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NASA 'naut Kelly rejoins Endeavour crew

D. A. Blake

For Christ's sake it's not the final scheduled Shuttle mission!


Good of you to make sure your research is up to date, Lester...

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

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The proof here: screenrant.com/matrix-4-5-bill-and-ted-3-keanu-reeves-rob-97796/

Vodafone sticks universal mail in shredder

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And what of those Vodafone customers who do not have the handful of handset models that are compatible with 360?

Rainbow plane warps in from gay dimension

D. A. Blake

Not warping...

Looks more like it's cloaking or de-cloaking to me. Have none of you seen a bird of prey before?

Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

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Paris Hilton

Overdue for a comeback...

I think it's about time towns and cities across the country revived Gropec*nt Lane as a street name.

Paris because everybody (or is it nobody?) wants to grope her...

NASA issues Constellation/Ares enviro-impact estimate

D. A. Blake

What would Neil Armstrong say...

"It's one small backwards step for man, one giant retrograde leap for mankind!"

Coat... Getting...