturbation. Seriously, everyone's fired. That is blatant incompetence. Monitoring is there for a reason. Now I want to see their monitoring and alert system. Bets on it's (non)existence?

2. They didn't get Mid-Tier hot standby for their array. Couldn't Afford was almost certainly Wouldn't Afford. I won't deploy without a mid-tier. Hey, save money now and we just populate trays with just what data-size you have today. Expand as required. No biggie. But, you Will get a second chassis our I Will walk out of the project.

Now support, come on mates, we all know all support is outsourced, we all know to whom, so to feign surprise and whine is just silly. If it had been architected correctly, that point would have never been reached.

I don't see any problem here with the kit itself other than, that's what lots of us here get paid for. I see:

* Manglement.

* Bad finance decisions.

* Bad Archicture.

* Bullshit SysAdmin skills. (THAT team needs LARTed, and blackballed from the industry, no it isn't harsh.)

* I'd like to see that report that describes HPE's deployment methodology (and here they are https://www.google.com/search?q=hpe+3par+deployment+guide&oq=hpe+3par+deployment ) because I bet it looks more like I describe above (you bet your ass EMCs does, they want to sell you ALL the chassis, and monitoring, and dedupe, and some cold storage, and some of-site, and a pony...so I'm guessing HPE might be ever so slightly less aggressive selling kit). I bet their report is blatantly full of shit.

Drug cops stopped techie's upgrade to question him for hours. About everything


Re: Ahhh, base security

My problem with that *points* is that a crew that doesn't know what ordinance they are carrying (manifest/visual inspection) should never be allowed to fly again.


Re: Entering New Zealand

Silicon Valley: Mid-to-Late 90s ... IT Managers DID get together Friday nights for drug-fueled rage parties.

Yes, oh yes we did.


Re: Made it here first!

... "Chips, dips, chains, whips ... your basic High School orgy."

Happy birthday, you lumbering MS-DOS-based mess: Windows 98 turns 20 today


Re: The ONLY things going for it were

I have hear, and said "Wait for Service Pack 1" as Straight Gospel so many times from 98 until Vista (no Service Pack could save that blight).

If you had Real Work™ to get done, one pretty much had to.


Re: Memories

Can't decide if I'm impressed or horrified you hammered that out.

BOFH: Is everybody ready for the meeting? Grab a crayon – let's get technical


Re: "I prefer not to answer that but suggest you wear gloves to work."

I had a Boss like that.

He was a competent SUN Microsystems SysAdmin before Manglement promoted him.

And then he went and hired me. I'm independent, I know my job, and by the time he came to me with a Task List (three weeks), I'd already done 80% of it, three items were good ideas and I added them to my project plan, and handed him back his list. At That Point, he sat back and said:

"You're making us look good. You do you job and I'll be the umbrella that keeps the shit off of you."

He did.

We're good friends to this very day and I wish to hell I could hire him as My Boss.

That was quick: Seattle rushes to kill tax that would mildly inconvenience Amazon




Re: Not as simple as all that...

I've been here for more than a half-decade now, and you are Correct, there is more to it than that.

For example: Liberalism here is so bad that I Returned To Santa Cruz, CA to get some effing peace. I'll let that sink in and we can move on. ...

Seattleites (my better half is a native) pretty much liked it around here before Amazon grew, and Microsoft started expanding the East Side. As I said, I hail from Silly Valley in the 80s and I've seen pretty much everything they're doing here now a few times already. Leadership in Seattle Proper did see a Grass Roots opportunity because Seattelites are pretty much fucking tired of Amazon Executive and Developer douche-bags wandering around town after crushing affordable living into the ground and "gentrifying" some of the cooler places in town. However, $20Million USD is a very small number when you're talking about businesses in Seattle. There's construction companies, the Airport, *Starbucks* (don't Fuck with Starbucks, that's just stupid, screw Amazon Execs), I'll bet you a weed store or two make that, and the Grocery Stores (Safeway and Albertsons, who is already in trouble in Seattle) chimed in. Basically, there are a Lot of businesses that said; "OK, if you Actually want to jump up and down on that land-mine, have at it."

And it wouldn't have done a single thing for the Homeless OR Opiate problems in Seattle, far from it.

WannaCry reverse-engineer Marcus Hutchins hit with fresh charges


Re: Re:I don't trust Hutchins

Nobody Believes the FBI, we just nod and smile.


Re: Who do you trust?

The "Jury Of One's Peers" ... Interesting game that one.

If that were the case, I would be personally judged by None Less than YOU people in any given situation I could think of. I would Oddly Be OK WITH THAT (you blighters ain't so bad).

That's just not reality.

I always though plumbers should be judged by plumbers. Jury of your Peers, right there in the name.

A plumber isn't going to have a Vastly different worldview than we do (our industry moves a lot of shit too) but there's Enough of a difference. A hair-stylist might have a different value-system too. A retiree judging me for dropping a site by hacking it to shut it's fucking bot-net up at 0300 is completely reasonable to some of us but "Bob" isn't going to grok the subtleties and nuances of Responsible Disclosure, and vendor neglection, etc, etc...when I just kick down the damned door and turn off The Bad because I TRIED the "Proper Route", but my New Solution is "Illegal". Why? That bot-net server is ALSO illegal and don't see Law Enforcement, or the owner, so we play these games.

Waste of bloody time when we could be actually fixing things.

Microsoft will ‘lose developers for a generation’ if it stuffs up GitHub, says future CEO


Re: puts a dampener on rival GitLab’s claim?

Damnit, Sir. You are using good practice, logic and reason, in The Register Forums.

You should be banned, flogged, and quartered: Except that post was so good that I'm compelled to offer you a tasty beverage on this Fine Friday, instead of the aforementioned public shunning.

Because that's some damned fine thinking right there.


Re: Trust of developers?

The fool that gives us SystemD is the same fool that gave us PulseAudio: Lennart Poettering

You can see it in his hyper-modular design, which, while Technically Correct, has crossed the road into Micro Management.

The hits keep coming for Facebook: Web giant made 14m people's private posts public


Re: Take security seriously...

I stacked OTR over their chat when. it was XMPP...still do it to Google. Pisses HangOuts right off.

America's comms watchdog takes on the internet era's real criminals: Pirate pastors


Re: Pirate radio is harmfull

Silicon Valley Kids will take your shit apart, literally.

(I'd have stuffed needles in the antenna coax, let `em figure it out.)

It's hip to be Square: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's other firm targets White Van Man


Re: Did anybody else

Now that's sort of a funny thing, I was at the cannabis store a few hours ago so...Cannabis outlets in Washington State are Cash-Only ... "though I have heard" there are cannabis dispensaries in Greater Seattle that take square (and there's a link on CNNMoney FWIW), I've not personally been in one that does.

1. Some of that is privacy in that folk generally don't want "Bought 3.5g of Alaskan Purple Thunderfuck (a real thing) + 4Lbs of Brownies" on their ATM. Some of that is the Major Banks won't touch them...HOWEVER, the place I was just at seemed to get a loan just fine for building out the interior (used to be a feed store in Redmond 30 years ago) and exterrior of the building.

2. There is ALWAYS one of those portable ATMs in the dispensary (and the security knows to sweep for skimmers). Banks might not want in...those ATM guys will show up *Anywhere*. Someone wants a cut of that pie and the fact that it's those guys surprises me, not at all.

3. The Inventory Management (massive stock rollover, like, daily) and Point Of Sale (Fixed AND Mobile Tablets, "server" upstairs) is so dialed-in that I'm astonished. Socketing Square into their systems would literally be Plug-And-Play (I'm excluding interoperability with existing accounting but I'll bet you QuickBooks is ~90% adoption, and that's trivial).

The Better Half just switched from PayPal to Square for her business and it's been dreamy (guess who does "IT" for her business....go on, guess). The "POS" is an 8" Galaxy Tab with 4G, or her phone, or her other phone, or my fondleslab if it's handy, or my phone in a pinch (with DEVICE management from the $Diety console, which I thought was cool), and "Product Management" is (please forgive me, but it's true) "Robust".

If Square is indeed picking up the industry, that gives them some states on the East Coast I don't care about, DC (care less), Colorado, and The Entire West Coast (Ca, Or, Wa) , or; The 6th largest economy in the world (I'm adjusting for our astronomical cost of living versus the UK).

There is No Way Jack Dorsey is going to leave that money sitting on the table ... for long. And if he does? Cool! Some plucky little upstart will come along and pick it up, and they'll be rolling in dosh to do other nifty things.


Re: Startup finagling

Oh, so how The Entire (dot)COM worked.

Carry on.

S/MIME artists: EFAIL email app flaws menace PGP-encrypted chats


Re: Who relies on this stuff?

LOLOL. Thank you for that Sir. Haven't finished my first cup of coffee and you put a smile on my face before anyone else could etch my usual scowl there.

I could wax silly about all of the problems with PKE and EMail and People, but I think you covered it quite nicely indeed.

Zombie Cambridge Analytica told 'death' can't save it from the law


Re: Pass out the torches and pitchforks!

The problem is: These aren't People, and they're about as close to "Demon" as you can get.

* They "stole data". Yeah, whatever. Who here hasn't? (ahem).

* They used it to manipulate the weaker minds in my country here (not difficult, I get that) and royally fucked things up (this is not to say that last election cycle in the US proved systemic brokenness from Everyone Everywhere) very much in this country, and by extension, lots of other things. And I Have No Problem With That either.

What I have a problem with is: A bunch of Pompus Fucking Sociopathic Pricks in a private company explaining frankly how they're going to screw These People, and they screwed Those People, for money. Because they could. Last I checked, this was CIA territory (and other state actors but come-on, if they took out Cambridge Analytica your mind would just sort of slip "The CIA" all over these articles).

Fellow Commentards are pissy and calling for blood because:

* They're clearly unrepentant, and planning to Scale? That should give one pause.

* They're sociopaths. Sorry mate, but they've got no value to the Human Race. They're parasites Seeding Chaos. That's pretty demon like.

... And changing the name on the sign in the window, so they can Keep being Sociopaths?

Yeah, on the wall.



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