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HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone

Scott Aubrey

Skype is integrated

" There’s also another camera on the front for video calling, however, the promised Skype doesn’t seem to have appeared in the App Catalog."

The Skype is integrated into the phone app. It's rather slick actually.

Try adding a Skype account in the accounts preference app.

Google won't open source fondleslab Android before 'year end'

Scott Aubrey

Re: Whats the deal with open source?


I suggest you read up on the subject a bit more, not that I'm an expert, but your questions are easily answer with a bit of research.

GPL is a licence agreement, not a company or entity capable of suing anyone.

When software is licensed under the GPL, any changes made, and crucially are then distributed in binary form, must make the changes available under the GPL again, but not necessarily via source code drops. In this instance, the linux kernel is used, and Google (or motorola) could respond to requests the changes made the linux kernel. As for code that Google has written, it's their copyright. They can do what they like with that.

Finally, OS X isn't based on any part of linux. However it does redistribute quite a lot of open source components, many licence under GPL, and many patched to work on OS X. In compliance with the license, you can find those packages at http://opensource.apple.com - heck even some there don't require your changes to be published, but they do anyway. Shocker!

Apple revamps MacBook as 13in MacBook Pro

Scott Aubrey

@Jonathan Harden

"trackpad that's multitouch and doubles-up as the mouse button"

I think the phrasing used around the net also implies that the whole track pad is the button, not that there isn't a button at all.

Apple would be stupid to remove all tactile feedback from the mouse, and I think they know that too. I do hope I am not wrong though, otherwise I agree with you.

DRM in latest QuickTime cripples Adobe video editing code

Scott Aubrey

@ Wal

My goodness!

I read the following sentence:

"If you use After Effects to render a movie less than 10 minutes it's ok"


"If you use After Effects to render a >movie less than 10 minutes<, it's ok"


"If you use After Effects to render a movie, and that movie is less that 10 minutes long, it's OK."

I actually cannot read that sentence the way you have described?

I do agree however, that that is still not an excessive amount of time. Wherever the fault lies, Apple should have done more QA. A speech given in 1997 about looking after loyal creative markets comes to mind. How come this wasn't tested???

ISP panicked by MS Patch Tuesday

Scott Aubrey

@ subj:They should stop whining, its all self inflicted

I'd love to know who your ISP is. It's rather hard to find an ISP with that kind of mentality!


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