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Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account


Re: Just bought a new PC laptop and it won't let me use it

I concur with this.

I've had to deal with "The Boss" on many occasion. Usually I can tell the blighters to piss up a rope but sometimes they have to have The Machine. (I had two CEOs once ... The Main Company and the Spinoff that I technically worked for. This was a "hip, progressive" tech magazine that you may have heard of, and so naturally the boss's wanted Really Good machines. Being a publishing company, back-end was all Solaris, DTP from Mac (clones), coding from PC Clones ... but you better believe we had four (one each, and a spare for each) High-End IBM ThinkPads. The only IBM kit really allowed anywhere near the building. But they wanted those specific machines and *I* almost choked when I saw the PO...and I wrote POs for core routers, SLBs, and SUN Enterprise gear.

In this instance, the best you can hope for is that it comes out of Administration's budget and not IT's.

Top five reasons to move from CentOS to RHEL (according to Red Hat)


I happen to be spooling down my last two CentOS machines this week.

IBM/Red Hat are very much on my feces roster right now.

Upside tho, is that Alma is quite decent.

Neuralink patient masters mind-mouse maneuvers – if Musk is to be believed


So basically, that was a lot of trouble to install a Bluetooth fob in a person.

Self-taught-techie slept on the datacenter floor, survived communism, ended a marriage


Re: Daily!?! RFC begs to differ

"I've just sent you an email"......

I hang up on those.

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI


From SiliValley here and raised on VIM. Tho my understanding is that Windows has bash now and vim. I could be talking out my ass about the Vi tho. VIM for heavy lifting and nano works just fine for a quick edit 90% of the time.. I like the Nano (Pico, whichever ... I use AlPine, idea, it's easy enough..

As for Windows, I thought everyone used Notepad++.

OpenCart owner turns air blue after researcher discloses serious vuln


Re: So... if I read this right...

That was my take-away.

It's guaranteed I won't be using that code in a project.

Google killing Basic HTML version of Gmail In January 2024


Re: What happend to...

Green Bar is a pain in the ass to get now-a-days as well.

Twitter's giant throbbing X erected 'without a permit'


Re: I'm just curious...

I think I know them!


I actually just posted to Masto:

I'm not an advocate for throwing .308 rounds around San Francisco, but a few well placed .308 rounds would fix that.

And there's plenty of taller buildings around.

I think it'd be more fun to parachute in and just heave-ho.

What does Twitter's new logo really represent?


Re: Let's hope it stops the hate comments

Except, I've met him, twice.

Once during Paypal/eBay merger (I designed the Zero Trust model).

Once on the factory floor at SpaceX in Hawthorne when I was visiting with the X-Prize Foundation.

I used stronger language at TechDirt when someone said something similar to what you said... but:

He's an arrogant, ignorant, jackass.

And *I* an personally sick of his damned apologists, "St Elmo can do no wrong."

Really? You're clinically delusional.

NASA 'quiet' supersonic jet is nearly ready for flight


Re: As much political as technical

My StepFather worked on the avionics for the QSRA at NASA AMES (where I basically grew up in the late 80s).


The QSRA was ideally a solution for "puddle jumps" with a jet engine:

* Blowing exhaust Over the wing to create lift.

* Reducing the sound footprint by using the wing to reduce downward noise.

This is handled largely by Turboprops (my last flight from SF to Sac was nice) but the idea was to make jets faster and more... amenable to the locals.

Going supersonic is cute, but NASA's point is: If we can do $foo,then $bar is trivial.

Guess I'll pay my taxes next year.

I'm actually disappointed

Microsofties still digesting pay freeze upset by Nadella's 'landmark year' memo


"Nadella is the most cold hearted, blood thirsty leader microsoft has ever had,"

Nope. I'm sorry it was Balmer by a Huge margin. He used to cut the "bottom 10%" (with bizarre metrics). I had Rock Star developer friends cut because that "Team" somehow didn't make the grade. Steve shed talent like water of a duck's back... and that's BEFORE any layoff rounds to show up the books for the shareholders. Every year.


Re: Stockholm Syndrome

THIS! This is what I tell interns when I trip over them on the coffee shop or bar.

"Do your year, put it on your resume, and run like hell."


Re: anyone can be a shareholder

"Disposable Income" and "living in Redmond/Greater Seattle" aren't compatible concepts.

Redmond, no matter how much it's trying to market and build itself as "Urban" is still suburbia and it's spendy as hell.

Housing ($/SqFoot) is about 17% higher than it should be (business space is effing retarded).

My old apartment complex was very spendy and it was like 40% Microsoft Employees. Fun fact about that place... 20% of residents disappeared when Microsoft killed Windows Phone In One Week. It was surreal.


Re: but when you're making more than $50 billion a year

Yet again I get to say that I'm a UNIX guy that lives in Redmond (my better half imported me, it's the missus fault).

I happen to be sitting at the mall and Microsofties are looking a little glum today.

Glad I don't have to go around campus today (I take transit to Seattle to skip bridge tolls and insane parking fees it my usual bus covers three sides of campus so I have learned to get a "feel" for Microsoft employee's moods).

And I've got some good friends that work or have worked there that'll probably wander into Starbucks later and I'll get an ear full.

This week ain't going to be chipper for that crowd.

Attorney sues Microsoft for $1.75M, claiming his email has been useless since May


Re: Second email account

My servers are in a data center in Santa Monica.

The occasion arises that a blacklist scuttles a while Class C (assholes, that hasn't been a viable metric since the early 2ks) not often.

And my servers have a signed contract with Microsoft/Hotmail/Live/Outlook and every few years they break contact screwing with filters and I have to sue, again.

I'm used to it I guess.


Re: Second email account

This is how I do it.

BOFH: Cough up half a grand and we'll protect you from AI


Re: Its a cunning wheeze

I think I took that course.

I was Volunteer Fire/Search and Rescue (necessity, EMS was 45m away on a good day with ideal conditions in the Santa Cruz mountains so we looked after each other with our own fire house and trucks at the bottom of the road).

We trained with Mountain Medicine (we get and patch you so we can move you, give you to MntnMedicine, they help you until Ambulance arrives (tho the MntnMedicine gals would probably have you in the back of a Subaru passing the ambulance on the way up doing twice the limit).

The wounds were awesome! Typical camping stuff:

* Smacked self with hatchet, lost fingers or gash in shin.

* Set self ablaze because never used camping stove and white gas before.

* Tripped and fell in stick with puncture wound through abdomen.

Great stuff. (My parents are combat medics, I grew up with this stuff.)

Counter Terrorism training for Airport events (I worked the Space Ship One launches for X-Prize to name one) was so BORING (and completely without the dark humor of medical stuff... which is how first responders survive mentally).

S&R rocked.

Missing Titan sub likely destroyed in implosion, no survivors


Re: A fitting epitaph

If you want to know what's going on in a company, you ask talk to the CEOcs Administrative Assistant (they order the hit), Sr. SysAdmin (executes the hit), and the Janitor (hides the body).

These are the people you talk to in order know what the hell is going on (because they know where the bodies are buried).

Janitors are assets. I bribe mine with beer and pizza.

Elon Musk's Twitter moves were 'reaffirming' says Reddit boss amid API changes


Re: Reddit's CEO doesn't realize

I can actually answer that.

*sigh* It was us...

HotWiReD. We served the first ad on the Web in '95. (AT&T).

We were spooled out of WiReD, which cost more to print than the cover price. The Absolute Vodka asdvertisments on the back cover made the difference plus all the crazy shit we packed inside.

Leadership thus decided Ad Revenue was The Way™ for HotWiReD and here we are with this hellscape.

Don't shoot Andrew, it wasn't his fault and he's really a nice guy... especially for a CEO.

Fun Fact: On April 1, my friend and colleague decided as a joke to make an ad banner for the local dive bar a block away and inject it into the Ad Rotation at 100% page views from the Internal site ... only that got pushed to the Live Site (because...oops). It was very funny.

Mars helicopter went silent for six sols, imperilled Perseverance rover



I'll get the next round.

Clippy designer was too embarrassed to include him in his portfolio


Re: It could have been very different

Oh Dear Flippin' $Diety ... Akonadi and Nepomuk. [Deletes explicitives.]

Everything you say about it is true. I upgraded to the new Kubuntu LTS that had it baked in by default and my Screaming Machine was sudddenly out of RAM/SWAP and I/O Bound like The Gimp over there.

Note: I too use a directory structure that is comprehensive and has served me more or less for more than two decades.

But Wait! There's More. I used Kontact which now Relied on Akonadi. So attach it to your CalDAV and it will index all those (My CallLg Calender hurts thiings, otherwise sure, why not), and Tasks, And Notes, Contacts was clever and all that worked across a ton of Apps and Widgets... but then when you Start attaching IMAP it indexes EFFING EVERYTHING! (Including but not limited to Everything...metadata in Attachments ... ALL THE THINGS!!!)

I also have a comprehensive IMAP Directory Structure. It really shouldn't be indexed. Now I'm kicking the crap out of my IMAP serrver (mine, fortunately), and chewing up All The Bandwidths (because it would cheerfully hit all your mailboxes at the same time. And if I recall, each Resource Connector had it's very own process that kind of did whatever it wanted whenever it wanted).

I broke a few Starbucks networks in those days just opening my PIM. "Sorry mates, no cat photos for the next few minutes, video is right out."

Oh! And it had it's OWN MySQL server instead of using the one In Chain (bad design decision presumably so they wouldn't actually have to keep up with M/SQLDB and savee them some updates ... first clue something is bad). [Amarok, the cool media player at the time, had the same problem, but IT you could move into a "Real" MySQL/Maria Instance ... why not just install a Real Instance in the first damned place and use it?].

Someone aove said you could kill Clippy with a RegEdit (pun unintended) and that was actually the solution. Saved much sanity and it was like a string and a boolean setting or three. Easy enough.

The HELLSCAPE that was turning off Akonadi and Nepomuk. I had to go back to Thunderbird and dump Kontact just to shed that Resource Murderer.

"sudo apt-get uninstall akonadi" seriously made KDE yell and scream that you were murdering it (hint, the opposite was happening), and the crap version of MySQL griped).

I run Linux so I Don't t have to clean out my New Build. I have to ADD stuff I want. This is The Way.

I hated Akonadi. And I hated all the bugs in Thunderbird over the years (new version works flawlessly for my needs) but persevered because the alternative was worse. Kontact isn't the default PIM anymore because KDE people said, "Uhhhhh, you turned my $4,000USD machine into an abacus, If I wanted that I'd run the latest Windows."

I already used the Gimp Icon, but here's a beer as well my friend.

BOFH: Good news, everyone – we're in the sausage business


Re: gigaspandrels

Best me to it.

Boss put project on progress bar timeline: three months … four … actually NOW!


Lilly Tomlin rose to Goddess Status BEFORE I got into Telco. Now, I have a shrine to her in my home office.

Malwarebytes may not be allowed to label rival's app as 'potentially unwanted'


I actually just asked Marcus.. I'll get back when he responds.

Of course Russia's ex-space boss doubts US set foot on the Moon


Re: Russian Farming

I've actually seen Russian ships dump whole holds full of grain 25mi on the US West Coast because it "wasn't worth actually shipping".

Welcome to Muskville: Where the workers never leave


Re: Utopia

Sure, he's going to give up his *two houses* (side by side) in Beverly Hills.

LibreOffice 7.5 update: A great time to jump on this FOSS productivity suite


Re: Ribbonphile

vi vs emacs

[Somebody had to say it.]

School laptop auction devolves into extortion allegation


Re: Shooting the messenger

^^^ *T-e-x-a-s*


Re: Security Theatre

If I got an Expense Report for Ammunition or High-Energy Molecules for the destruction of I.T. Kit, It would take me fifteen minutes to stop laughing long enough to sign-off on it.

... And I would.


Re: Investigating RDA ?

He actually did the right thing.

I the United States, that means you get sued for pointing out that someone else is a twot.


Re: Silly school

The Motorcycle => Extreme (though oddly Healthy) Paranoia path is swift and indelible, or one does not survive long.


Re: Silly school

I Bought a Sun Enterprise 6000 at an auction at Redstone Armory in Huntsville, AL. This particular machine calculated artillery ballistics (for many known and experimental shells, including a bunch of fluid dynamics) ... so I was told.

As it happens, it came with an *Empty* A-1000 Disk Array* (Cranky Beast, that array was) and a document describing the fate of the drives:

They were taken out to The Range**, packed in thermite, surrounded by other junks and some "iffy ordinance". Oh yes, those drives were unreadable.

* Replacing those effing drives would have cost me more than the whole server.

** I worked out there and knew most of the Ordi guys around base.

Boot Note: I turned the chassis into a Kegerator with two half-kegs and taps.

Battle of the retro Unix desktops: NsCDE versus CDE


Re: You can not be serious, man ...

Good ol' TrumpetWinsock.

An IT emergency during a festive visit to the in-laws? So sorry, everyone, I need to step out for a while


Re: Not during Christmas, but not at the best moment either...

My mother has a saying: "Just because the phone rings, doesn't mean you have to aswer it."

What did Unix fans learn from the end of Unix workstations?


Re: I'd quite like an X-term



Re: I'd quite like an X-term

I had one of those CRTs for my little SPARC 20.

The desk I had to *support* it was less 'furniture' and more 'infrastructure'.


You can run IRIX under MAME?!?

That gives me so much joy.

Now I have to try it.

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move


Re: Bit klunky, but...

This. How many times have I seen this... I've lost count.

Voice assistants failed because they serve their makers more than they help users


Re: Voice control

I had a voice assistant that ran locally write some time back and it worked Great! Sure it was limited to mostly phone functions but that's what I wanted. ['Call $girlfriend' was super handy.] Security Changes in an Android Rev [I forget which] killed it.

For fun: I'm actually writing this on my phone with a Bluetooth Keyboard with a trackpad (that also works with my FondleSlab and Laptop, and a nice button for each).

And see how I use punctuation? PITA with a voice assistant.

Worried about your datacenter carbon footprint? Why not put it in orbit?


Re: A daft idea

I came gripe about why this is idea is crappym but the SubTitle and the first two comments covered my engineering twitching.

Also lag and latency.

MOAR crap in orbit.

And Bonus points for a nice data haven that only Big Players can afford and those would be juicy targets [supply chain, material, manufacturing, logistics, etc.] an adversary in a conflict. [Anti Satellite weapons are quite the rage witiih the Super Powers these days.] +++

This idea needs tossed n the bin as a Solution Looking For A Problem.

+++ Think of all the lost Pr0n *alone*.

French cloud operator OVHcloud gets datacenter funds from EU lending arm


Re: adiabatic cooling

Thank your for that ... saved me a new Google tab.

One on me. --->

Microsoft's Lennart Poettering proposes tightening up Linux boot process


BSD is Pottering Free.

NASA, SpaceX weigh invoking Dragon to take Hubble higher


Re: 32-year old hardware

*Roaring Laughter*

-- Friday Beer for you.


Re: 32-year old hardware

That tale, if I'm correct after the decades and lots of weed ...

Was an AT&T Sys V PBX that got walled in at a university.

* Side note: I despise Novell.

US border cops harvest info from citizens' phones, build massive database


Re: Safety First!

1. Burner Phone with only what you Absolutely need.

2. Ship DSDs in laptop ahead and run off a USB Stick in Read Only you'll cheerfully let them have.

3. Know the passwords to your cloudy stuff.

I haven't crossed the border {North or South} in done time, but I assure you that's how I'll be doing it.

* Bonus points because they'll likely be Furious.

Terminal downgrade saves the day after a client/server heist


Re: Did something similar for an Aussie telco once

Ah... beat me to it.


Re: Text based computer interface

I'm adding "Paintain" to my daily lexicon.

Please have one on me. --->

California to try tackling drought with canal-top solar panels


Re: 372 miles

Thank you for reminding our friends of El Reg measurement Standards. ----> on me.

Dev's code manages to topple Microsoft's mighty SharePoint


Re: Bug Finder

Thanks for the recommendation.

This sounds exactly like my kind or read!

And, as it happens, I happen to be out of SciFi to flip through.